How come the emo uncle who dominates the Moments has become the mouthpiece of young people?

"Girl, I want to break into your life."

In the past, this was a greasy behavior, but now it is quite appropriate for a middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man is a Douyin internet celebrity, and his way of getting out of the circle is somewhat inexplicable: a selfie with a face full of sadness and a sad sentence, which has dominated the social circles of young people.

Uninformed netizens secretly speculated whether the middle-aged man was the other party's lost father or a wanted criminal in the country, and they didn't even dare to like it.

"Qin Shihuang unified the six kingdoms, and Wen Huijun unified the circle of friends."

If you have never been in contact with Douyin, you may be confused when you see this. To give a brief introduction, this middle-aged man is called Wen Huijun. He is a driving school instructor in Hebei. He has three accounts on Douyin, with different painting styles.

"Le Anwen Huijun Driver Service Department" does serious business, sharing driving school stories and funny daily life. You think you can get the guide for subject three. In fact, Wen Huijun wants to tell you that there is no one who is not crazy when working part-time.

He was asked by his leader to be on duty, and he hated the students. He passed 8 out of 9 subjects. The only one who failed was his son, but he still had to earn re-examination fees and private tuition fees for his son. His mental state in most videos was "Not normal."

People can't help but wonder: Coach, did our Zihan make you angry too?

"Wen Shen" specializes in earthy dances. Haidilao's "Subject Three" dances as smoothly as Dove. It can be seen that he is completely enjoying it, instead of just blinking after being kidnapped. The fat version of Qin Hao's KTV dance is all about him It's also a little less coquettish in front of me.

"Wen Huijun" posts deep selfies and sad copywriting such as "My life is like walking on thin ice", which is also the source of life in the circle of friends. The young man took his photo and went crazy.

As the saying goes, young people don’t read Water Margin, and old people don’t read Three Kingdoms. Now in the morning, I read "Working" and heard "Huijun", at noon, I read "Local Flavor" and "Huijun", in the evening I read "Sadness" and "Huijun", just like Hu Ge's "morning F, late E": shouting fighting in the morning, Cheer up, emo at night, feeling down.

If one person creates a new media matrix and creates his own universe of emoticons, it’s no wonder that Wen is so popular.

If you can be popular for 15 minutes, you have a chance to get rich overnight. The last top amateur on Douyin was Yu Wenliang, who gained 2 million followers in 10 days and made everyone put aside the "shame of ordinary people". However, due to the collapse of his reputation, he has faded out of people's sight.

Some netizens couldn't help but sigh, "Everyone can be popular, why can't I be popular?" They originally followed the trend, but now they are really sad, and they even regret that there is no such parent. It is important to work hard on your own, but it is more cost-effective to hope that your father will succeed.

Wen Huijun's three accounts combined have more than 6 million fans. Two live broadcasts on December 18 were rewarded with more than 6,000 "carnival coins", which are rumored to be worth more than 8 million, but the amount has not been officially confirmed.

"Daddy" crosses the street, everyone shouts "beat me"

In addition to being able to dance and understand humor, Wen Huijun broke out of the entertainment industry for another important reason: he is not a "dad". At least that's the character.

He called his son a "rebellious son" and wished that his son would leave home to go to school. However, he earned tuition for his son, danced and acted in sitcoms with his son, and read novels in front of his son. Others received pennants with great literary talent, but his pennant only read Got a "6".

His short videos are accompanied by Douyin songs such as "Dinosaurs Fight Wolves", and he uses AI dubbing with the voice of Sun Wukong. He is very familiar with catchphrases such as "Princess, please get in the car" and "Family members, who understands?", and he can even imitate a scholar. , Foshan Dianhan and other Internet celebrities.

▲ Imitate fellow Internet celebrities Xiucai and Foshan Dianhan.

Wen Huijun not only has a common topic with young people, but has also become a common topic among young people. Some netizens said that his TikTok is like the content that this generation of young people will post when they get older.

There are voices of doubt. Sometimes, the plot is too deliberate and the acting is particularly exaggerated, which makes it look like a clown.

An uncle knows so many memes. Netizens speculated that Wen Huijun "had an expert's guidance behind his back," and maybe it was his son. It just so happened that his son's name was "Wen Zihan," which perfectly coincided with the memes of "My Family Zihan."

It doesn't matter if you have a plan. When you go out, your identity is given by yourself. The skin of someone born in the 1970s, the soul of someone born in the 2000s, without the bitter taste of smoking a cigarette in the car after get off work. Netizens affectionately call him "Zhongdeng", which is one less than the less pleasant "Laodeng".

He is different from the traditional father figure played by Fan Wei in "The Long Season". The latter has been a train driver for half his life. He is still persistent in pursuing the truth after being left behind by the times, but sometimes he can be chauvinistic and leave the dough sticks on the plate. There are a few verbose sentences in every sentence.

Teacher Yu Hua, who looks like a "scrawling puppy" and writes about a lot of suffering in his novels, is even more popular than before because of "Budad". Many of his interview quotes have become memes, such as "Death is a cool night" and "Being the first to arrive late on purpose means you are in the right place." He doesn't pretend, he empathizes with young people, and he has the sensitivity and calmness of a writer inside.

In turn, everyone on the Internet in 2023 will be shouting about Dad Wei.

By definition, daddy is a kind of condescending preaching, imposing one's ideas on others, and there seems to be a level gap between the speaker and the receiver.

Former Oriental Selection CEO Sun Dongxu threw his phone in the live broadcast room and threatened to hold a meeting for the audience, but netizens did not eat his rice; Dong Mingzhu of Gree said that money should not be the dream of college students, money is the result, not the purpose, and also suggested legislation to regulate employees Training fees are charged for job hopping, and the sense of oppression makes people shy away.

On the one hand, that's probably what they think. On the other hand, they may not know how to communicate with young people. In the world of Generation Z, "dad taste" is slowly being "reformed" by memes and memes.

Previously, Xiaohongshu had launched a new type of cosplay, which replaced the original picture with a self-portrait of middle-aged and elderly people without beauty, and added a family name in the form of "AAA Building Materials Wholesale Lao Zhang" to imitate the father's speech. The essence is that The punctuation cannot always be used correctly, and a few roses should be included at the end of the sentence.

This kind of daddy is not that daddy. In fact, he is just imitating the speaking habits of middle-aged and elderly people, and the content of his words is also more encouraging. The deliberate imitation brings a comedy effect, and to a certain extent, it is also an empathy for the elders.

Huang Xiaoming, who once said "I don't want what you think, I want what I think" in "Chinese Restaurant" has also learned to restrain himself. When he heard the name of the idol selection program in "Extreme Challenge", he thought it was some two-dimensional language, but In any case, a kind of sincerity expressed by middle-aged people who want to blend in but can't keep up with the rhythm.

Combined with the well-maintained condition, the reputation has now changed from "human oil": "Who can tell that Brother Xiaoming is almost 50?"

Those "Zhongdeng" who are not daddy-minded, you might as well give it another try.

Flowing Internet celebrity, iron-clad emotional endorsement

Generation Z uses memes to eliminate daddy feelings, and they can also use memes to eliminate everything.

You may be wondering why current trends are so lacking in substance. In fact, including Wen Huijun, many of the memes and emoticons that have gone viral this year are all poking at some common emotions under the yin and yang shell.

The algorithm shapes everyone's information cocoon. With different interests, the content they read may also be different, but this also means that everyone can actually find people with the same interests in the cocoon, and there will always be someone who speaks in common with us.

In addition to the Type 16 personality that quickly categorizes personalities, emotions are also sliced ​​into memes. Some people are having fun, while others are looking in the mirror.

You may use "Pensive Arhat" to express your speechlessness, use "Shushu me" to ridicule yourself, use "Are you a monkey" to lament the humbleness of part-time work, use "Capybara" to persuade yourself to calm down, and even be diagnosed as An from "The Legend of Zhen Huan". Ling Rong, because "I really feel that I am exhausted."

You may also have followed various cat and dog bots, treating them as substitutes for furry children, and liked the copywriting "Mom, life is a wilderness."

The spiritual totems of the Internet rise and fall one after another, just like the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead. There is no need for grand narratives or over-exaggeration. These fragmented moments, memes and jokes spread all over the Internet, echoing the sadness and loneliness of life, are already a kind of comfort.

Throughout the ages, reality has been virtual, and emotions have always been common. Li He wrote in "Bitter Days Are Short" that only seeing the cold moon and warm sun frying people's lives, "Westward Journey" said that he was like a dog, and quotes from migrant workers in the Hong Kong drama "Love Between a Boy and a Girl" Screenshots are circulating everywhere, and now the various memes and memes have become a snapshot of the mental state of young people.

However, the current Internet buzzwords are also different from those before. Hot words related to public events seem to be decreasing.

For example, the long-lasting buzzword "beating workers" appeared on Baidu Tieba in 2005, but it only became popular in September 2020 because of the short video "Good morning, beating workers". It was mainly used for self-mockery and reflected the early greed for evil. Hard work, doubts about the meaning of work, and anxiety about class advancement have won widespread resonance.

But many of today’s hot words, emoticons, and amateur Internet celebrities are more invented by self-media, and then first become popular in small circles, mostly ridiculed and complained, becoming more abstract, more fragmented, and more fleeting. .

When the world focuses on the macro, technology develops rapidly, and individuals play a limited role, we will instead grasp the inner emotions of the micro.

In an era of uncertainty, it is even more difficult to find and stick to an ideal job. After get off work, like the male protagonist of "Bouquet of Love", he no longer has enough "cultural stamina" to read, watch movies, play games, and surf the web. It’s also good to have fun with short videos. "Worker" is already an established identity, a faint shadow that hangs over every meme and emoticon.

The ugly IKEA doll was repeatedly tested by employees on the verge of going crazy, and then got out of the circle in Xiaohongshu.

Although the villain Yeon-jin in the Korean drama "Dark Glory" is hateful, her attitude of "Don't blame yourself, blame others" has become a popular clip on Station B.

Loopy, the supporting character of the Korean puzzle comedy cartoon, is a naive little beaver, but now she has become an emotional "female star", performing the young people's "can't complain when they want to complain, dare to be angry but dare not speak", Minso Premium The collaboration was once sold out.

In the workplace and in life, it has become a norm to restrain yourself and "vomit black mud" online. Meme, Loopy, "Kong Yiji who can't take off his long gown", "Langlang Mountain who can't go back", these memes appeared at different times, but they all reflect similar mental states.

I don’t get angry when others are angry, and no one can take care of my body when I am angry. Mature migrant workers have to control their emotions, but emotions are also a business.

Emojis such as Loopy and Ma Ye have already "entered the market", occupying the position of movies, television and games, and co-branded with new tea drinks such as Heytea and Nayuki. They have spread from online to offline, all over the streets and alleys, and are rushing in both directions with more young people.

My colleagues couldn’t help complaining: Each sticker must have a brand logo, and they were afraid they wouldn’t know it was a co-branded product. At this moment, the emotional spokespersons of the workers also seemed to be kidnapped to work. Amateur Internet celebrities make money by tipping, and emoticons make money by IP. In fact, they are all similar routines.

Internet hot spots come and go quickly. They rarely stay popular for a month or even a week, and the routines become stale after seeing them too many times.

However, the truth gained from practice is that Internet celebrities will grow up one after another, but the platform that supports Internet celebrities will not collapse, and the spirit of making jokes will not end. Netizens’ humor cells are strong all year round, and their emotions need to be exported as always. The next "spokesperson" is 80% already on the way.

It is as sharp as autumn frost and can ward off evil disasters. Work email: [email protected]

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