How strong is the picture quality of the 25,000 Huawei TV?

This is the most "heavyweight" guy we reviewed in September.

It weighs 120 kilograms, is 1 meter high and 1.6 meters wide, and four people can carry it upstairs. This big guy is the Huawei SuperMiniLED TV, V75 Super, priced at 24,999 yuan.

With a height of 183cm, I look a little "petite" when standing next to it. But the large size is not the main reason for its expensive. More importantly, lies the technology behind the screen: MiniLED.

From the big head CRT display to the plasma display; from the LCD liquid crystal display to the OLED display, the technical principles of mouth-opening are changing, but their goal has not changed, that is, to make the look and feel more real.

When the "LCD Never Serves" party and the "OLED Extreme Black Field" party were arguing, MiniLED came forward. It has ultra-high peak brightness that surpasses traditional LCD and contrast ratio comparable to OLED. Of course, as a top quality technology, MiniLED's goal is still to reproduce the real world.

SuperMiniLED makes reality easier

This is a window.

Outside the window is a quiet lake, distant clouds wandering on the top of the snow-capped mountains… Can you guess where this was taken?

Actually, this was shot in the studio. The window above is a video played by Huawei V75 Super. Didn’t you expect it?

So the question is, how is this sense of reality created?

If we look at the picture just now, we can see that the dark places are very dark, and the bright places are very bright without losing the level.

This has to mention the principle of MiniLED. To put it simply, the backlight of a traditional LCD screen cannot individually adjust the brightness of a certain area, causing the picture to be bright and dark when it is dark.

Although high-end LCD TVs support partition backlighting, the number of partitions is very limited, generally only a few dozen.

The new generation of high-end image quality technology SuperMiniLED can make LED backlight beads very small. The SuperMiniLED lamp beads of V75 Super have an area of ​​only 1/120 of the traditional LED lamp beads. So in the 75-inch screen, up to 46080 SuperMiniLEDs are placed.

In order to better control these SuperMiniLEDs, V75 Super has increased the number of backlight partitions to an exaggerated 2,880.

Dense SuperMiniLED lamp beads, with a variety of backlight partitions, achieve a finer contrast between light and dark, and the local peak brightness can reach 3000 nits, and the look and feel is naturally more realistic.

Challenge the extreme picture quality with thrillers

Put aside the parameters, return to the daily experience. We decided to use a common scene-watching a thriller first, to compare the difference between SuperMiniLED and traditional LCD TV.

You may find that thrillers are not terrifying, but it is not necessarily because you are bold.

Take the popular thriller movie "Call of Souls 3" as an example. The picture quality options of both TVs are the default "standard mode".

At the beginning of the film, the difference between the two is obvious at a glance. The screen of traditional LCD TV is gray with obvious upper and lower black borders. The SuperMiniLED not only has a bright picture, but the upper and lower black edges are also close to pure black. Turn off the lights, and the immersion is much better.

The scene in the bathroom below has a great sense of atmosphere. However, when traditional LCD TVs encounter such dim scenes, they only show pitch black, and it is difficult to see the content of the picture, let alone convey a sense of atmosphere.

With its high contrast and fine light control ability, SuperMiniLED performed this movie very well. The little boy's horrified eyes, the dark and gloomy environment of the bathroom, conveyed clearly.

"Soul Recruitment 3" basically focuses on dark scenes, which puts high demands on the hard quality of the TV. The following scene in the basement was placed on a traditional LCD TV. The scene carefully arranged by the prop artist was basically erased, and the colors were very dim.

The SuperMiniLED TV can truly restore the original appearance of the basement, including the details of the props and the expressions of the characters. The color levels are also rich enough to look much more vivid.

In the final battle against the evil spirits, the advantage of SuperMiniLED's high brightness is even more obvious: the light bulb bursts and the scene of sparks splashing directly fills up the shock, and we see our goose bumps. However, the performance of traditional LCD TVs is not tepid, and the feeling of horror is also much weaker.

V75 Super, rejuvenating old movies

For film and television enthusiasts, a major impact of the epidemic is that many film and television projects have to be postponed and there are fewer good movies. "Call of Souls 3" is considered one of the few thrillers worth watching this year.

However, good movies will last forever. Brushing old dramas daily is also a different kind of experience.

Huawei V75 Super is equipped with image quality optimization technologies such as clear image processing, dynamic contrast enhancement Pro, and fast and smooth. In simple terms, it can optimize old movies to be clearer and smoother.

Let's take the classic movies "The Silent Lamb" and "In the Mood for Love" as examples to see how the two TVs perform differently.

With the same source, traditional LCD TVs have visible snowflake noise when playing "The Silent Lamb" produced in 1991, while Huawei V75 Super has obvious noise suppression and a clear and smooth picture, just like watching a new movie. movie.

The picture difference in "In the Mood for Love" is even more obvious. When Su Lizhen and Zhou Muyun opened their hearts under the street lights, traditional LCD TVs were not only noisy, but also very dim, and the atmosphere was much worse.

The HUAWEI V75 Super screen has rich levels of light and dark, and the night is full of colors, which is very contagious. Su Lizhen's frowns and smiles are as beautiful as a painting.

In fact, many old movies are very beautifully made, and they are worth savoring. But limited by display technology, it is difficult for the public to have a chance to see the original appearance. And Huawei V75 Super provides such an opportunity to make those classic old movies worth watching again.

MiniLED, as a top quality technology, the effect really does live up to expectations. The mainstream players on this track are Apple's iPad Pro and Huawei's V75 Super. It's just that Apple makes it smaller and Huawei makes it bigger.

Immersive secrets are inseparable from good sound quality

What we have been talking about just now is the picture quality. In fact, if TV wants to realize the sense of reality, in addition to sight, hearing is also very important.

In the body of Huawei V75 Super, 20 sound generating units are hidden, and the audio output power is as high as 75W, which can realize 5.1 stereo surround sound and bring a Dewar theater-level sound field.

How does such a luxurious speaker sound? We intercepted the "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake" in the Huawei AiMax online theater. You can put on the headphones and click on the video above to get a feel. I think that even if you go to singles out a 10,000-yuan home theater, it's not a problem.

In addition, with the Hongmeng system, you can connect two new-generation Huawei Sound X speakers with one click to form a Hongmeng distributed sound system and experience 5.1.2 channels.

In this mode, the sense of wrapping and immersion will become stronger. This kind of home theater-like enjoyment, it can be said that you can't go back after using it.

Now that Hongmeng is mentioned, let's look at another practical function of Hongmeng.

The V75 Super is equipped with a 24 million pixel lifting camera. With the Hongmeng system, you can not only use it for video calls, but also for remote housekeeping. What's more interesting is that you can also play some somatosensory games to assist in fitness, which can be said to be fun and useful.

Top-notch picture and sound quality, coupled with Hongmeng’s dessert function, this is the answer that Huawei V75 Super handed over in the high-end TV club exam.

Seize the right to speak on the MiniLED track

There is a popular saying this year, "You have to work quietly, and then surprise everyone." Although Huawei has entered the TV industry not long ago, it has shown its strength in the back wave. Industry cutting-edge technologies such as SuperMiniLED, Hongmeng Distributed Function, and Devale Audio have sprung up one by one.

Frankly speaking, when we mentioned "high-end TV" before, many people first thought of Sony and Samsung. However, after the experience of Huawei V75 Super, its audio and video experience has already played back and forth with traditional giants, and it has become the first echelon level; and the intelligent interactive experience is a lot ahead.

Huawei V75 Super is equipped with a series of self-developed black technologies, whether it is SuperMiniLED high-end image quality technology, chips, algorithms, etc., all symbolizing that domestic brands are on the track. We have enough potential and ability to make a proud The product.

It is foreseeable that MiniLED will become synonymous with high-end TV in the next period of time. We do not intend to play up any emotions, but we still hope and look forward to seeing more and more domestic brands like Huawei continue to make technological breakthroughs, continue to hardcore their products, and explore high-end display technologies. Endless possibilities.

Nothing becomes famous overnight, but it's all made into steel. To make the impossible possible, it's time for us to use the MiniLED track to get the right to speak in high-end TVs, to overtake corners, and to go from catching up to leading the world.

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