How a Memory Foam mattress is made and why it is the best-selling type of product today

To date, Memory Foam mattresses are the favorites on the market; it is, in fact, a product that guarantees quality and well-being and that manages to give a better sleep. To date, there are so many types of mattresses available, yet Memory Foam remains the most purchased: this is due to the various advantages it offers, as well as the material from which it is made, much more suitable for making mattresses than the competition. But let's see in detail what the Memory Foam mattress is, how it is made and what are the advantages it can offer.


Memory Foam mattress: what is it and how is it made?

Speaking therefore of the Memory Foam mattress, we can say that the difference lies in the material that composes it: it is a dense polyurethane-based foam to which other substances are then added that shape its density. This material was born thanks to a project launched by NASA: at the end of the 60s the agency wanted to make the astronauts' seats more comfortable and to do this it therefore gave birth to Memory Foam. To date it has become the perfect material for making mattresses, being really very comfortable.

It's called Memory, which in English translates as "memory" , precisely because this mattress retains the memory of the body that you lie down on, in fact, it takes on its shapes and adapts. This happens because the material from which it is made is thermosensitive and uses the heat to make the bed adapt to the shape of the body; moreover, it manages to keep the temperature constant. In addition to this, it distributes body pressure correctly, promoting blood circulation: tingling and "asleep" limbs often due to the rigidity of the mattress are thus avoided. It thus guarantees a much better sleep: this is very important for the health of one's body which benefits a lot from a correct way of sleeping.

Why Memory Foam mattresses are the best sellers of 2022

Memory Foam mattresses were first considered a "niche product", because their cost is certainly higher than the super cheap one of a common spring mattress. Of course, however, the high price is compensated by all the advantages it can offer. The quality/price ratio is in fact optimal: Memory Foam far surpasses all other mattresses both in terms of duration and quality and it is certainly worth spending more to get all the advantages in return. This is why, over time, buyers have increased more and more and to date Memory Foam is the best-selling mattress on the market. Furthermore, it is also possible to buy it at an advantageous price and without having to make compromises: it can be found on the De Mattè Home e-shop , with exceptional offers not to be missed. The quality of sleep begins with the quality of the material on which you lie down.

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