How is the Apple Fitness Fitness+ experience? Here is an all-round experience report (with activation method)

Why open Fitness+

Without a little precaution, fat appeared on my body like this. Unsurprisingly, in 2020 I will gain more than 10 catties.

▲ Ouch, my head hurts a bit. It's me who is "seduce" by food. The picture comes from: Jay Chou album Jay (left), Yo Dahaoye/Weibo (right)

Don't say I'm lazy, let me analyze the "unfavorable factors":

  1. Epidemic black swan disrupts the rhythm of life, subconsciously repels going to the gym
  2. Winter is coming, the temperature drops, I don’t want to move
  3. Aifan’s childhood held employee dinners from time to time, chicken drumsticks and cakes are standard
  4. Poor, the annual card fee for the gym near home is too expensive

Please believe me, it is all the fault of these "unfavorable factors" that caused my weight to exceed the standard. Even the high EQ friends who have not seen me for half a year can't help but exclaim, "Why is my face so round?!"

So when I saw Apple launching Fitness+, I seemed to see the hope of returning to the peak of fitness in 2019, and immediately opened this service.

After more than half a month of experience, my evaluation of Fitness+ is: a good choice for indoor sports under the dual impact of epidemic and low temperature .

Below, I will take you to understand Fitness+ in one article from four aspects: activation method, actual experience, advantages and disadvantages analysis, and personal suggestions.

A quick overview of the Fitness+ experience:

  1. Bank of China users can switch the App Store to open in the US, the price in the US is 9.99 US dollars/month (equivalent to approximately RMB 64), 79.99 US dollars/year (equivalent to approximately RMB 516)
  2. Requires Apple Watch S3 and newer version Watch (watchOS 7.2 and above), iPhone/iPad/Apple TV three options (iOS 14.3/iPadOS 14.3/tvOS 14.3 and above)
  3. Full access to hardware and software, high quality courses, professional coaching
  4. Good adaptability to the scene, you can start exercising at any time at home, in the office, or outdoors
  5. Suitable for people with non-professional scenes (such as at home) who need fitness exercises and have a certain exercise foundation

Must-see for Fitness+ activation

The biggest feature of Fitness+ is the combination of software and hardware, and corresponding software and hardware support is required for activation.

It can be understood in this way that to activate Fitness+, at least:

Apple Watch S3 and newer version Watch (watchOS 7.2 and above)

iPhone/iPad/Apple TV choose one of three (iOS 14.3/iPadOS 14.3/tvOS 14.3 and above)

Currently, Fitness+ charges US$9.99 per month (equivalent to approximately RMB 64) and US$ 79.99 per year (equivalent to approximately RMB 516).

If you buy a new Apple Watch, you can try it free for three months, and regular Apple Watch users can get a one-month free period .

Want to use Fitness+? Not so easy

As of now, Fitness+ has not yet opened services in mainland China. If you want to use it now, you can only switch the AppleID in the App Store to a foreign account.

If you have an AppleID in the US, click App Store-your profile picture in the upper right corner in turn, pull to the bottom of the page, click the logout button, and log in to the AppleID in the US. Wait about 10 seconds, the App Store interface will change to English.

Then, go back to the desktop, open the fitness app, Fitness+ appears at the bottom. If the page is blank and an error is reported, restart the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and open the fitness app again, and the Fitness+ page will appear.

▲ Fitness+ will appear after the device restarts

Some people may be worried that this will affect the previous AppID and iCloud backup. The actual measurement does not affect. The account in the App Store can be switched back at any time, and the previously downloaded app will not be deleted, but if you are using Apple Music in the country , The playlist will be cleared every time you switch accounts , and it will automatically sync back after a while.

When you activate Fitness+, you need to bind a payment method. I personally recommend using PayPal in the US and bind a domestic VISA credit card in PayPal.

How does Fitness+ work?

In Fitness+, there are many exercise courses to choose from, including fat burning, yoga, strength training, aerobics, and dancing.

Enter the corresponding course page, there are two options for start and preview. Click Preview to view the introduction of the course. Click Start, iPhone and iPad will automatically enter the course page. Before the first class starts, you will be prompted whether to wear Apple Watch for exercise.

If you choose to wear the Apple Watch, you can use it to pause and resume the entire course, and your fitness data will also be synchronized in real time on the left and right upper corners of your iPhone or iPad. You can also set the subtitles in the lower right corner of the video, currently only English and French are available .

▲ Real-time synchronization between the main device and Apple Watch

▲ Real-time synchronization between the main device and Apple Watch

▲ At present, the subtitles are only available in English and French, but the coach’s guidance is accompanied by body language. Even if you don’t understand English, there is no big understanding problem

There are three coaches in the course. The coach on the left is the least difficult to demonstrate, the coach on the right is moderately difficult, and the coach in the middle is the most difficult to demonstrate. You can choose the difficulty that suits you.

▲ The three coaches demonstrate different levels of difficulty and take care of people of different sports levels

When it comes to the main part of training, there will be a countdown for each set of actions. Oh, yes, the yellow circle is also used to represent the course progress throughout the fitness process, which is very practical.

▲ The yellow circle on the right side of the second row of numbers is the progress of the exercise

There are only three options for the whole course: start, pause and end, which cannot be skipped. In the course, the coach will continue to guide you to push your limits, and the language is very contagious.

After the course is over, the data summary of this exercise will appear automatically. You can also add the course to your own training plan, or jump to "Mindfulness Relaxation" to start a new stretching course.

▲ Summary of data after the exercise

Recently, Fitneess+ also pushed the "Celebrity Walks with You" course, which will automatically appear on the top of the Apple Watch sports app. You can start the exercise with one click. I personally think that the course push can be combined with Apple Watch's health data, location and time. , Make sports more personalized .

Are there disadvantages to Fitness+?

Its advantages are obvious.

1. Combination of software and hardware

Personally think this is the biggest advantage of Fitness+. Users don't need to think too much. You can start fitness by turning on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Fitness data is displayed on the iPhone or iPad in real time. After exercise, you can review the data on the iPhone or Apple Watch.

▲ After the exercise, both iPhone and Apple Watch can review the data

The whole process is extremely smooth, there are no unnecessary interference elements, you will think that fitness exercise should be like this.

2. The course is attentive and the quality is good

Fitness+’s course design is more professional, the coach’s qualifications are guaranteed, the quality of the course is also better, the look and feel of the video and the soundtrack are more textured, and many details still maintain Apple’s consistently high standard. , Medium and high difficulty content, taking care of people with different fitness foundations, and the guidance words of fitness coaches are also very perceptual and contagious.

3. High scene adaptability

The biggest problem with indoor fitness is the complex scenes. Fitness+'s scenes are highly adaptable. It can be started immediately whether at home, in the office or outdoors. It can also be used in conjunction with various sports equipment, breaking the constraints of time and space.

4. The price is moderate

At present, in first- and second-tier cities, the annual card of a good quality gym is generally more than 2,000 yuan. If you ask a coach for professional guidance, you can start at least tens of thousands of yuan. The price of Fitness+ equivalent to more than 500 yuan a year is relatively cost-effective. It should be noted that This price is based on self-purchased equipment and unmanned on-site guidance .

Of course, Fitness+ is not perfect, and there are many things that can be optimized.

1. The mainland has not yet opened

In order to experience Fitness+, I have to switch AppleID repeatedly. Although it is not difficult, it is not convenient for a long time.

2. Missing some personalized elements

When I first used Fitness+, I thought there would be a simple assessment to help users choose the right course, and this link is not available, which may make some users misjudge their level.

3. Lack of risk warning

Many users do not have a fitness exercise foundation, and their movements will not be too standardized. On the contrary, accidental injuries may occur. It would be better to add a key point of risk reminder before the medium and high intensity fitness exercise videos.

4. Course audience is limited

Now more and more people to the elderly or children to buy Apple Watch, Fitness + and no suitable courses in this part of the population can be said to be a regret, but no classes the family unit, such as a couple of courses, family courses, if One iPhone or one iPad temporarily corresponds to multiple Apple Watches, and training with the whole family will be more conducive to creating a healthy atmosphere .

5. Restricted screen projection equipment

Currently, Fitness+ courses can only cast sound on the HomePod. If you choose to cast the screen to a smart TV, take a screenshot or record a screen, a black screen file will be given.

▲ What is Apple Ecology? This is Apple Ecology (laughs). The Xiaomi smart TV that is projected to the home is also black

Do you want to activate Fitness+?

If I were to summarize Fitness+ in one sentence, I would say that it is a good choice for indoor sports under the dual impact of the epidemic and low temperature. At the moment when the epidemic is rebounding, if you are an iPhone user, you may choose Fitness+.

However, it does not apply to everyone, nor does it apply to all scenarios.

It is more suitable for people who have non-professional scenes (such as at home) and need fitness exercises and have a certain exercise foundation.

What needs special reminder is that it’s more terrible to practice abolished than not to practice. It is best to learn some basic knowledge before exercise, ensure the standard and science of movement, and avoid "partial deformities" or accidental injuries.

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