How to play car co-creation? Extreme Krypton allows users to define a good car together

We are in an era of rising consumption, and this is also an era of rising consumers.

The so-called rise of consumers not only means that today's consumers have more spending power and know how to consume, they will also exert a stronger influence on product design, manufacturing, etc., and even they will affect the structure of business organizations. , Bringing profound changes in business models. The rapid growth of FMCG brands such as Jiang Xiaobai and Yuanqi Forest has already given us a glimpse. Today, in the automotive industry, this influence and penetration are gradually deepening.

Not long ago, An Conghui, CEO of Jikrypton Intelligent Technology, had a conversation with Xiong Hao.

It can be seen from the conversation that the "Generation Zero Consumers" targeted by Extreme Krypton are a group of users who are young, active, and willing to break boundaries. An important starting point for the radical change from traditional cars to smart electric cars is the innovative user organization and business model. Specifically, it is to let users participate in the car-making process, and give the users the right to define the car. This is a new model of "user co-creation".

Can "user co-creation", which is already popular in the fast-moving consumer and technology fields, work in the automotive industry?

Why car co-creation is more difficult

Jiang Xiaobai should be considered the one who makes the user co-creation model handy.

Around 2018, the drink "Jiang Xiaobai vs. Sprite" from the movie "Predecessor 3" began to suddenly become popular on short video platforms. After the fermentation of social networks, a large number of netizens left messages named Jiang Xiaobai and Sprite "together". Jiang Xiaobai and Sprite took the opportunity to launch a joint lemon-flavored sparkling wine.

This makes it easy for us to get an impression, and it seems that it is not difficult for users to create together-just listen carefully to users' opinions and develop and iterate products according to user needs. However, when co-creation is put into the automotive industry, the situation is completely different. Cars engage in user co-creation, and at least two major difficulties must be faced:

The first difficulty is security. Just take the requirements for safety, the two are not on the same level. The sparkling wine is not well blended, at best it is a matter of taste. As the most important participant in road traffic (almost none of them), the car is not only related to the safety of the driver’s own life and property, but also to the safety of passengers, passers-by and other vehicles. Once a problem occurs, the area will be affected. The level of possible damage and loss is unbearable.

As a precision product, any changes made to the car require repeated trials and demonstrations, ranging from smart driving to a button on the center console or even the change of the screen inclination, which may affect driving safety. Therefore, the co-creation model that has been verified in the field of technology Internet and FMCG cannot be directly copied to the car.

So, in the co-creation mode, how to strike a balance between user needs and security? Jikrypton has drawn a bottom line for this: in terms of meeting the individual needs of users, it can be said to be responsive, but the premise is that it cannot be touched safely.

Another difficulty concerns how to balance the opinions of the majority and the minority and try to strike a balance. Taking care of the opinions of the majority and sacrificing the feelings of the minority may be a last resort in the last auto industry era, and it best reflects the frustration of traditional business models when faced with the problem of "difficult to adjust".

Today's consumer needs are more personalized, and it can even be said to be "a thousand people with a thousand faces." You make a web interface, you can customize a completely different page for each user; but how can cars meet the needs of the majority while taking into account the individual needs of a few, and even satisfy every consumer?

All of these make it very difficult to co-create the car.

How to do co-creation with extremely krypton

Since car co-creation is so difficult, why do we still have to do it?

An Conghui believes that the evolution and development of the automobile industry for more than 100 years are based on the "two-wheel drive" of technology and user needs, and it is now in the process of "changing wheels." From the development of the industry, technology and user demand are alternately promoted. With technological development and social progress, the frequency of the two rotations is getting higher and higher; in the Internet era, the will of consumers has been sharply amplified by the network, resulting in user demand driving changes. It's getting more and more significant. It can even be said that, to a certain extent, users are leading industry changes today. In this case, technology-only theory is obviously unable to adapt to the times.

Since the birth of Geely, it has achieved a leap-forward development process from catching up with international brands to benchmarking. At the moment, facing the new model of the industry, Geely's judgment is-at least not wrong with users. Therefore, Geely, which is independent from Geely, takes on the task of finding and implementing new models together with users.

In the electric vehicle industry, there are both traditional car companies transforming into the "first track" of pure electric vehicles, and there are also "second track" players who have crossed into electric vehicles. The former is strong in car-making experience and industrial foundation, while the latter has a deeper understanding of users. Extreme Krypton belongs to the "third track"-a company with a background of traditional car companies but with a new brand and business model. Extreme Krypton on the third track naturally has the industrial accumulation of the first track and a solid foundation in the automotive industry, as well as the potential to reshape user relationships and business models. This may be the co-creation of Krypton.

To do co-creation, the first step is to understand the real needs of users.

In the era of fragmented information, the needs of users are not what you want to understand. To find a solution, you have to fight in person and get closer to the user. To this end, in addition to being a strict "product manager", An Conghui also has the identity of a "user experience officer". This is not a fake title, but one with actual responsibilities. He uses the name "Cong Cong" to stay in the Jikrypton App and communicate with Jikrypton users in the community. In addition, he personally participates in every user co-creation meeting.

In addition to the online user community, GKr's central stores and space stores across the country will not only serve as a space for user experience and social interaction, but also one of the channels for enterprises to understand user needs.

Of course, it is not enough to just "listen" to what users say. It also requires manufacturers to understand the real demands behind the users' expressions from a professional perspective. A designer friend once told me that if a client tells you "the font size is bigger", don’t enlarge the font size mechanically. What the other party really wants is to make the text more conspicuous. For the designer, this There are many solutions to the needs-increasing the contrast, adjusting the spacing, or changing a font, which may be better than simply increasing the font size.

In the automotive industry, similar insight into user needs and "pre-judgment" are equally important. Even at some point, manufacturers need to know how to appropriately lead the needs of users, and it is this kind of leadership that has initiated the transformation and development of the industry again and again. Looking back at the 19th century, when users said, "I want a faster carriage At the time, Karl Benz built a car.

After understanding the real needs of users, they must be translated into engineering languages. Immediately afterwards, it is time to compete for manufacturing strength-does the manufacturer have the ability to fulfill a certain demand of the user? Even, can it be achieved under reasonable cost control?

Krypton’s confidence comes from the Krypton Smart Factory with an annual capacity of 300,000 units in Hangzhou Bay New Area, Ningbo.

As the benchmark smart factory in China's auto industry in 2021, it is based on the 5G+ industrial Internet platform and adopts digital twin virtual-real interconnection technology to fully realize the concept of digital and intelligent manufacturing. This is the support of the underlying capabilities of KK for the co-creation of cars.

The "Huge Architecture", an intelligent pure-electric architecture that has invested more than 20 billion yuan and lasted for 5 years in research and development, is another killer feature of Krypton. The Haohan architecture is currently the world's largest bandwidth intelligent pure-electric architecture, which can cover the full-size and full-model product groups from A-level to E-level, from cars to pickups, and can cut software development time by more than half. At present, 16 new cars of more than 8 brands have been built based on the Haohan architecture.

The future of the vast architecture may be the "Android of the automotive industry", which determines the bottom layer of automotive R&D, design, and manufacturing. Extreme Krypton can achieve user co-creation in the face of ever-changing user needs, and the vast architecture is the underlying logic that it depends on.

With the industry-standard smart factory, highly adaptable smart pure-electric architecture, and an active user co-creation system, it has laid the foundation for Ultra Krypton to move more stably on the "third track".

Extremely Krypton’s insight, anticipation and guidance of user needs, as well as its rapid response to user needs and the ability to land, reflected in the product are the 342 optimizations of ZEEKR 001 compared to the concept car, and the continuous progress after the official launch of the product. 60 improvements and enhancements, such as the Sugon logo projection, bright Sugon steering wheel, etc., not only to enhance the quality of the details, but also to enhance the user experience practical items.

ZEEKR 001, the first co-created answer sheet

Following the rollout of production vehicles, the first batch of ZEEKR 001 has been gradually delivered.

In the NEDC endurance of up to 712 kilometers, 100 kilometers acceleration in 3.8 seconds, and various hardware and software configurations, ZEEKR 001 has done a good job. So much so that when this car was just released, some people in the industry called out the evaluation of "domestic electric car ceiling". I think if you look at it with a long-term view, the ceiling is not enough, but it is enough to show that domestic electric vehicles have reached a new level.

In terms of intelligent assisted driving, the ZEEKR 001 system uses Mobileye's pure vision solution and is equipped with two Mobileye Q5H chips. Compared with other solutions, Mobileye's advantage is mainly based on the algorithm to win. In the field of ADAS, Mobileye, which occupies more than half of the country, is a well-deserved leader. Extreme Krypton has carried out the hardware embedding of the ZAD intelligent driving assistance system for all ZEEKR 001 series, and users can choose to pay for the upgrade in the future.

In fact, this is also a positive response to the user's needs of "a thousand people with a thousand faces". After all, everyone has a different understanding and acceptance of intelligent driving. It is undoubtedly the most reasonable and reasonable approach to give the user the right to choose.

After being offline, people on the market have already listed ZEEKR 001 as "one of the most high-end and most advanced electric vehicles in the current Chinese market." It seems that the market has considerable recognition for the first co-creation answer sheet handed over by Jikrypton.

What kind of experience is driving such a smart electric car co-created by users? Maybe we will soon have the opportunity to talk about this topic.

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