How did mobile phones and printing come together?

In 1896, Georges Vuitton used the "L" and "V" letters in his father Louis Vuitton's name, combined with Japanese-style floral patterns, to create the classic "Monogram Canvas" style. Famous for its unique style.

▲Early LV product poster, picture source: hautehistory

A hundred years have passed, and Louis Vuitton's Monogram pattern has become an indispensable fashion language. Its influence is so profound that it directly broadens the meaning of the word "Monogram". Nowadays, if "Monogram" is mentioned, what comes to people's minds will most likely be the "presbyopia" on LV handbags.

▲Monogram design on ancient Greek coins, photo source: ericaweiner

But in fact, as early as 350 BC, the ancient Greek city-states had engraved the abbreviations of their cities on silver coins, firstly to strictly understand the source, and secondly to highlight the uniqueness of the city. This is probably a historical fact. The first generation "Monogram".

This seemingly careless and effortless arrangement actually contains the ingenuity of carefully designed and harmonious arrangement, and is regarded as a guest of more and more brands.

The Huawei nova 12 series released not long ago is a representative example.

When using Monogram style on mobile phone

From Chanel's iconic "double C" interlocking, to Christian Dior's blue CD print, to Hermes' carriage and capital letter H – leading luxury brands seem to be fond of using Monogram style designs to integrate their brands. The logo and image are directly displayed on the product.

Even though times have changed, this kind of design with luxury brand logos has never faded out of our sight.

▲Monogram design on luxury handbags, picture source: hypebae

Aesthetics is always a difficult thing to agree on. When we were young, we might only think that the repeatedly stacked prints were ostentatious and cumbersome. However, as we grow older and more experienced, we gradually become accustomed to and fall in love with it. Instead of understanding the aesthetic style of this design, It would be more appropriate to think of it as a visual symbol.

On December 26, the new Huawei nova 12 series was officially launched. The most unique thing about it is that it draws the Monogram design style from luxury goods. The back uses a more three-dimensional nova embossing, combined with the integrated plain leather embossing process, to become a unique visual symbol.

And this has become the most conspicuous visual symbol of Huawei’s nova 12 series.

As early as the previous generation of nova mobile phones, Huawei has already tried using plain leather embossing technology to emboss the nova characters on the back cover, which is both avant-garde and individual, and is consistent with the fashion style pursued by nova itself.

On this Huawei nova 12 Ultra, Huawei has further adopted the industry's first "integrated plain leather embossed design". Not only the embossed characters are more eye-catching, but the plain leather on the back panel also covers the lens module, creating an integrated and integrated design. The body feel has been enhanced. In contrast, this also places extremely high requirements on the flatness, reliability, and pulling force of the materials, and therefore also puts forward higher requirements on the craftsmanship.

It can be said that the exquisite symbol arrangement, uniform embossing depth and arrangement density, and the integrated material back panel have jointly achieved the exquisite craftsmanship of Huawei nova 12 series; coupled with the shape of the four-deep straight screen on the front, , the whole machine has a warm and comfortable grip, which reduces the sense of fragmentation caused by material differences and makes it more integrated.

What is more eye-catching is undoubtedly the new star ring on the Huawei nova 12 series lens set. As the classic design language and visual symbol of the nova series, Huawei draws inspiration from top luxury watches such as the Rolex Yacht-Master. Using precision metal processing technology, nova lettering is integrated into the lens ring, which not only highlights fashion with symbols, but also conveys nova's own brand confidence.

In terms of lens layout, Huawei's nova 12 series maintains exquisite symmetry. Based on the vertical symmetry line of the star ring, the main components such as lenses, sensors, and flashes are arranged in order to form an overall imaging module. Add a touch of order, as if the stars are wandering in the Milky Way.

When color becomes a statement

Color is the language that designers use to convey emotions.

Starting from nova 7, Huawei will launch an iconic generational color for each generation of this series. This is not only a kind of guidance that shows individuality, but also a kind of inheritance through the evolution of the past generations.

To a certain extent, intergenerational color is the "color symbol" exclusive to the nova series.

In the 1980s, the "Seven Second Color Theory" proposed in Europe showed that people can determine whether they are interested in a product in just 7 seconds. Among them, the role of color often accounts for 67%, which is enough to illustrate the importance of color selection for the tonality of the product.

For the same reason, most mobile phone manufacturers nowadays like to make different styles in various colors in order to include more consumers with different preferences. But for nova, each generation insists on changing colors year by year, which hides a more symbolic meaning.

This time, Huawei’s nova 12 series has chosen a new “eye-catching blue” as the 12th generation color.

This highly saturated blue can be called an evergreen tree in the fashion circle – LV chain bags, BOTTEGA VENETA handbags, PRADA tote bags… almost all the big fashion brands you know have injected this blue into On its own heavyweight items.

The reason behind this obviously cannot be summed up by just using the word "good-looking".

Source: artquoteoftheday

French neorealist artist Yves Klein once described blue like this:

Blue has no dimensions, but compared to other colors it transcends dimensions. For other colors, people always have some preset reveries and specific associations, either intangible or tangible. For example, red always makes people feel that it is emitting heat…but blue is different. It always reminds people of the ocean and the sky. The most real yet the most abstract in nature.

In color science, blue has always been defined as calm and deep like the ocean and sky, and is regarded as the "most healing" color.

But on the other hand, blue also means freedom and hope, which can resonate with our hearts in a spiritual way.

The eye-catching blue chosen for Huawei's nova 12 series this time is obviously purer and brighter than the blue we commonly see – it is more like an absolute blue, a bright color in the traditional dull winter tones, and a bright color in the urban reinforced concrete forest. A piece of tranquility is a bright escape that is not limited to black, white, gray, low saturation, and a calm mind that does not blindly chase "dopamine" and "Maillard".

This extreme color palette, paired with the conspicuous printed star ring, makes the Huawei nova 12 series no longer monotonous – it is not only full of personality and infectious, but more importantly, it is in line with the strong self-expression of contemporary young people. pursuit coincides with each other.

In a world where mobile phones are looking more and more the same, the strong need to look different has reached its peak. We try our best to make our mobile phones less invisible to everyone. Whether it is paired with a mobile phone case that costs several hundred yuan, or a mobile phone chain with a jingle ring and an airbag holder, we all want others to see it more clearly. self.

Nowadays, the most beautiful Kirin 5G mobile phone Huawei nova 12 series has eye-catching, eye-catching, and "can't stop blue" color matching, which obviously expresses the unique and strongest attitude of this generation of young people.

Huawei nova creates a “super symbol”

Product logo is very important, it should be a brand consensus.

As Chanel artistic director Karl Lagerfeld said:

Not everyone can understand the brand name, but everyone can understand the logo, which is why it is so important.

The use of visual symbols in Huawei's nova 12 series has been deeply integrated with the product – whether it is the Monogram printing style, the star ring lettering, or the No. 12 generational color, in addition to function and form, the pursuit of symbolization The design style is the biggest highlight of this Huawei nova 12 series.

It can be said that this more "impactful" design form also gives the nova brand plasticity and durability that transcends time span.

On the other hand, after 11 generations of product design evolution, Huawei's nova series has gradually moved from the simple pursuit of "practical and good-looking" to "unique" – when the smartphone industry collectively enters a technical bottleneck period, what else Will this link become an important driving force for people to buy phones today?

Obviously, Huawei's nova series has found a new breakthrough in solving the problem of "one machine is the same" – through a more unique and prominent aesthetic design, it demonstrates its own brand imprint and transforms mobile phones into the personal expression of young people. container.

In the long run, using symbolic aesthetics is just a means to establish the "super symbol" image of the four letters nova itself in the minds of users. This may be what Huawei is doing.

As long as we truly win this generation of consumers, we will win the future.

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