How “scary” will Tesla’s new Model 3 high-performance version be after its epic enhancements?

In September, Tesla launched the Model 3 replacement model, the Model 3 refreshed version, after a lapse of seven years.

In addition to marveling at the starting price of 259,900 yuan, we were also surprised to find that in addition to updating the rear-drive Model 3 and "resurrecting" it to bring back the long-range model, Tesla did not provide a Performance updated version option.

At that time, a mainstream speculation in the market was that the Model 3 long-range version could almost cover more than 90% of the Performance needs in terms of daily performance. This made the positioning of the Model 3 high-performance version start to become awkward. Tesla Perhaps the Model 3 Performance option will be deleted, making the previous-generation high-performance model the "swan song."

Things are rare, and high-performance versions are rare on the market. Coupled with the "swan song theory," the performance of the current Model 3 Performance in the secondary market can be said to be quite strong.

However, combined with the intelligence summary analysis of the latest performance version, the new Model 3 Performance may be real, and the performance after the refresh is more "terrible" than we imagined.

▲Cash Model 3 Performance Picture from: Drive

The expected "performance explosion"

The news of the new Model 3 Performance is not just “groundless”.

Before Tesla officially launched the refreshed version of Model 3, quite a few overseas netizens had captured spy photos of the Model 3 Highland road test. Of course, the closest spy photos came to China occurred on the eve of the arrival of the refreshed version.

At the end of August, some netizens "encountered" the new Model 3's high-temperature road test in Xinjiang. Judging from the released photos, the front and rear of these road-test Model 3 cars were covered with camouflage cloth, covering the major improvements of the new Model 3.

An unexpected netizen with "magic powers" not only reported the body size of the refreshed version of Model 3, but also revealed that there are different versions of Model 3 in the road test queue. Tesla is expected to extend the 5-inch model on the new Model 3. There are three versions of models, and the high-performance version will naturally be an important member of them.

▲The new Model 3 in road test

Multiple versions of speculation are suspected to have been confirmed in a recently exposed EU document.

In mid-to-late September, X netizen @eivissacopter disclosed an EU registration document for Tesla on the platform, in which the "T" code model marked with yellow fluorescent marks is the dual-motor version of Performance. The body VIN value at the bottom of the picture It proves that this document belongs to Model 3 Highland. The "brewing" of the new Model 3 high-performance version seems to have become an "open secret."

▲Dual motor-Performance Picture from X@eivissacopter

As the saying goes, "Seeing is believing." Document code names may still be forged, but what you can see with your eyes may not be fake. 3 days ago, a Reddit user once again came across a Tesla road test car. Strangely, even though the appearance of the refreshed version is "well known to the world," the Model 3 in road testing still used camouflage to tightly cover the front face, rear end and even wheels. All signs suggest that this road test car is most likely Tesla's new Model 3 Performance that has not yet been released.

▲ The above road test spy photos are from Reddit@RealPokePOP

There are some small details worth noting in this set of pictures. On the one hand, it is the "tightly defended" front face and rear part of the car. It can be guessed that Tesla has equipped a new sports package for high-performance models; on the other hand, by observing the center position of the wheel hub exposed under the lens, we can visually observe the high-performance The model will adopt 20-inch large wheels, wider rear tire size, and new sports styling.

This matches the contents of Tesla’s spare parts catalog that was exposed some time ago. It is quite different from the 20-inch wheels used on the current Model 3 Performance. The new "Warp" wheels have a larger hollow area. Compared with the rounded curve design of the old model, the overall lines of the "Warp" are sharper. ,sports.

▲ 20-inch wheel hub structure. The above pictures are from: Drive

In addition, Tesla is expected to upgrade and improve the brake calipers, brake pads and suspension of the new Performance model in the spare parts catalog that has been urgently deleted.

What is certain is that the new Model 3 Performance is still in the intense testing and tuning stage. Whether it is the addition of appearance performance kits or the optimization of brakes and suspension, the new high-performance Model 3 has new performance evolution compared to its predecessor.

Model 3 plaid? No, Model 3 Ludicrous!

Improvements in conventional hardware can only be regarded as "small improvements." The new Model 3 Performance needs to open a wider gap in performance both emotionally and rationally.

First, it is a positioning issue. After the return of the Model 3 long-range version, the balance of battery life and performance will indeed squeeze out the demand space for Performance. The high-performance version needs to widen the grade gap with the long-range model; secondly, although the Model 3 Performance is in sports It is difficult to find a rival in terms of performance, but the competition in the domestic pure electric market of more than 300,000 yuan is becoming fiercer, and the advantages of the high-performance version of Model 3 are also weakening and diluting at the same time. The updated Performance needs to bring a little "shock" to the market. Only then can you win applause.

In the exposed spare parts catalog, we found that a familiar "lattice" icon appears on the tail of the new high-performance model, replacing the original underlined red line logo. Prior to this, Tesla only equipped the top-performance flagship Model S/X Plaid with a "checkered" tail badge.

▲ Ludicrous icon

In Tesla's product interpretation, the design of straight lines and squares is inspired by what the human eye can see after the spaceship accelerates to super-light speed in "Star Wars". The “lattice” tail mark of the Tesla Plaid represents its wildest power performance. The "lattice" tail mark reappears, and it is difficult not to associate the Plaid with the new Model 3 Performance.

However, Musk doesn’t seem to want to break the Plaid’s principle of being a “top performance flagship.” In a recent interview, when asked whether the Model 3 would have a Plaid version, Musk clearly denied the possibility and insisted that the Plaid would only serve top-performance flagship models. Then, the "grid" icon that appears on the Model 3 tailmark seems a bit intriguing.

If you carefully compare the details of the two "lattice" tail marks, there are indeed obvious differences between the two. Through comparison, we found that the line style of the "lattice" of Model 3 and the "lattice" of Model S Plaid are different. The icon of Plaid is completely composed of straight lines and squares, while the Ludicrous icon of Model 3 looks like It is the long line style of "Meteor". Substituting it into the acceleration process of the spacecraft, Ludicrous can be seen as the process stage of the spacecraft accelerating to super-light speed, while Plaid is when the spacecraft completely enters the super-light speed state.

▲ Picture of the difference between Ludicrous & Plaid comes from: Drive

The only thing beyond Ludicrous is Plaid.

In 2019, Musk once said this on social platforms.

In this way, we can understand Ludicrous as a power mode that is weaker than Plaid. Tesla intends to set up a new power icon for the high-performance version to flaunt the uniqueness of the new high-performance model.

Now that the possibility of Model 3 Plaid has been ruled out, the high-performance version basically bids farewell to the luxurious configuration of three motors. The new Model 3 high-performance version is expected to continue to use the dual-motor solution.

However, just because the number of motors remains unchanged does not mean that the quality of the motors will not improve. If you want to support the name "Ludicrous", the ordinary dual-motor solution may not be enough. Tesla is expected to transfer the carbon fiber motor of the Plaid model to the Ludicrous high-performance model. Compared with conventional motors, the carbon fiber rotor motor has lower reluctance losses and turbine losses, and can output stronger torque. With the blessing of carbon fiber motors, the new high-performance version of Model 3 may not be far from joining the 2-second club.

▲ Tesla carbon fiber rotor motor

Of course, the high-performance version of the new Model 3 is a good choice, but judging from the starting price of the refreshed version in September, the price of the Model 3 Ludicrous with further improved power performance is expected to hit a new high. In addition, the potential fastest delivery time of the high-performance version has also been postponed to mid-2024.

Before that, we have to be more patient.

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