How to purchase digital intelligence solutions for SMEs? Data Interpretation of my country’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprise’s Digital Intelligent Solution Supply Market

The digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises is the overall development trend of the industry. However, the current transformation process of domestic enterprises is far behind. Compared with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises face huge challenges in technology and resources. Through the epidemic in the first half of the year, it can be clearly seen that companies with higher digital intelligence will be relatively less impacted, and production and operations can be resumed quickly, which has further intensified the strong demands of SMEs for digital intelligence transformation.

For this reason, the heart of the machine researched nearly a thousand small, medium and micro enterprises' digital intelligence service providers, trying to understand how small, medium and micro enterprises measure and make decisions, and choose a digital intelligence solution that suits them. Combining research results and cooperative media, Aifaner&C114 specially released the "China SMEs Digital Intelligent Solution Supply Market Research Report 2020" report, for SMEs and related practitioners to follow the digital intelligence policies, market environment, and projects Multi-dimensional decision-making reference such as project establishment and procurement, for the digital intelligence solution provider serving small and medium-sized enterprises to further understand customers.

The supporting data, charts and data packages of this report have been launched on, and VIP users can browse, view and download directly through the PRO terminal of the machine.

The core content of the report is as follows:

1. Perspectives on the development of SMEs' intelligence and digital intelligence

National SME Digital and Digital Intelligence Policy China’s SME Industry Distribution Development Trend of China’s SME Digital Intelligence Status of China’s SMEs II. Digital Intelligence Decision Guide for Chinese SMEs

How to establish a digital intelligence project for Chinese SMEs How to purchase digital intelligence solutions for Chinese SMEs

3. Research on the supply market of digital intelligent solutions for Chinese SMEs

After-sales service system survey price and payment plan survey SME service scenarios: office data intelligence, IT infrastructure, marketing and sales, operation management SMEs gathering industry intelligence +: retail and wholesale, catering and accommodation, manufacturing, life services, transportation Transportation, construction industry

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