How to learn to program in Java: training courses

The figure of the programmer plays an increasingly important role within companies, especially that of the Java programmer , highly requested for the most disparate reasons. First, Java is one of the most used programming languages ​​in the world and is used in many areas, including mobile application development, game creation, and web development.

To become a Java developer there are certain paths to follow and requirements to meet.
One of these is having a diploma, even better if related to the field of information technology, especially for those who intend to specialize through specific courses, such as the Java course offered by bitCamp.

What to study to become a Java programmer

Those who are passionate about computer science may have attended a technical or computer institute, earning a diploma in computer science , which can be an advantage, but is not a mandatory requirement. Any other type of school can also be suitable, as long as you study. On the other hand, those looking for a solid theoretical foundation can enroll in the faculty of computer science or computer engineering, but in any case it will be necessary to follow further training courses to specialize in one or more programming languages. Just search online and a world will open up for you: there are numerous courses that teach the Java programming language , but not all of them are suitable for a more varied audience. For example, the bitCamp course to become a Java Developer is the ideal solution even for those starting from scratch.


Of all the programming languages, Java is undoubtedly the best known and used in the world, which explains its growing popularity and demand in recent years. Furthermore, Java is an object-oriented programming language, which means that it offers a high level of abstraction and modularity, allowing developers to create more sophisticated applications and better manage code. Java is also a cross-platform (multi-platform) language, which means that software created with Java can run on different platforms, without the need to write specific code for each one.

The bitCamp course to become a Java programmer

The bitCamp Java Developer course covers a wide range of topics that are essential to becoming a competent Java programmer. These are some of the main topics that will be covered during the course:

  • MySQL , a query language used to create, modify and manage data within a relational database.
  • HTML & CSS , markup languages ​​that will allow you to design colors, fonts, page layout and much more, arriving at building increasingly complex web pages.
  • Java , a high-level, object-oriented, statically-typed programming language designed to run on multiple platforms, whose code can run anywhere.
  • JavaScript , one of the most popular scripting languages, to make web pages interactive and manage the behavior of dynamic site elements.
  • TypeScript , a major extension of JavaScript, which allows you to add optional types, classes, interfaces, and modules, using a typed language to describe the shape of an object and verify that the code works correctly.

Furthermore, the bitCamp course includes numerous exercises and projects that will allow you to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the theoretical lessons and to develop the skills required to be able to work immediately as a Java developer in the largest companies in the sector. The teachers of the course are professional programmers, with extensive experience in the IT sector, which means that they are well aware of the needs of the labor market, thus providing constantly updated and high-quality training to all participants .

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