Huabao Xinneng releases 2 “home green electricity” products to build a second growth curve

When it comes to the cleanest and greenest energy, solar energy ranks at the top. However, for a household, it is not easy to use solar energy efficiently. For example, solar water heaters are often criticized, "It is not hot enough when hot water is needed, and hot water is not needed." when it was too hot." Huabao Xinneng, which previously mainly engaged in outdoor power supplies, released two products on June 6, 2024, laying out full-scenario home green power solutions. It is hoped that ordinary families can also conveniently, save money, and fully utilize The use of solar energy is not only to save electricity bills or prepare for unexpected needs such as power outages, but also for environmental protection and low carbon.

These two products are DIY small home green power system Jackery Navi 2000 and Smile photovoltaic tile home green power system.

It should be noted that the main sales markets of Huabao New Energy are overseas. The English brand name on the consumer side is Jackery, and the Chinese name is "Dianxiaoer". The background of the release of the two new products is a contradiction: Ping An Securities predicts that by 2025 The annual global household energy storage installed capacity is expected to reach 50GW/122.2GWh, and the market space can reach hundreds of billions. Home green power is becoming a new energy trend following wind power, photovoltaics and electric vehicles. However, what does not match the bright prospects is that it is not easy to use green electricity at home. It faces pain points such as high cost, complicated installation, and inconsistent systems. In terms of price, a traditional home green electricity system usually costs about US$50,000, requires approval, and is cumbersome and lengthy to install.

Therefore, Huabao Xinneng’s two new products are designed to solve these problems and allow home users to install home green power systems at a low threshold.

First of all, let’s talk about the DIY small home green power system Jackery Navi 2000. This has the lowest threshold and ordinary users can do it by themselves. According to Huabao Xinneng, users do not need professional knowledge and only need to connect three wires to achieve plug-and-play within five minutes. The entire system consists of photovoltaic solar panels and an energy system. To be precise, the innovation of the DIY small home green power system Jackery Navi 2000 lies in the integration of the three major systems of BMS, EMS and PCS. The three systems are:

BMS (Battery Management System): Battery management system. Its main functions include monitoring battery status (such as voltage, current, temperature, etc.), balancing the voltage between battery cells, and protecting the battery from overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and overheating. Impact, optimizing battery performance and life.

EMS (Energy Management System): Energy management system, mainly used to manage and optimize the production, storage and use of energy. EMS is usually responsible for overall energy dispatch in battery energy storage systems, including controlling the charging and discharging process of the battery, coordinating the energy exchange between the battery energy storage system and the grid, and optimizing the operation of the system to improve efficiency and economy.

PCS (Power Conversion System): Power conversion system, mainly used to realize power conversion of battery energy storage systems, including converting DC power (from the battery) to AC power (used by the power supply network), and converting AC power to DC power (used for the battery) Charge). PCS is also responsible for power quality management, ensuring that the output power meets the requirements of the grid.
These systems work together to ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation of the battery energy storage system.

Jackery Navi 2000 is equipped with super hybrid charging technology, which not only supports photovoltaic charging and mains charging, but also supports photovoltaic + mains super hybrid charging. The maximum charging power can reach 2000W, and it can still supply power stably even when there is insufficient light or power outage. In terms of photovoltaic power alone, it covers 800 watts to 1600 watts, the battery capacity can be expanded between 2 kWh and 10 kWh, and the maximum AC power can reach 1200 watts.

As you can guess from the pictures, its application scenarios are suitable for balconies, courtyards, garages and some outdoor activity scenes. It can be used as an electrical energy supplement to connect equipment that requires constant power supply, such as fish tank oxygen generators.

Another Smile photovoltaic tile home green electricity system is a little more complicated. Its main component is "Smile photovoltaic tiles." I guess Smile is named because the photovoltaic tiles have their own curves, just like the curve of a smile. This is the first time that photovoltaic tiles have achieved multi-curvature bending in product form – integrating the industry's advanced XBC technology and Huabao Xinneng's first crystalline silicon multi-curvature packaging technology, achieving 150-degree golden smile multi-curvature and 35mm Height difference, this curved photovoltaic tile is available in black and orange, which corresponds to the two most common tile colors in the current construction market. At the same time, the multi-curvature curved tile shape is also more in line with the style of traditional buildings. There will be an awkward feeling when traditional photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof.

In addition to this photovoltaic tile with a distinctive shape, the Smile photovoltaic tile home green power system also has a very integrated structure, integrating smart home energy management systems, EMS, Smile photovoltaic tiles, inverters, and energy storage modules. Integrated with smart distribution boxes to form a full-stack home green power solution. In terms of green power system management, Huabao Xinneng has also developed an App to improve the intelligent level of energy management; the energy density is 20% higher than the industry standard, with a single module capacity of 3.8 kWh and a weight of 31kg, which can better greatly save installation space.

As mentioned earlier, Jackery Navi 2000 is suitable for connecting to some equipment that requires constant power supply. The Smile photovoltaic tile home green power system also has UPS-level (Uninterruptible Power Supply, uninterruptible power supply system) automatic and off-grid switching technology, which can be switched within 10 milliseconds. Complete the switchover to ensure continuity of power supply.

Taken together, the home green power system released by Huabao Xinneng has photovoltaic power from 500 watts to 50,000 watts, energy storage capacity from 1 kilowatt hour to 100 kilowatt hours, and retail prices ranging from 1,000 US dollars to 100,000 US dollars. The flexibility Very large, suitable for the needs of different families and consumers. For consumers, Huabao Xinneng's products are not only affordable in terms of power, energy storage capacity and price, but also have a wide range of choices. They also try to simplify the installation and use thresholds and match the original style of the building as much as possible. This is also another way to lower the threshold and improve the coverage of green electricity.

At the same time, after the release of these two home green power systems, Huabao New Energy has also expanded from outdoor scenarios to household scenarios, and expanded from outdoor and emergency energy to the field of household green and environmentally friendly energy. For a listed company, it also means The stories that can be told are bigger and longer-term.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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