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  • Created a family of "kick not bad", creating a new sustainable hiking boot brand
  • The Chicago company relies on "fermentation" to make "seafood"?
  • Come on, I’m going to chat on this bench
  • The stories of two generations of farmers are written in these two advertisements spanning ten years
  • Another Tomorrow: Restrictions can also bring interesting new discoveries

Created a family of "kick not bad" and created a series of "better bad" boots

 Another inheritance of business

Recently, Erem, a brand dedicated to creating desert hiking boots, brought its first products. They look similar to Timberland's classic yellow boots.

This is not a daily "accident" in the shoe industry. The founder of this new brand is the Swartz family that created Timberland. Moreover, although it looks similar, Erem's products are quite different from Timberland's classic products.

In 1952, Nathan Swartz founded Timberland, the main durable footwear brand-that became Swartz's family business.

Until 2011, Nathan's grandson, then Timberland CEO Jeffrey Swartz, decided to sell the company to VF Corp. However, the most difficult to accept may be Jeffrey's son Noah, who has been fascinated since childhood, thinking that he will become the successor of the family business when he grows up.

After graduating from Noah University, he worked in a number of sustainability-related companies. His concern for sustainability and roots in the shoe industry drove him to found Erem.

He and his father teamed up to create a sustainable version of outdoor boots from scratch.

The two and the manufacturer joined forces to create a rubber outsole incorporating a degradation accelerator, which allowed the material to begin to degrade after 7-14 years. Ordinary rubber will degrade for about 400 years.

Generally speaking, shoes are laminated with thermoplastic adhesive layers and stitched and fixed with polyester thread. Erem abandoned plastic materials and used linen thread to sew the shoes. At the same time, this manufacturing method is also more friendly to the recycling and dismantling of boots.

On the server side, Erem will provide repair and recycling services for the boots. After recycling, the boots will be disassembled into different parts and separated for recycling. But if the customer is too lazy to recycle, the shoes will naturally decompose.

None of our boots are new to the supplier. Although it is not super high-tech, it is very radical for an industry whose main consideration is to save costs.

Jeffrey said. However, for him, it is always easier to build a new brand than to innovate in an old brand, because those supply chains are not easy to change.

The Chicago company relies on "fermentation" to make "seafood"?

 Future Food Adventure

Aqua Cultured Foods, a Chicago food technology company, has launched a series of "fake seafood"-alternative protein ingredients made with fermentation technology.

At present, most of the other plant-based alternative seafood products are in the form of meatloaf or minced meat, while the "fake" shrimp, squid, tuna, and fish fillets created by Aqua have a texture that is closer to the muscles of marine life.

As for the manufacturing method, Aqua called its formula a trade secret, only saying that they used "widely used, reasonably priced, unprocessed organic matter as the basis, and then added a nutrient-rich solution, and added microorganisms and fungi." .

▲ From bacteria to shrimp?

In addition, Aqua claims that its products are free of the top ten allergens, gluten and soy, and are suitable for people who are allergic to seafood and vegetarians.

Recently, Aqua has also cooperated with Switzerland's largest retailer to put its alternative tuna and whitefish meat on the shelves of its supermarkets.

Come on, I’m going to chat on this bench

 ‍♀️ More friendly cities and communities

Even before the epidemic, many media have already stated that "loneliness has become an epidemic," and the epidemic has aggravated this situation.

In response to this problem, the Polish city of Krakow has recently set up a number of green chat benches in the city-these public benches are all written "Happy To Chat" to encourage people Talk to people around you more often.

This design was inspired by the initiator Allison Owen Jones. She once met a man who looked sad and lonely in the park, but she didn't know how to come forward and comfort her to appear unobtrusive.

▲In the beginning, Jones just made his own small sign and put it on the public bench

Later, she started to make some small slogans and put them on the benches in the park, indicating that I was willing to chat with people.

Later, the Polish agency Gadulawka thought this idea was a good idea and applied it to the bench in the public space.

The stories of two generations of farmers are written in these two advertisements spanning ten years

 ‍ The story of sustainability can also be told like this

Ten years ago, Irish animation director Johnny Kelly created an award-winning short film "Back to the Start" for the restaurant chain Chipotle, telling how a farmer escaped from the industrialized breeding model and returned to the organic production method.

( Tencent Video)

At the end of this short film, the family welcomed a new member-the farmer's son.

Ten years later, Kelly collaborated with Chipotle again to create a new animated short film "A Future Begins", which continues to tell the story of the family.

( Tencent Video )

The old farmer’s organic farm encountered many difficulties. The son who went to school in the city finally chose to return to the farm, bringing a variety of innovative technologies to build a new future with his father.

Another Tomorrow: Restrictions can also bring interesting new discoveries

To be sustainable, you really can’t do whatever you want (The world is not your oyster when it comes to sustainability). But the interesting thing is that when you face restrictions, things will also become interesting.

Said Vanessa Barboni Hallik, founder of Another Tomorrow.

In her view, although the number of materials available is limited under strict requirements, it also allows them to focus on exploring their versatility.

The first series of sustainable fashion brand Another Tomorrow only used four materials. Now, the list of materials has slightly expanded-ethically sourced wool, organic cotton, organic linen, recycled cashmere, recycled denim, partially recycled polyester buttons, and buttons made from ivory palm nuts.

We don’t need any materials that require people to harm or kill animals.

For example, most of the wool used by the brand comes from Tasmania, and the person raising the sheep was a climate scientist. The shepherd will not send sheep to slaughter later in their lives.

Another Tomorrow will not use silk either, because part of its production process involves boiling live silkworm cocoons in boiling water.

The three core value pillars of Another Tomorrow are environmental, animal and human impact.

Protecting the lives of those involved in production is also an important task for the brand.

In order to achieve this goal, the brand makes the production chain as short as possible to reduce uncontrollable links and provide reasonable compensation for workers in each link.

When selecting a supplier, in addition to confirming that the cooperating supplier has the same values, the brand will also visit the factory in person to check the quality of the working environment.

In addition, the brand will also provide bonuses to suppliers to support them to provide education support for the most vulnerable women in the apparel industry.

What we want is not to say you can't do this and you can't do that, not for criticism. But just to provide an alternative, this alternative is consistent with the position of many people. It's just that they don't know that there is such a method yet.

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