Huawei bracelet 6 experience: don’t forget, smart bracelets are also evolving

People's sports history has been dealing with data.

It is precisely because of the endless analysis of sports data that the process of weight loss is traceable, and humans can continue to break through themselves in the Olympics, and Kipchoge has the opportunity to finish the run with the assistance of a pair of shoes and a team. The time for the whole Malaysia at one time was reduced to two hours.

And smart wearable devices divide the way people collect data into two stages.

Before the advent of smart wearable devices, people were always ignorant of their sports. In the early days, sports enthusiasts would choose to wear outdoor watches, plus accessories such as heart rate belts, to make every run out of the house become a sense of ritual.

Later, people installed a variety of health apps on their smartphones. With their mobile phones during exercise, they can record information such as step count and pace, leaving aside whether it is cumbersome or not. The inherent defect that it is not close enough makes it difficult to The information recorded is not accurate or diverse enough.

When smart watches/band products appeared, motion monitoring became easier than ever. Thanks to the reduction in the cost of core components, the latest smart bracelet products can also achieve the ultimate in the diversification of health data, and the form can be converged with smart watches.

This is the case with Huawei Band 6.

Large bracelet or small watch

The earliest smart bracelet, the screen was black and white, and the function was simple. The first time I saw the Huawei Band 6, my feeling about it was: there is still no change.

The color matching name of this one in hand is called "Osidian Black". The gray-black sandblasting coating is more textured. If you don't like the dull color matching, you can also use the other three colors "Qingshan Dai" and "Red Tea Orange" , And "Yingyu Fan" to choose.

The square shape is actually more suitable for mobile phones. There is only one "Home button" on the whole body. When the screen is black, press it to turn on the screen, and press it again to enter the menu interface.

At the bottom is a PPG optical heart rate sensor, with the HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0 algorithm, it can realize real-time heart rate, atrial fibrillation warning, blood oxygen saturation monitoring and other functions. The functionality and accuracy are all comparable to those of the current mainstream smart watches. The health management functions are on par.

The two dots at the bottom are familiar to users of the bracelet. Naturally, they are used for magnetic charging. There is only one magnetic charging cable in the package. No charging head is provided, but fast charging can still be completed. Charging for 5 minutes, use 2 days full.

The strap adopts a removable design, but the disassembly process is more troublesome. I studied for a long time before I figured out how to dismantle: first pry open the upper cover with a strong force, and then push the strap up as a whole, and repeat the same on the other side You can change the straps of other colors by following the steps below.

The quick-release strap that I said is actually quite complicated.

The strap is made of rubber, durable and dirt-resistant, but has no sweat guide design. Users who like sports may feel airtight or even allergic after wearing it for a long time.

Fortunately, it has reached the 5ATM waterproof protection level, which means that the internal components will not be damaged when diving to a depth of 50 meters, so everyone can directly rinse it with water after exercising.

Again, there is no way to get the manufacturer's warranty for water damage caused by human factors.

However, the reason why Huawei Band 6 looks like a small watch is that the front screen, 1.47-inch AMOLED screen, has a 42% increase in the screen share compared to the previous generation, and the book data is close to that of a smart watch. This screen It is also the most intuitive point of improvement compared with the original bracelet.

The display is delicate, the sliding response speed is fast, and the look and feel is great with all kinds of dials in the mall.

However, the screen is bigger, but it does not bring more information on the same screen, but the display elements are enlarged in equal proportions. This is also the drawback of the long strip screen. Other bracelet products are also stuck in the same predicament.

The effective display area is exactly half of the watch.

The weight of the Huawei Band 6 is 18 grams. There is really no obvious perception when wearing it on the hand. It has no effect on wearing it while sleeping. It is more close-fitting than a watch and more suitable for all-weather wear. It also has a greater advantage in health testing.

When the screen of the bracelet becomes larger and the functionality becomes closer to the watch, the difference between the two gradually narrows. Perhaps the only factor that determines the user's choice is the price.

It has all the functions of a watch

This Huawei Band 6 NFC version is priced at 349 yuan, but it has realized the full set of monitoring functions that a thousand-yuan watch has.

The first is exercise monitoring. Huawei has been deeply researched in sports health for a long time and has a lot of accomplishments. There are 96 types of exercises that can be monitored. In the exercise list, you can set the types of exercises that are performed frequently on weekdays. Don't think about it. I mean it. It's outdoor running, elliptical machine, indoor bicycle and so on.

There are many types of exercises that can be monitored, which is its biggest functional advantage, but at some point, too many levels of operation make people a little uncomfortable.

Before, I was accustomed to the operation of entering the motion monitoring state with two taps on a smart watch. Under the inherent thinking pattern, I privately thought that the operation logic is similar on the Huawei bracelet.

But when I actually experienced it, I realized that maybe I need to get rid of my previous habits.

For example, in the offline state, I am wearing a Huawei Band 6 for outdoor walking, and I need to go through a series of processes of "exercise-outdoor walking-set goal-Bluetooth not connected to confirm whether to continue".

According to my past habits, I would probably put my hands down after confirming the third step. The consequences can be imagined:

During the exercise, I raised my hand to check the heart rate, duration and other data, and suddenly found that there was still the last step that had not been confirmed, and the previous exercise had not been recorded.

This embarrassing situation has happened to me three times. If the final confirmation step can be omitted, the operation process will be much simpler and more user-friendly.

There are similar cumbersome steps in the chronograph function. I hope Huawei engineers can optimize it in subsequent firmware versions.

Regardless of the impact of this aspect, the accuracy and parameter richness of exercise monitoring have reached the level of mainstream smartwatches. I wear Huawei Band 6 and another smartwatch during exercise. The heart rate is basically the same, and the heart rate is basically the same. Floating 1, 2 times, the degree of fit and other factors will affect the accuracy of the measurement, but the fact that the tolerance of the two is small also shows that the accuracy of the Huawei Band 6 is similar to that of a watch.

So for most users who only want to use their wearable devices to monitor their exercises and make their bodies healthier, this is undoubtedly good news. A "healthy personal education" that can be invited for a small amount of money, Huawei Band 6 done.

In terms of health monitoring, Huawei Band 6 also has its own uniqueness, which relies on the linkage of software and hardware.

The bracelet itself has real-time heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation detection, activity recording and other functions. On this basis, Huawei has also launched the "Heart Health Research" App in conjunction with the 301 Hospital. In this application, it can be used to detect arrhythmias, arrhythmias, and arrhythmia. For early symptoms of heart disease such as tremor, if abnormal conditions are detected, do not panic. Please seek medical help in time to prevent the problem before it happens.

However, this software is currently only available for download on Android phones.

The two major functions of the wearable device, the Huawei Band 6 are all done well, what about the functions in life?

On the NFC version priced at 349 yuan, the Huawei bracelet can become your wrist pass through the subway and bus gates. You often see people waiting for the subway code next to the gates, and one bracelet can pass through the gates. Machine efficiency. If you don't have this kind of demand, the standard version priced at 269 yuan is enough.

Normally, you can complete small functions such as timer, alarm clock, and Alipay scan code payment. The catch is that you can't link with third-party apps to achieve richer functions. This part of the differentiated needs should be implemented by smart watches.

How to choose the best bracelet for you?

From time to time, friends around me ask me: "Is the XX bracelet/watch easy to use?"

I usually ask him for the brand and model of his active mobile phone first, and then recommend the wearable product of the same brand. Without it, the product experience under the same ecology must be the most ideal.

The smart bracelet was originally an early adopter before entering the pit of smart watches, but now the performance and functions can compete with the latter. This is a big victory for the party.

Therefore, if you are a Huawei mobile phone user and want to buy a wearable device to help you lose weight or monitor exercise, Huawei Band 6 may be a better choice than a watch.

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