How to backup all data with Xiaomi

xiaomi how to backup

The importance of backing up the data in the smartphone’s memory is often underestimated and that’s why I want to explain how to do it with Xiaomi . Like many other companies, Xiaomi also offers its users various tools to keep them, both online and offline. The benefits of having a backup of your phone are many, starting from the security of always having them at hand, even if the smartphone breaks or gets lost. But not only that: for example, I just updated my Mi 10T Pro to Android 11 and thus made a backup and then a memory restore. When installing large major updates like this one, it is always advisable to clean the memory after the update in order to avoid possible software conflicts. In short, having a backup of your phone is something that I would highly recommend: here’s how to get around.

Here is the guide to backup with Xiaomi and keep all data

The first thing to understand when backing up data on your Xiaomi smartphone is whether to act online or offline. Yes, because with Xiaomi Cloud it is also possible to save data in memory on Xiaomi servers, so as to always have them at hand (connection permitting). Alternatively, you can also store them on your PC’s hard drive, especially if you have sensitive data that you don’t want to be on the internet. In this guide I will explain both ways, but above all I will help you to keep all the types of data you have in memory.

Xiaomi Cloud

Let’s start with the most modern method, that is to use the Xiaomi Cloud platform. To do this, the first step is to have a Xiaomi account, of course: if you don’t have one, you can create it from the official website . At this point go to ” Settings / My Account ” and log in. In this way you can select the item ” Xiaomi Cloud “, in which there are several features. We are interested in saving data in the cloud, but first of all you need to know that, basically, the platform offers you 5 GB for free . To have more space, however, you will need to pay a subscription, so consider how to behave.

That said, selecting the first box under the “ Special Features ” menu will allow you to back up your home screens, applications and settings . In this way, by carrying out the reset you will have a smartphone that looks identical to before. By activating the “ Automatic backups ” toggle you can make this backup update itself when you are on Wi-Fi network, once a day (Premium account only) or a week. To save this data, click on ” Back up ” on the basis: it may take a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on how much data you have.

Continuing, returning to the ” Xiaomi Cloud ” screen, under the ” Special Features ” menu you have a list of apps whose data you can save in the cloud: Contacts, Messages, Call log, Gallery, Voice recorder, Notes, Wi-Fi, Mi Browser and frequent phrases. You can choose which ones to synchronize and which not: if you take a lot of photos and videos, you will probably have to disable Gallery as you will very quickly saturate the few GB available.

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Backup for photos and videos

Normally we would have directed you without any doubt towards backing up photos and videos to Google Photos . But as you may already know, starting from June 2021 it will no longer be possible to take advantage of unlimited space, not even for photos in reduced resolution. Google will make available to users a limit of 15 GB : once exceeded, to continue using it, a Google One subscription will be required starting from € 1.99 per month for 100 GB of space. If you do not exceed this limit, you can always use it: otherwise, there are several alternatives, but practically all for a fee, first of all Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. But if you have Amazon Prime , then it’s good to know that the Amazon Photos platform could be very useful. The cloud service is included in the Prime subscription (currently at € 36 a year) and guarantees you unlimited space for any photo (even in RAW) and a limit of 5 GB for videos.

WhatsApp backup

If you use Telegram, then you will know that there is no need to make any backups, because all data is stored on the platform’s servers. In the case of WhatsApp, however, not backing up and formatting your Xiaomi means losing all chats, including photos, videos and voices received. To overcome this limitation, you must manually save WhatsApp data with the following procedure. To do this, you need a Google account, as the data will be saved on the related Google Drive account.

  1. Open the Whatsapp app

  2. Click on the 3 dots at the top right

  3. Select “Settings / Chat / Chat Backup”

  4. Click on “Backup to Google Drive”

    Choose how often to backup (never, when you click “Back up”, daily, weekly, monthly)

  5. Select the Google Account

    By clicking on ” Google Account ” you can choose which account to use to save WhatsApp data

  6. Use the Wi-Fi network

    To avoid excessive consumption under 3G / 4G / 5G, click on “Backup via” and select ” Wi-Fi only

  7. Enable the “ Include videos ” toggle if you want to keep the received ones

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Backup of game saves

When you format a Xiaomi smartphone, among the data that you risk losing there are also in-game saves. Not a small hassle, as you risk losing hours and hours of progress in your favorite game. That’s why I recommend, if you want, to make a backup of these too, using the tools offered by Google. To manage everything better, download the Google Play Games app (in case you don’t already have it pre-installed). In this way, all the games that use the Google platform will synchronize in the cloud automatically. To find out if a game is compatible, search for it on the Play Store, open its page and click on “ Game Information “. On this screen, scroll down and you should find the words ” Use Google Play Games ” and ” Saved Games “.

xiaomi how to backup xiaomi how to backup

Otherwise, it means that it does not use the platform and therefore the only way to keep its saves is to do it manually. On the Google Play Store you will find numerous apps that are right for you: I have used Apps Backup Restore without problems. Select the games you want to save from the list, then click on ” Backup ” at the bottom. You will find the APK files created ad hoc in the “ Apps_backups_reinstall ” folder in the smartphone memory. Just reinstall them from which to get the app back with all the previously saved data.

xiaomi how to backup xiaomi how to backup

How to backup locally and on PC with Xiaomi

If, on the other hand, you prefer to resort to “traditional” methods, know that Xiaomi’s MIUI also allows you to make a local backup of your data. To do this, go to “ Settings / System info / Backup and reset ” and choose “ Mobile device “. With the first option, you can create a backup containing SMS, contacts, call logs, system app data (including Wi-Fi, Notes, Mi Browser, Themes and more) and the data of all third-party apps you have. installed.

xiaomi how to backup xiaomi how to backup

Once the backup is complete, you will find all the data in the “ MIUI-Backup-AllBackupfolder : in this way, you can easily transfer it to the hard disk of your PC. However, I would like to point out that not all third-party apps may be saved correctly.