Honor Magic 2021, the first in the world with customized Snapdragon 888

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Since its official detachment from Huawei , there are rumors of the collaboration between Honor and Qualcomm . No longer having to suffer the ax of the US ban, the former sub-brand can walk on its own legs and make commercial deals with any entity. And since we can no longer rely on the HiSilicon division for chipset supplies, it will be essential to enter into agreements with the various reference chipmakers. One of these is MediaTek , with which the company has already collaborated for the construction of an Honor V40 with Dimensity 1000+.

Update 03/04 : after throwing the gauntlet to Huawei, we discover new details on the hardware sector of Honor Magic 2. Find everything at the bottom of the article.

Honor is about to embrace the Snapdragon 888 with the Magic series

If before they were only rumors, Qualcomm has then publicly confirmed that it is working to find an agreement with Honor. For the moment nothing specific is known yet, but the mind immediately went to its possible use of the Snapdragon 888. It must also be said that the problems of SoC shortage could make us desist from this hypothesis, but from China they continue to get news to that effect. Even the leaker Teme, always very informed on the Huawei / Honor theme, would have confirmed that Honor will use both Google services and the Snap 888.

snapdragon 888

Initially it was assumed that from this new partnership a new version of Honor V40 could come out for the Global markets, therefore with Snapdragon 888. Also because today this top of the range continues to be in hiding, despite two months have already passed since its launch. official . In reality, the story may be different, as new rumors speak of a new flagship with Snapdragon 888 for the month of July . Sources from China seem to point to this model as being part of the Honor Magic series. A family of top of the range that is orphaned of a new exponent from 2019, the year of the launch of the last Honor Magic 2 .

Honor Magic 3: top specifications and “iconic” design

After the first news reported about the existence of a top-of-the-range Honor after V40 , this time the leaker RODENT950 reported that Honor Magic 3 will not only be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 , but also with a perforated display with selfie camera punch-hole, but also a design inspired by the Magic line up. As for the release date, Teme pronounces indicating July 2021 as the indicative period, so in the summer we will find out if it will be presented with the other top range smartphones pre-announced in another leak, including the foldable Honor Magic X.

Honor Magic aims to surpass the top Huawei | Update 19/03

The campaign of rumors and teasers continues towards the launch of the awaited Honor Magic series, today more important than ever. Since Honor has disconnected from Huawei and no longer has to submit to the impositions of the US ban, there is an air of challenge between the two. On the one hand, a Huawei that is beating a retreat, to the point that the P50 series may not come out of China . On the other, an Honor that can now return to its old glories, after two years in which the company has practically disappeared from radar in the West. It must be said that two months have passed since the launch of Honor V40 and a Global version of it, there are still few traces .

Honor Magic 2
Honor Magic 2

In view of possible implications, the CEO Honor has taken the ball to reaffirm the advantageous position compared to the former parent company. According to his claims, the Honor Magic family will surpass the Huawei P and Mate series . A goal that is not impossible but still ambitious: in the West the two Huawei series are very famous and above all well received by the public. The same cannot be said for the Honor Magic series, younger but above all much less widespread than the top of the Huawei range.

It is certain that Huawei will struggle to introduce its next top of the range in the western market. On the contrary, the collaboration with Qualcomm should allow Honor to regain some slice of the market, but it will not be easy. Recall that for these brands it is very important to settle in the mid-range, the most profitable one. And to date, Honor’s latest mid-range smartphones in Europe are the now-past 9X and 9X Pro.

The Snap 888 of Honor Magic 2 will be “unique” | Update 03/04

There are serious intentions for the refresh of the Honor Magic series coming in 2021. We have already known for some time that Honor is collaborating with Qualcomm for the integration of the Snapdragon 888 on the next top of the range. But the leaker Teme goes further, specifying that a customized variant of this SoC will be adopted for the occasion.

It is very difficult for SoCs like Qualcomm and MediaTek to be presented in a different guise from the standard one. Given their conformation, it is almost impossible to get your hands on them. According to the leaker’s statements, a version of the Snapdragon 888 optimized in HiSilicon sauce will be used for the new Honor Magic. It is not yet specified what this means, but Teme is keen to let people know that it will be ” the best Snap 888 around “.