How to balance innovation and restraint, the educational hardware T6 Pro learning lamp produced by vigorously intelligent?

You see, the sky is getting dark outside the window, why don't you turn on the lights? After two years, I didn't read the book very well, and my eyes broke first.

In the blink of an eye, I have been graduating for many years, but I still remember the words my parents used to nag me.

Because when I was a child, when I came home from school, I always liked to study in the evening with the last dim light coming in from the window. Although I knew it was bad for my eyes, I always couldn’t change this habit. I felt that I was in this atmosphere. , In order to improve my learning efficiency.

Today's times have changed. Today's desk lamps can dynamically adjust the spectrum to simulate natural light through different colored lamp beads, protect eyesight, and at the same time create a natural environment atmosphere at different times.

Not only that, a table lamp may have to do multiple jobs, start to be more intelligent, and become a good teacher and helpful friend of children. But new products like the Dali Intelligent Learning Light T6 Pro also face a choice: Do you restrain yourself from being intelligent and focus on learning?

First of all, you have to make the lights

Dali Smart is a young brand, but it has a big ambition. The official point is that it is committed to empowering education with technology, providing innovative hardware products and efficient solutions for family education scenarios. In layman's terms, it is an "iterative upgrade" for educational hardware.

Thinking about it this way, it seems reasonable that it chooses to upgrade the high-frequency products such as desk lamps.

The appearance of the T6 Pro is quite different from the traditional single-bulb desk lamp like the "Pixar" Logo, and the double-wing-shaped lamp holder is obviously more modern.

The official design is inspired by medical shadowless lamps, but it is also easily reminiscent of the wings of an airplane.

▲ The lamp holder is detachable and connected by contacts

The two wings of the T6 Pro are wide, not only to accommodate more lamp beads, but also to expand the lighting range, and at the same time reduce the shadow under the lamp. This design is inspired by the shadowless lamp commonly used in medicine, although the learning scene does not require surgery for lighting. It is so strict, but who would oppose the decentralization of advanced technology? What's more, its forward projection light design can make the light wider and more uniform, and the 1.2m large desk has almost no blind spots of light.

When I was sitting in front of this learning lamp, flipping through books or magazines under the neutral and gentle light, I felt that the light reflected on the paper was not so dazzling.

▲ Read and write lights in focused light mode

The weekend mornings during my previous student days were often the time when I had the highest concentration of the day. I used to sit on the bedroom window sill against the wall and use the natural light coming into the bedroom to flip through my favorite magazines. The light was soft and unobtrusive. Feel tired.

Reading and writing T6 Pro in the focused light mode simulates the sunlight at 10 am, which can make people full of energy, more focused, and almost restore the light of the time and place.

This is mainly because T6 Pro innovatively added RGBW four-color lamp bead configuration. With these four-color lamp beads, the spectrum can be truly adjusted dynamically to simulate changes in natural light.

▲ Color temperature and spectral changes in different modes

Although the functions of T6 Pro have become richer, the interaction has not become complicated. Most users can easily switch the color temperature in the four scenes to achieve the best reading experience.

The T6 Pro's screen will also adjust its own color temperature according to different modes, the effect is like the original color display on the phone.

Before going to bed at night, I set the light to a relaxing scene, and the brightness was reduced to 330Lux, but it could still cover the entire table, the surrounding light became soft, and my mood gradually calmed down.

Although I have been away from campus for many years, reading and office work are still my daily use scenes. Initially, I did not have high expectations for this lamp, but I found some unexpected gains. Compared with my previous reading work postures like Ge You lying or Alice Lang's legs, this table lamp placed on the table can be said to attract me to sit at the table to a certain extent. On the one hand, it is beneficial to the health of the lumbar spine and cervical spine. On the other hand, there is also the effect of "sincerity and righteousness" before "gewuzhizhi".

After working in science and technology editing for a long time, in addition to the sensory experience, I also pay attention to some subtle but important points, such as whether the illumination is uniform or not, the level of low blue light, and the way of interaction. Regarding these two points, I also found the answer: it meets the national AA-level illuminance uniformity standard, has passed the TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification, and has reached the VICO A-level visual health and comfort standard.

In this generation of new products, the Dali Intelligent Learning Light has added the "automatic light switch" function. Through the intelligent infrared sensor, the child's seat movement can be accurately sensed, and the light can be automatically turned on, and the light will be automatically turned off after leaving the seat. At least it has solved a century-old problem: who comes out of the bed to turn off the lights in a cold day?

This is also one of my favorite functions. If my table lamp when I was a child had this function, I wouldn't develop the bad habit of studying by the side of the bed, and my parents would be able to ask me less.

Intelligent learning partners, not playmates

Children sit at the desk, mostly for learning.

Based on this, Vigorously intelligently and innovatively integrated the two functions of the table lamp and the self-learning system.

In the hope of doing better on the basis of the previous generation of products, the T6 series first increased the display area, all using a 6.5-inch screen, which is more comfortable and convenient to use.

However, Dali Intelligence does not want to occupy children too much time with the screen. This space is more effective for displaying information. Perhaps in the view of Dali Intelligence, the best interaction for children is still the traditional pen and paper, so the two combined have the "fingertip reading function", which replaces tap, slide and other operations.

You can point to a word in the textbook and say: Dali Dali, how do you pronounce this word?

▲ Fingertip reading can accurately recognize gestures

The Dali Smart Learning Lamp can recognize the content of the book pointed to by the finger through the camera embedded in the lamp head, analyze it and reply with voice. In addition, based on the color of the book, the size of the font size, the thickness of the finger, and other detailed changes during "fingertip reading", a large number of tests have been carried out on the Dali Smart Learning Light to achieve a better experience and accuracy.

It feels like a child is holding a book and running to his parents to ask questions. The Vigorous Smart Learning Light plays the role of timely reply and companionship.

In this way, children can sit in front of the T6 Pro, study quietly, ask questions after encountering problems that they don’t understand, and develop the habit of autonomous learning over time.

In addition, Dali Smart also has an online study room function, and there is also a learning atmosphere in the classroom at home.

Driven by both internal and external factors, children will gradually develop the habit of autonomous learning. From being urged by parents to learn, to being easy to learn, maybe that's what happens naturally.

In addition to reading at your fingertips, T6 Pro, like other voice assistants, has "familiarized" one hundred thousand whys. The corpus covers a variety of knowledge types such as biology, geography, and common sense, and even shows professional children. The interpretation is easy for children to associate and remember, and it is intimate and professional.

The above functions actually revolve around one thing service: helping children develop a good habit of independent learning.

After the child finishes learning, he can take a photo and send it to the parent terminal with one click, so that the parent can better understand the child’s learning situation.

▲ Top 13 million pixel camera

To me, the most important thing is not what this table lamp does, but what it does not do. Although T6 Pro uses a customized Android system, it is not open, and all applications are only related to learning. Want to use it to make short videos or play games? Sorry, there are no doors.

Parents and children are getting closer

When we look at the app on the parent side, it is a different scene.

This application integrates functions such as the back-end permissions of the smart learning lamp, learning center, and parent community, but the function classification is quite clear.

"Home" is all content related to T6 Pro, and can also be understood as another screen of T6 Pro.

There is also the "Community" module, where we can see the parenting methods shared by other parents, reminding that as parents, they should also continue to learn and improve like their children in order to set an example and cultivate a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and art. Good boy.

In addition, children who are free from excessive dependence on teachers and parents may be able to develop the habit of self-reliance faster. It is important to know that cultivating children's independent personality is also an important lesson in children's growth.

From the perspective of the technology media, the Dali Smart Learning Lamp T6 Pro is a sample of smart education hardware that is worth observing. It transforms the traditional desk lamp and adds cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision, natural semantic understanding and sensors, but it does not It didn't become grandiose and ostentatious.

On the contrary, the Dali Smart Team understands that the best destination for cutting-edge technology is to use it in the scenarios that should be used, such as automatically turning on lights, such as point reading, such as voice interaction to learn English, and start from the individual's own independent learning needs. Go more practical and long-term.

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