How is Metaverse, the company Zuckerberg invested tens of billions in, doing now?

Spielberg used "Ready Player One" to describe the ideal form of the Metaverse to the world.

Making money, falling in love, or taking risks in the metaverse, no one would be confused after seeing such things. Not only ordinary people, but even Zuckerberg, who has been deeply involved in the technology industry for many years, is confused. In 2019, Zuckerberg launched a metaverse platform called Facebook Horizon (now renamed Horizon Worlds), trying to create a realistic version of "oasis".

However, there is always a certain gap between ideal and reality. It has been nearly 4 years since Horizon Worlds was launched, but the number of online players has not increased over time. According to the Wall Street Journal, the number of monthly active players (MAU) of Horizon Worlds is less than 200,000, which is far lower than the previous year. As expected in Meta.

In order to change this situation, Meta decided to break the shackles and make Horizon Worlds, which is exclusive to VR, available on more platforms.

Meta has invited some players to participate in the multi-platform closed beta. Players who have experienced it say that the most obvious change in the multi-platform version of Horizon Worlds is that the gaming experience is more convenient.

Previously, if players wanted to enter Horizon Worlds, in addition to the necessary Meta Quest equipment, the user also had to have an uninhabited and suitable-sized open space, otherwise the user would inevitably injure innocent people in reality when fighting in the Metaverse. At the same time, because of the wireless design of Meta Quest, the user experience of high flexibility but low battery life also makes users love and hate it.

A certain cost of use masks the advantages of VR immersive experience. After switching to multi-platform, players can now directly enter Horizon Worlds from the official website, and because it is played online, Horizon Worlds will not have too high a cost for the device used by the user. Require.

Surprisingly, Horizon Worlds, launched on multiple platforms for the first time, does not have many vicious bugs. Users who have experienced it said that except for occasional delays during the game, the gaming experience is excellent.

The gaming experience is one thing, but the number of games is another. The good news is that Horizon Worlds does not have many game bugs. The bad news is that the multi-platform version of Horizon Worlds currently only has one game – "Super Rumble", which The Verge Rated as "the most fun game in the Meta universe".

Thanks to the perfect fusion of somatosensory and shooting, "Super Rumble" has a good performance in terms of gameplay, but these are the advantages of playing with VR equipment. When the same game changes from motion control to touch screen control, you will find that it is not that interesting. In addition, the competition in the mobile game market is greater. There are always works with better graphics, gameplay and balance for the same type of gameplay. Meta It's hard to convince players to stay in Horizon Worlds with Super Rumble.

However, games are only one of the selling points of Horizon Worlds. Zuckerberg's layout is much bigger than games. What he built is a real-life "oasis". Horizon Worlds allows users to create a world as large as to build a house. The focus of Horizon Worlds is to allow users to independently enrich the explorable content of the platform. This not only strengthens Horizon The social nature of Worlds also allows the platform to grow on its own.

It is not easy to achieve this goal. At least for now, the development of Horizon Worlds is in sharp contrast with Meta's tens of billions of investments. Since the launch of Horizon Worlds, the most out-of-circuit news about it is Zuckerberg’s metaverse selfie, which caused intense complaints from netizens due to its poor picture performance.

"New York Times" technology columnist Kevin Roose even posted on Twitter (now X) that "it is worse than the 2008 Wii game graphics." After all, in addition to the concept of the metaverse, the "Oasis" in "Ready Player One" also has gorgeous and exaggerated scenes that attract consumers. Horizon Worlds being the product of the same concept, it's hard not to compare the two.

High-cost investment results in low-quality output, and consumers are poured cold water on it. As a result, the low number of monthly active players is also expected. And eventually it turned into a vicious cycle – the cost of playing and poor graphics led to fewer users, fewer users led to less content, and less content led to the platform being unable to develop healthily.

The launch of Horizon Worlds on multiple platforms this time at least solves the problem of playing costs. Meta hopes to attract more players with this. It first strengthens the social attributes of Horizon Worlds with the number of users, and then encourages users to independently create more worlds to supplement content.

As for the picture problems that have been criticized, it depends on how Meta can remedy them.

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