Honor Watch GS 3 Experience: A Slim and Stylish Health Assistant

After a year and three months, the Honor watch product line has finally ushered in an update. This new member is the Honor Watch GS 3, which focuses on fashion and sports health.

In appearance, the Honor Watch GS 3 and MagicWatch 2 are the same. The round dial and the two push-type crowns on the right side look like a family mask.

What we experienced is the "Global Voyage" color scheme. The blue calfskin strap, the blue dial representing the sea, and the world map on the dial reflect the marine culture of the Age of Navigation.

Of course, consumers don't care about the cultural spirit conveyed by design. What we are more concerned about is whether it looks good on the hand and is versatile.

We know that the silver stainless steel watch body not only looks high-quality, but also with any color and material strap, there will be no sense of incongruity. Same goes for clothes.

Therefore, the global voyage color matching of the Honor Watch GS 3 may be the most versatile of the three color matching. The other two watch bodies are black and rose gold respectively, which are relatively individual and a little difficult to control.

Its body is made of 316L stainless steel, a metal commonly used in high-end watches. Corrosion-resistant, high-strength, and not easy to wear allergies.

The front is a piece of 3D curved glass, which is more smoothly connected to the watch body. The advantage is not only that it looks round and smooth, but also that the sliding operation is more convenient.

1.43-inch AMOLED screen, the display area is large enough. The first-level menu page can display 4 pieces of information completely, and the font size is moderate, making it easier to watch.

This screen has five levels of brightness adjustment, with a peak brightness of 1000 nits, which is almost the same level as the Honor flagship Magic V, and can be seen clearly in sunlight. It can even turn on the flashlight function at night as a simple lighting tool.

It is worth mentioning that the thickness of the watch body is well controlled, only about 1 cm. When wearing long-sleeved clothes, you can understand the benefits of a thin and light body, and the foreign body sensation will be much reduced.

The standard blue Nappa top layer calfskin strap is soft and skin-friendly. Can be business or leisure, do not pick clothes. The way to change the strap is also very simple, you can remove it by flipping the buckle on the back. Friends who like sports can prepare an extra silicone strap.

After talking about the appearance, let's take a look at its core functions.

Recording sports health data is almost the reason why everyone convinces their wallet when buying a smartwatch.

Common and commonly used functions such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, and pressure monitoring are available on the Honor Watch GS 3. The experience of the latter three is no different from that of smart watches on the market, and here we focus on heart rate monitoring.

In order to make heart rate monitoring more accurate, the Honor Watch GS 3 uses an 8-channel heart rate AI engine. It may sound cloudy, but in simple terms, there are 8 signal channels on the back of the watch, which are distributed in a circular manner to make the signal collection more comprehensive.

Then, the watch will filter the collected signals through AI fusion technology to filter out "noise", and finally fuse the 8-channel signal into a high-quality heart rate signal to display to the user.

This technology can make heart rate monitoring more accurate during static or exercise, and supports 24-hour low-power automatic monitoring.

In terms of sports monitoring, the Honor Watch GS 3 supports 104 sports modes. Because the watch body supports 5ATM waterproof level, it can be worn in swimming, skiing and other occasions.

After experiencing it, what impressed me the most was its GPS positioning capability.

The first is search star fast. The Honor Watch GS 3 has a built-in independent dual-frequency GPS chip. When the exercise recording is started outdoors, the starting point of the exercise can generally be located within 10 seconds.

The second is positioning. In the process of using it, I found that the small roads and residential quarters I passed through can be accurately recorded. After exercising, you can view the exercise path on the mobile phone, and you can also generate a video to publish a circle of friends with one click to stimulate enthusiasm for exercise.

There is another feature that I am looking forward to, which is the fun skipping rope mode, which requires subsequent OTA upgrades to experience. According to the official introduction, the Honor Watch GS 3 supports high-precision jump rope recognition, and there is a "one-minute mode" for competition, which can play fair games with friends to see who can jump the most in one minute.

Compared with jogging or fitness dance, skipping rope is more efficient in consuming physical energy in aerobic exercise. Perfect for people who are busy, or who, like me, don't want to spend time exercising under the pretext of being busy.

After talking about appearance, sports and health, let's finally take a look at the daily experience.

The battery life of a smartwatch is a matter of happiness. In typical daily scenarios, the Honor Watch GS 3 has a battery life of about two weeks, basically saying goodbye to battery anxiety, but also saying goodbye to the On-Screen Display (AOD) function.

Common functions such as making calls, receiving text messages, and synchronizing mobile app notifications can be experienced on the Honor Watch GS 3. However, messages such as WeChat can only be viewed and cannot be replied.

Honor Watch GS 3 also supports adding NFC access control cards and multiple bus cards, and can intelligently select cards based on transmission protocols. As for the phone, just keep it in your pocket.

In the sports health app on the mobile phone, there are many dials to choose from. The induction heart rate dial was launched for the first time, which is very interesting. In addition, you can customize the exclusive dial through the watch's "one-touch dial" function to create a unique watch.

Downloading third-party apps also requires the Sports Health app. There are currently a total of 24 third-party applications available for download, covering life, transportation, entertainment and other types.

For example, my commonly used "drinking time" can remind and record the amount of water I drink every day. The "Focus List" can help me focus on the task at hand and improve my work efficiency.

During the experience, I also bound and tested the Honor Watch GS 3 with other brands of Android phones, and did not find any functions that were castrated. That is to say, whether you are a user of Honor mobile phone or not, you can get a good experience.

In general, the Honor Watch GS 3 priced from 1299 yuan (the version experienced in this article is 1499 yuan) can be summed up with these keywords: exquisite, thin and professional.

Sophistication is the self-cultivation of smart watches, making it enough to become the scenery on the wrist and the embellishment of clothing. Thin and light brings a better wearing experience, and people are willing to wear it to monitor health data when exercising or sleeping.

Professional refers to its performance in sports and health. The 8-channel heart rate AI engine, independent dual-frequency GPS chip, and HONOR Health 5.0 solution are all "professional certificates" of GS 3.

However, the inability to reply to WeChat, SMS, and no eSIM is a foreshadowing of the Honor Watch GS 3 for future generations.

According to the latest research data from IDC, in the third quarter of 2021, the shipment of adult smartwatches in my country was 4.75 million units, an increase of only 4.7% year-on-year.

This shows the lack of vitality of the smart watch market, and it is urgent for more manufacturers to actively exert their efforts and make further subdivisions in terms of functional scenarios and prices.

The late but late Honor Watch GS 3 gives consumers a fashionable choice among the few smartwatches in the thousand-yuan range.

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