How to choose Huawei tablet in 2024? Understand the differences between these 8 models at once

Huawei is currently the brand with the largest variety of tablets on the market: 5 series and 11 products, covering price ranges from 100 yuan to 10,000 yuan.

With so many products, it is easy for people to be confused and confused when purchasing.

Today we will use a video to give you a thorough understanding of how to choose a Huawei tablet.

MatePad Air , like a dividing line, divides Huawei tablets into two large pieces.

Going up is the Pro series that focuses on high-end; looking down is the MatePad series that pursues cost-effectiveness.

If you have a high budget flexibility, pursue OLED display effects, have requirements for audio-visual experience, and are obsessed with the "pure blood version" of Hongmeng, then Pro is your best choice.

MatePad Pro 13.2” is the top product in the entire series.

It has the largest screen, the highest screen-to-body ratio and the highest refresh rate.

Flexible OLED also makes it the thinnest Huawei tablet, only 5.5mm.

At the same time, it is also equipped with a 10100mAh battery with the largest capacity in the entire series, and a dToF depth-sensing lens that supports gesture operation, which is also exclusive to the Pro 13.2”

The starting price of 4999 allows you to buy Huawei’s most cutting-edge tablet technology.

MatePad Pro 12.6” is the only model in the series that supports wireless charging.

Although the Kirin 9000E chip is slightly inferior, it has the most 8 speakers in the series and the best experience.

In addition, the Pro 12.6” is also the only Huawei tablet with a complete OLED screen

It can be said that Pro 12.6” is specially prepared for friends who love watching movies and pursue sound effects, but cannot accept hole-cutting and notch.

If you want performance but don’t like a large screen, the MatePad Pro 11” 2024 will be more suitable for you.

The Pro 11” is highly recognizable, and only its front lens retains the tradition of digging a hole in the upper left corner.

The Pro 11" equipped with Kirin 9000S is not only the smallest among the Pros, but also the lightest among the entire series, only 449g.

More importantly, the Pro 11” 2024 is the only Huawei tablet that supports two-way Beidou satellite messages.

If you have performance requirements and like to go outdoor sketching and camping, then the portable Pro 11” may be more suitable for you.

Starting from the Air series, you can choose the soft light version (except SE), which is the native "paper-like screen".

However, the screen has changed from here to an LCD screen, and the sound does not use HUAWEI SOUND, but uses the self-developed Histen sound effect.

Although the title of "King of Cost-Effectiveness" has now been replaced, MatePad Air is very impressive.

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ 888, not only can play king and chicken, but also relies on the large size of the tablet to dissipate heat faster than the same 888 mobile phone, so it should not get hot.

The 30-144Hz refresh rate adaptive adjustment reduces the lag and dropped frames when browsing Weibo and TikTok. It also alleviates the disadvantages of high power consumption of LCD to a certain extent and extends the battery life of your device.

The front-facing 8-megapixel wide-angle lens has a field of view of 105°, and the tablet can realize intelligent tracking of the screen. During video calls, it can not only recognize faces, but also keep the speaker in the center of the screen.

In addition, Air is also equipped with the first 3:2 LCD screen in the series. This screen shape is closer to a square and is longer vertically. It can display more content when reading documents, browsing the web and multi-tasking. , so it is very suitable for reading, writing and display of parallel horizons.

For those who are not interested in Star Flash and Kirin and are worried about OLED screen burn-in, you can check out this unique Air.

If the Pro is a finished product that shows off its skills, then the MatePad, which has a starting price of less than 2,000 yuan, is a pragmatic performance.

According to the first quarter report of mainland tablet computers in 2024 released by IDC, Huawei's quarterly shipments reached 2.59 million units, ranking first with a market share of 36.1%.

The cost-effective MatePad plays an important role among them.

The starting price of MatePad 11” 2023 is 1,999 yuan. Although it is the highest price in the series, its battery is the smallest in the series, only 7250mAh.

Compared with other models of Bluetooth 5.2 (except SE), which have lower power consumption and stronger stability, it only uses 5.1.

There are few configurations that can support the venue: first, the optional soft light version; second, the weight advantage of 480g, which is easy to carry.

In contrast, the newly released MatePad 11.5”S has undoubtedly become the most popular Huawei tablet.

11.5"S has the "face" of Air, the "lining" of Pro, and the price of 11" 2023.

First of all, 11.5”S supports P3 wide color gamut, 144Hz high refresh rate, 3:2 screen ratio is the same as Air, and the back cover material and design are also generally consistent with 2023.

Secondly, its wired fast charging power can reach up to 66W, exceeding the Pro 12.6"; the 8800mAh battery also exceeds the Pro 11" 2024.

It is also the only tablet in the non-Pro series equipped with a Kirin chip. Although the performance is slightly weaker, it is just enough for those who want a pure-blood Hongmeng and a cost-effective friend.

However, as a high-volume product, the 11.5”S’s knife skills are very unique and precise.

For example, the smart version is equipped with the Kirin 9000WM chip, while the soft light version is equipped with the Kirin 9000WL, which has stronger performance and more cores. The P70 uses this chip.

Both can handle most usage scenarios such as writing, drawing, video and browsing, but on top of that, if you also want to play games, I suggest you choose the soft-light version with better performance.

What’s more interesting is that in addition to downgrading the chip, the smart version also removes the flash.

MatePad 2023, which has an integrated metal casing, is the only product in the series to have a 105° front wide-angle lens.

Although it is the lowest-priced product that supports stylus pens, it cannot charge M-Pencil wirelessly and requires the purchase of a charging dock set.

Finally, MatePad SE is the lowest-priced product among Huawei tablets. The starting price on the official website is only 899 yuan, and the highest configuration is only 1,199 yuan.

This determines the configuration upper limit of SE: Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ 680 chip, 10W wired charging, single microphone, the largest black screen in the series, and does not support stylus.

So, this is a cheap, just cheap tablet.

Generally speaking, Huawei tablets generally follow the principles of: the higher the price, the larger the screen, and the narrower the black borders.

However, these eight products overlap in many small configurations, and the cheaper ones even have higher configurations than the expensive ones, causing many friends to be afraid of both losing money and being expensive.

Based on the comparison of the entire series above, let me give you some purchasing suggestions.

Look at the screen first. For those who have requirements for display and office work, it is recommended to go directly to Pro, OLED screen and HUAWEI SOUND audio and video, you will not be disappointed.

If your tablet is often used to read documents, take notes or draw, it is recommended to choose:

  • MatePad 2023
  • MatePad 11.5"S
  • MatePad Air
  • MatePad Pro 13.2”

These models with 3:2 screens allow you to browse more lines and read documents more efficiently.

If you spend most of your time watching TV shows on a tablet, then a 16:9 widescreen model would be more suitable:

  • MatePad 11" 2023
  • MatePad Pro 12.6”
  • MatePadPro 11” 2024

A device with this ratio is wider horizontally and closer to the format of movies and TV series. The upper and lower black borders are narrower and the field of view is wider.

Then go to the stored version. According to my actual experience, 12GB+256GB should be the most suitable configuration for tablets at present. You don’t have to worry about the cache all the time, and you don’t have to worry about the system always killing the background.

Finally, if you don’t want your tablet to just become “Tencent iQiyi” and “luxury instant noodle cover”, I suggest you leave some budget space for M-Pencil.

Because all Huawei tablets on sale that support stylus pens support upward compatibility with second- and third-generation M-Pencil functions, such as side-swipe writing, double-click switching, etc.

Of course, if you want to experience the latest connection technology on this basis, you can take a look at the three models that support StarLight:

  • MatePad 11.5”S
  • MatePad Pro 13.2”
  • MatePad Pro 11" 2024

Combining the above comparisons and suggestions, I hope everyone can find a Huawei tablet that is most suitable for you.

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