How to adapt the IP game after Harry Potter?

Avada Kedavra!

Avadaso's Mantra, this is the most harmful spell in the "Harry Potter" series, and it is also one of the three unforgivable spells. This is also one of the spells most familiar to fans in Harry Potter IP. As a spell that can directly kill the enemy in battle, the powerful mana in the original "Harry Potter" has become the basic setting for the spell of Avadaso's Mantra.

For many fans, the Avadaso Mantra is definitely a special spell that needs to be used carefully, not a spell that can be obtained with money and can be used casually. Unfortunately, in the Harry Potter card game, Avadaso's Mantra is a spell that can be possessed by Krypton.

▲ As long as Krypton Gold can have Avada Suoming Card

The great victory of the wizard to the miracle of krypton gold

On September 9, the full-platform public beta of Harry Potter: Magic Awakening, which was authorized by the original book of Harry Potter and was developed and published by NetEase Games, was obtained. The social media on that day was almost all of the fans.

From the selection of the sorting hat to the different styles of each college, from the enrollment call from the wizarding world to the beautiful fireworks at Hogwarts, the joy of the day belongs to the fans. They share the stories they have loved in another way. Way to show up.

▲"Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic" poster, welcome to the wizarding world

Of course, the pain and resentment afterwards also belong to Ha fans. They look forward to receiving the admission notice in the game world, start learning magic, and feel the legend of the magic world.

As a result, they discovered that this world is a flourishing world that Voldemort, the ultimate villain in Harry Potter, could not even imagine. The specific performance is that as long as you have money and are willing to spend money, then you can get the Avada Sutra card if you enter the game and directly buy the golden satin luxury gift box.

▲Diagon Alley in "Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic"

This view deviates very much from the setting of the original book (the students who just enrolled in the original book hardly have access to this magic) annoyed the hordes of original fans who came to check in. Weibo user @郑可同学 said that this card drawing setting made her very disappointed.

Do you know what Avadaso's fate took? Krypton gold can get Avada's life, I thought I was a school during the reign of Voldemort. Next, is there still a heart piercing, and the soul is out of the body. Do you know what happened to Professor Neville's parents? Do you know what Neville has gone through? You cast an unforgivable curse on your classmates in the duel, are you really restoring the IP?

This is not enough to restore the IP. The first-grade cub magician may encounter spider monsters and dragons here; the students of the snake school who originally valued their dignity and dignity are all willing to help others and be close to you; even the little wizards on the first day of school can learn all kinds of things. Advanced spells defeat the trolls and become a well-deserved genius student.

▲ There are also skins for sale in the game

But from another perspective, game developer NetEase also has a bit of "grief." After all, this is not a development game, but a card battle game. The immersive exploration and development sense that the original fans want, card games are difficult to give. In card games, card drawing itself is also a very important part. It is very common to attract players with scarce cards.

It’s just that for players who dream of returning to the wizarding world, the setting of "getting stronger with money" hurt their original intention of the wizarding world. Any player who wants to work hard to resist the "dark forces" of Krypton Gold will eventually become a part of the Krypton Gold experience, allowing Krypton Gold players to feel the value of money.

It's not that the game can't make money, but if the Krypton Gold Card drawing settings can avoid some of the original taboos and do a better job in the balance of the game, the players will not be so angry.

▲ Draw card is the way to play the game

I want to say that I love you not easy IP games

Fans' imagination of IP presentation and the final game quality presented by manufacturers have become one of the main contradictions between players and manufacturers in IP games. It can even be said that among a lot of IP adaptation games, "Harry Potter: Magic Awakening" has been more sincere, has made creative settings, and has also worked hard to follow the details of the original work.

After all, IP sets of games really have a lot of outrageous existence.

Known as one of the worst video games ever, "Superman 64" is one of them. You are often unable to respond to the operations in the game, and the gameplay is mostly repetitive. There are many flaws in the technology, and even the design style of the game itself is not satisfactory.

▲ "Superman 64" originally wanted to learn the gameplay design of "Tomb Raider"

During the development of "Superman 64", the communication problems between the developer Titus Interactive and Warner and DC were also problems often encountered in the development of IP games. According to Eric Caen, the founder of Titus, Warner staff has been setting obstacles to their game development.

They believe that big companies like EA Games will spend more money to create better products, and have been trying to stop the development of our games… They once wanted to make it into a game similar to a simulated city, in which Superman is like a big game. The mayor of the city. The innovative designs we made in the game were all denied, and the reason given by Warner Matchmaker was "Superman won't do that."

▲ Youtube creator @Hard4Games compared the finished game version with the leaked version rejected by Warner, and found that the rejected version is more interesting

In the end, the rendering effect of "Superman 64" did not reach one-tenth of Eric's original vision, and it was also one of the games that received more criticism in the history of the game. The failure of "Superman 64" also cast a shadow on IP games. Many people in the game circle think this is a way to make quick money and cut leeks.

Mark Kaplan, who has 25 years of experience in the field of game licensing, called the worst case of IP game "adaptation" as a logo. The developer did not design a special gameplay for IP, but made simple changes in the game. He has also encountered the situation where the IP copyright owner requires the game to be released at the same time as the movie is released, which means that the game development time is often greatly restricted.

Considering this situation, you just want to bring the game to the market as soon as possible, you will not really polish it, and you can't ensure that it can stand out among many games.

▲ Screenshot of "Superman 64" game

The 2009 game "Batman: Arkham Asylum" may be one of the turning points of IP games, and it has achieved double success in word of mouth and sales. At that time, the Guinness Book of World Records even awarded it the title of "the highest-rated superhero game in history."

However, this is also a testament to the increasing quality of IP games. Many developers have innovated gameplay based on the original story of IP, allowing the game to satisfy IP fans while also attracting new players. To some extent, this may be more difficult than making an original game.

▲ IP game turning point "Batman: Arkham Asylum"

At this stage, the relationship between IP holders and game developers has eased a lot. The 2018 game "Spider-Man" is the result of the smooth cooperation between the two parties. The evaluation of this game is generally positive, because IP holders have drawn red lines and game developers have also boldly created.

In this cooperation, Marvel will not force game developers to use specific materials, but instead allow them to select and create more actively. At the same time, they also drew a red line for developers-Spider-Man can't kill. So in the "Spider-Man" game, even if you throw someone out, the other person will not fall vertically into the street. He will be stuck to the building by the spider silk.

▲ "Spiderman" game

However, these cases can only say that the development of IP games is more systematic than before. Unlike when Titus originally wanted to license Superman movies, Warner also confirmed three times that the other party wanted to develop games. After all, they had never encountered it before.

IP games? Or is it a game IP?

Although the development of IP games has become more systematic, and there have been more boutique games, there are still many games that want to use IP to catch an early episode or catch up on the popularity.

The mobile game "Flower Thousand Bone" is catching up with the popularity of the drama IP, and it was launched one month after the TV series was broadcast, and the original actors were invited to endorsements. For an IP game, it has achieved commercial success, with a turnover of over 100 million within one month of its launch, and more than 10 million active users. It's just that the evaluation is not very good, and only got a score of 6.1 on TapTap.

▲ Huaqiangu achieved commercial success

Games such as "Journey to the West: The Return of the King" and "Chang'an Twelve Hours-Free Adventure 108 Square" are not well received. Either the scene is rough, the design is repetitive, or the traditional "brand game", add Elements, but IP-related content is actually very few.

The reason why the game wants to associate with IP is very simple. With IP, there will be stable new users, and the initial popularity is absolutely not lacking. Just like "Harry Potter: Magic Awakening", even if many players drop out after two days of enrollment, their help to the rankings and popularity is real. The same goes for "Marvel Super War", which reached the top in the public beta, but now it has fallen to the 87th place on the free app list.

▲The game map of "Marvel Super War"

It can only be said that IP is very important, but whether a game’s core gameplay and social interactions can retain users is a more critical issue.

This year, WikiMili compiled the 50 most profitable IPs in the world based on the financial data of listed companies and the world's third-party authoritative data statistics platform. Among them, game IP accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 32%. Pokémon, Call of Duty, Yu-Gi-Oh, Mario, Dungeons, and Warriors are among them. They are the game IPs that players are more familiar with—games first, then fire IPs.

▲ The most profitable IP is Pokémon

In fact, games have always been a strong IP manufacturing machine, and its IP manufacturing capabilities are still improving. According to the comparison of new game knowledge , less than 40% of the top IPs in the 1980s came from games, but in the decade 2010 to the present, there are more than 54% of the top IPs in games.

The game itself has a strong ability to create IP. Seeking the blessing of mature IP can be said to keep the lower limit of game commercialization, but it also limits the upper limit of game development. After all, the most profitable Pokémon on the IP list started with "Pokémon Red and Green". Today, it can make money from derivatives, box office, and games at the same time. It is the most successful example of IP manufacturing.

▲ "Pokémon Red Green"

If the game IP is from 0 to 1, and can hit 10 after success, the IP game is likely to want to do from 1 to 2, but in the process, its works will basically become incomplete works, its own gameplay Not good enough, and IP use can't satisfy old audiences.

Of course, there is no shortage of high-quality IP games. You will only know if the game can "walk independently" after a wave of users attracted by the IP.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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