How did the Reno mobile phone come out of its own style?

After working as a science and technology editor for a long time, I basically have a strange hobby: in places with a lot of people, such as subway and bus venues, to see what brand and model of mobile phones are used by others, it can be regarded as a small test of the self-knowledge system. Or a "field survey" in the current mobile phone market.

But this skill that has been polished by time is now facing a huge test: mobile phone designs are becoming more and more similar, the space left for designers to display is getting smaller and smaller, and the difficulty of identification is getting more and more difficult.

However, OPPO's Reno series may be an exception to the mainstream gears: from Reno's original O-dot to Reno's recent generations of crystal diamond technology, you can recognize its ownership at a glance.

This is the subtle return of mobile phone manufacturers' investment in CMF (color, material and craftsmanship).

But one or two memory points are actually not enough to summarize the origins of the Reno series. What is Reno's return to the family?

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The deep sea, the secluded forests, the empty valleys, the vast sky, the treacherous flowing clouds, all are natural wonders. As a result, the rich and changeable nature is enough to inspire people's creative inspiration.

Following nature, it can be said that the design style of the OPPO Reno series is the same.

▲ OPPO Reno 10x zoom version of the heart of the sea color matching

Taken from the landscape, restore the celestial phenomena, from near to far, from simple to complex. The Reno series of three years and seven generations has gradually left the common and rare natural scenery in the design.

It seems to be designing this piece of "amber" to "wrap" the scenery that only exists for a moment on the product, so that the short-lived and rare scenery is presented in the palm of the hand.

▲ OPPO Reno7 Pro "Star Rain Wish"

This time, the Reno7 series wanted the meteor shower to fall on the back of the phone, showing the traces left by the meteor shower across the vast night sky.

To put it bluntly, the Reno series continuously reproduces the natural scenery and also wants to become a "artwork".

It is both innovation and inheritance

The "Xingyu Wish" of the Reno7 series is also crystal diamond craftsmanship, which reproduces the natural landscape. On the one hand, it continues the design pursuit of the Reno series, on the other hand, it also contains technological innovation.

It is the design pursuit of the Reno series to convey romantic feelings and reflect aesthetic thinking. What is romance, is it taken from the mountains and rivers?

Reno's original color philosophy is taken from the "sea", with the breath of the deep sea, the starry sky over the sea at night, and the sunrise at sea. In Reno2, the color of the ocean is more concrete, and the color connection with the natural landscape is more clear.

▲ OPPO Reno3 Pro "Sunrise Impression"

In Reno3, the "four astronomical phenomena" are presented through the color of the body, and the "metal dazzling color mixing process" is used to reproduce the "sunrise" moment with intertwined warm and cold.

So far, the Reno series has gradually progressed from one thing to the celestial phenomenon at a certain moment. At that time, "Take you to see the sea" was a romance, but when it gradually became concrete to "freeze the sunrise at the seaside at six o'clock in your hands," it naturally became more poetic.

It’s just that, constantly inking the color, even using a variety of mixed coloring techniques, using different materials and different tactile materials, but "everything is inseparable", these natural moments always stay on the plane and limit it. The impact and imagination.

▲ OPPO Reno4 Pro Crystal Blue

As a result, the crystal diamond process with stronger impact appeared on Reno4, and to Reno6, the crystal diamond process was also upgraded to 3.0. Similarly, with the improvement of the crystal diamond technology, the directivity of the flash sand etched by the glass can be better controlled.

With a more three-dimensional crystal diamond technology, the Reno series reproduces the Milky Way, presenting the summer sea. Not only stay on the visual, but also touchable and perceptible.

The "Meteor Shower" featured in the Reno7 series is more like a celestial spectacle, which is rare to see. In order to accurately express the design inspiration, in addition to using the crystal diamond 3.0 with accurate directivity, OPPO also used the LDI lithography process on this basis, leaving 1.2 million lines of different widths on the glass. With the back cover of the crystal diamond, it seems to be above the starry sky, recording the traces of the meteor shower.

At this time, the Reno7 series of "Take you to see the meteor shower" is more romantic, isn't it?

▲ OPPO Reno6 Pro "Summer Harumi"

I remember that in the realization of "Summer Sunny Sea", it was the design-oriented process that directly prompted the emergence of the Crystal Diamond 3.0 process. The same is true for "Xingyu Wish". OPPO combined the crystal diamond process with laser imaging technology. After a series of explorations, the dynamic effect of meteors across the sky was finally presented in square inches.

▲ The morning gold and star rain wishes of OPPO Reno7 series

Looking back from the Reno7 series, the seven generations of Reno have been exploring and evolving in appearance craftsmanship, from a single color, to a two-color transition, and then to the iteration of crystal diamond craftsmanship, making unique aesthetic creativity gradually presented.

After seven generations, the exterior design of the Reno series has always revolved around "romantic aesthetics." Romance is not only taken from the landscape, but also condenses the spectacle and vision of a certain moment.

Although the crystal diamond process was only available from Reno4, and laser etching was added to Reno7, the process seems to be upgrading, but in the final design expression, it is continuously passed on.

There is also a "stroke from the gods" when imitating nature

Taking design inspiration from the pleasant scenery and expressing and restoring it with innovative craftsmanship is a design concept of "imitating nature".

The interpretation of the sea, the presentation of the galactic sunset, and the presentation of a meteor shower across the vast sky, all present the laws of all things in nature. But for a good design, it is not enough to reflect the beauty of nature perfectly.

"With 99% of logical thinking, the last 1% feels." In the design, 99% determines success or failure, and 1% determines superiority and goodness, and 1% is indispensable.

In response to products, OPPO has been introducing surprise designs in product designs in recent years, which will not only determine the quality of the product, but also bring joy to the user’s senses.

Reno's original O-Dot ceramic dots are slightly raised, which is an interesting presence in the orderly central axis design language of the whole machine. The luminous lens of the Reno5 series is exactly against the Slogan of the Reno series, "You will shine in my eyes".

In the Reno7 generation, the "breathing light" on the back lens not only shines in the eyes, but also has a "rhythm".

Under the design of the gradient lens ring, OPPO stuffed a circle of breathing lights in the space of the 1mm lens ring. Such ingenuity makes the existence of breathing lights natural and unobtrusive.

On the other hand, in order to flicker like a star ring, OPPO introduced the first optical fiber 90° bending process to the breathing lamp, which makes it have the characteristics of 360° uniform light emission and no breakpoints.

When the Reno7 series is charging, notifying or even playing games, there are corresponding light effects. And there are corresponding effects on different colored fuselages. For example, in the "Xingyu Wish" fuselage, the breathing light is blue.

▲ OPPO Find7's skyline breathing light

Looking back on OPPO products, the breathing light is not the first time it appears. The classic Find7 has a "skyline breathing light" on the chin, which makes the whole machine quite smart. The ring-shaped breathing light on Reno7 can be regarded as inheriting while adding innovation.

More than that, the entire camera module of Reno7 Pro adopts a stepped design, and uses a unique design to solve the large space requirement of the IMX766 main camera.

The "finishing touch" ring-shaped breathing light and the ingenious stepped design serve the function without giving in to it. The ingenuity of the design is used to solve the functional requirements, so that the contradiction is not a contradiction. The contradiction here is the pursuit of frivolity without missing experience.

If not limited to the obvious design elements, the ever-changing body of the Reno series should be considered a "highlight" and "surprise."

The general manager of the OPPO Reno product line once said, "Deeply researching the target users and forming a "red line", for example, the width cannot exceed 74mm, the thickness does not exceed 8mm, and the weight does not exceed 180g. This is our red line. "

While doing experience addition, the Reno series is also gradually doing body management. From the intuitive data, Reno5 Pro+ 7.9mm, Reno6 Pro 7.6mm, Reno7 Pro comes directly to 7.45mm, and each generation is becoming thinner and lighter.

From the morphological point of view, the internal stacking of the slightly curved body of Reno6 Pro is actually close to the extreme, and further reductions are either component customization or configuration. The breakthrough in thickness of Reno7 Pro may be due to the right-angled sides of the fuselage.

▲ Reno7 series adopts right-angled edge design

Remember that in the interview of the Reno6 series, the Reno product manager said that the right-angled edge is more in line with the market demand, and it is also more conducive to the internal stacking of components. The double-layer demand and the pursuit of lightness and thinness make the refinement of the body design another "stroke of magic" in the Reno series.

What is Reno-style design

"The sun pours like rain" is a vision of French national treasure architect Jean Nouvel when he designed the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. The wonder that completed this "Rain of Light" is firstly from the shade of the palm trees, and secondly based on the innovation of the architects in the dome craftsmanship.

▲ Rain of Light at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

The same is true for the "Star Rain Wish" of the OPPO Reno7 series. One is the presentation of the design of "imitating nature", and the other is the exploration of the back cover craftsmanship.

▲ OPPO Reno7 series

Recalling the past, the Reno series of three and seven generations also has such inheritance and innovation.

The first three generations of Reno obtained color from nature and used it for body color matching, which gradually made Reno unique and began to lead the industry out of the initial stage of color replacement.

After the emergence of the Reno4 crystal diamond craft, the craftsmanship has been improved year by year, and it has been recognized in the sea of ​​machines. With the continuous injection of "romantic aesthetics", each generation is exploring new trends in industry design.

As the crystal diamond technology continues to gain market acceptance, many manufacturers in the industry have begun to pay attention to the new glass surface technology, which has become an industry trend.

In the Reno7 generation, the LDI laser lithography process was added on the basis of the original crystal diamond process, which not only reproduced the "meteor shower" visually, but also added the sense of touch, with richer levels.

It can even be said that the design and craftsmanship of the Reno series range from flat colors to 3D vision of crystal diamond craftsmanship, and then to the multi-dimensional sensory experience integrating LDI laser lithography, as if it has entered a new stage.

▲ Ring breathing light on OPPO Reno7 series

In addition, in the process of integrating the romantic atmosphere of nature into the design, we are constantly adding "finishing touches" to Reno. The ring breathing light on this generation of Reno7 series is reflected, and the body is always thin and light. As a prerequisite.

This is also the design philosophy that Reno has gradually merged into after three years and seven generations, and it is also the one mentioned above. Naturally, there are many things, and the inspiration here is endless. The sun, moon, lake, sea, stars and mountains can be borrowed from technology and condensed in square inches.

The condensed thinking, inspiration and technology between these square inches can be another expression of "good luck Zhong Lingxiu."

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