Honor 70 Pro+ first launch experience: it is a new journey for the Honor digital series

In less than a year, the Honor digital series has completed two generations of updates.

The positioning of the Honor 50 and Honor 60 series has become clear, one is to open a gap with the flagship Magic series, and the other is to focus on trend design and Vlog video imaging.

Simply put, Honor’s digital series has begun to focus on the preferences of young people, and with the Magic series, Honor products can reach a wider audience.

With the substantial increase in market share, the "Super Cup" of the Honor digital series has returned, with the same clear purpose, which is a segment for the mid-to-high-end market.

When I experience the Honor 50 Pro and Honor 60 Pro, I prefer them to be a routine upgrade and enhancement, and this time the fully equipped Honor 70 series is a "new generation upgrade".

The main points of the upgrade lie in the first release of the IMX800 outsole sensor, the first digital series supported by the HONOR Image Engine computing imaging platform of the Magic series, and the configuration of the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 flagship chip.

In this way, the appearance of the Honor 70 Pro+ super cup makes the highlights of the Honor digital series not only limited to the trendy design and unique features of Vlog, but more like a "comprehensive" flagship product.

Twice a year, after clarifying the positioning of the product line and securing the mid-to-high-end market, it returned to the "combination" of the medium cup, the large cup and the super large cup, and the Honor digital series began a new cycle of "siege the city".

The first IMX800 outsole sensor

Standing at the crossroads of "computational photography", manufacturers are more keen on the evolution of image algorithms, and put the replacement of sensors as a secondary requirement.

In recent years, many products are mostly based on old sensors and new algorithms, and more are based on the tone and speed.

▲ Image sensor.

However, the physical-level advantages brought by the "outsole sensor" are difficult to fully calculate with algorithms, such as physical-level blur, the amount of incoming light, the signal-to-noise ratio, and so on.

Relatively speaking, the outsole sensor is as important as the excellent image algorithm. In terms of imaging, it is not yet the time when the algorithm decides everything. The physical advantages of the sensor are like basic skills, and the algorithm is the "icing on the cake".

The Honor 70 Pro+ is such a combination. The main camera is the first Sony IMX800. It has 54 million pixels and a 1/1.49-inch area. It supports "four-in-one" pixels, equivalent to 2μm large pixel size.

In order to allow the Honor 70 Pro+ to give full play to the strength of the IMX800 sensor, the Honor Digital Series also supports the Honor Image Engine computing imaging platform of the original Magic flagship series for the first time.

The HIE computing imaging platform, in simple terms, processes information directly from the RAW domain, rather than the traditional YUV domain, and can relatively obtain better straight-out image quality.

In addition to the main camera, the entire Honor 70 series is also equipped with a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle macro lens (approximately 13mm focal length). (approximately 79mm focal length).

Among them, the 3x mid-telephoto lens is also equipped with OIS optical image stabilization, for the filming rate in low light conditions.

In fact, these three lenses are enough to cover almost 90% of the shooting subject matter. As for further scenes, if the demand is reduced, a 10x crop is still enough to share on social networks.

▲ Main camera.

▲ 10x hybrid zoom.

The configuration and specifications of the three-focal segment of the Honor 70 Pro+ imaging system are at the same level, and even compared with the flagship with a higher positioning, it is still not at a disadvantage, and even has some advantages.

Returning to the actual experience, for ordinary users, it can still complete the task of producing films at will, and for some advanced or enthusiast users, it is also a suitable creation tool.

The 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle also takes into account the "macro" function. When the Honor 70 Pro+ judges that it is close to the object, it will automatically switch and supplement it with a prompt, which is not unusual.

However, at the same time as the prompt, the "Cancel" option will also be given, giving a "choice" without worrying about the AI ​​transition intervening in the shooting.

▲ Main camera.

▲ 3x medium telephoto.

▲ Main camera.

▲ 3x medium telephoto.

▲ Ultra wide-angle macro.

On the whole, the static tone of the Honor 70 Pro+ tends to be "serious", and more inclined to the real color, which is very attractive.

▲ In low light indoors, the main camera.

▲ In the evening, the color control of the sunset at 3x medium telephoto is very calm.

▲ Main camera.

▲ The main camera in extreme low light has high purity.

Starting from the Honor 50 series, Vlog has been the main function of the Honor digital series. Different from the professional video function of the Magic series, Vlog is more inclined to the daily records of ordinary users.

Therefore, convenient and handy recording has always been the general direction of the update of the Vlog function of the Honor digital series. The Honor 50 series brought "three cameras with recording", while the Honor 60 series introduced "space gestures", and the Honor 70 series solved the pain point of how to lock the protagonist.

The Vlog protagonist mode of the Honor 70 Pro+ is actually the principle of multi-mirror recording, which is the first record for Honor. One shot will generate two clips, one is a normal perspective, and the other is through the AI ​​portrait algorithm to focus and center the character, so that you can make flexible choices during post-editing, and supports dual high-definition, dual beauty, and dual defense. shake.

▲ In the crowd, the selected face can still be tracked.

In fact, in the Vlog protagonist mode, the recognition of the portrait is very accurate, even if it is cropped to 2 times or under the ultra-wide angle, it can still recognize and generate a matching video.

As mentioned above, the Vlog functions of the Honor digital series are very rich, enough to complete the recording of daily scenes, and greatly simplify the threshold for Vlog shooting and creation, which is similar to the previous still photos. Participate in, and then quickly popularize to the public.

▲ The advantages of CMOS outsole, physical-level blurring.

The Honor digital series maintains a clear mind on static images, and the physics and algorithms evolve together, bringing image power that does not lose to mainstream or even flagship products.

In the field of dynamic video, while the hardware performance is improving, it is also constantly thinking about and solving the pain points of ordinary people shooting Vlogs, and it also has a very clear direction.

What is the effect of Dimensity 9000 with Turbo X technology?

The Honor 50 series and Honor 60 series do not have Pro+ super cups. They are more inclined to the mid-to-high-end market, so they are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series mid-to-high-end SoCs.

In the Honor 70 series, which is not limited to the "mid-to-high-end" market, the flagship Dimensity 9000 SoC is used on its super-sized Honor 70 Pro+.

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 can be said to be the flagship SoC with the strongest comprehensive strength in the first half of 2022. Relatively speaking, it has a better energy efficiency ratio, with medium and low loads, and has better durability, while under high loads, it has enough performance release.

This is also more consistent with the actual experience of the Honor 70 Pro+. In addition, the Honor 70 Pro+ is not only equipped with a flagship SoC, but also has the blessing of Turbo X technology, including OS Turbo X and GPU Turbo X of the system, whether it is for daily use or scenes that require extreme performance, there are targeted optimizations.

In the Honor 70 series, the big cup and the super cup are equipped with the MediaTek platform, while the medium cup is the Qualcomm platform. With the blessing of Turbo X technology, both platforms have been deeply tuned, and finally presented a more consistent user experience.

In "Genshin Impact", after turning on the performance mode, the whole process rarely sees a freeze. More often, the frame rate will drop significantly only when the texture increases and the wild monsters are refreshed.

In the process of brushing the picture, the heat of the Honor 70 Pro+ is concentrated on the right side of the camera, which is the position of the SoC, but when it is held horizontally, the fingers rarely touch, and the temperature rise of the frame after prolonged contact is acceptable. In the range.

In "Honor of Kings" with a lighter load, turning off the performance mode can still achieve a full frame rate of close to 120fps in a long-term battle.

▲ Where there are large fluctuations, most of them are "death", and the loading of a new round is waiting, and the stability of the game is very high.

More importantly, at a very high frame rate, the rendering effect of the Honor 70 Pro+ screen is better. Simply put, the lines and colors of the canyons and heroes are more vivid and delicate. Relatively speaking, there is a gap of one eye. .

In addition, after matching the flagship SoC, the Honor 70 Pro+ is also actively adapting to the high frame rate mode of more mainstream mobile games, such as "Peace Elite", "League of Legends", etc. will be provided in the future. 90fps option.

It seems that the future Honor digital series will also have the potential to become an e-sports mobile phone that focuses on "performance".

Aside from the game scene, in daily use, the smoothness of the Honor 70 Pro+ system also has certain advantages due to the blessing of Turbo X.

In the case of frequent WeChat information pushes, the Honor 70 Pro+ has almost no lag in the process of switching between multiple groups, and the control is very easy to follow. As well as Magic UI 6 animation, there is not too much redundancy and sloppy water.

The Honor 70 Pro+ has a built-in 4500mAh battery. With the high energy efficiency of the Dimensity 9000 SoC and the optimization of Turbo X technology, it is enough to complete a day's battery life (4 hours of bright screen).

In addition, the standard 100W fast charging power of the Honor 70 Pro+ is also enough to quickly replenish energy in a short period of time. Surprisingly, the 100W charging head of the Honor 70 Pro+ has also been miniaturized, even lighter than the 100W GaN, and there is no extra burden to carry around.

▲ Left: 100W GaN charging head, right: Honor 100W charging head.

In the past, the system and performance of Honor's digital series had a relatively consistent performance and experience, but on the Honor 70 Pro+, it showed the same level as the flagship. This may be partly due to the use of the Dimensity 9000 SoC. But in the final analysis, I am more convinced that it is the result of deep tuning of Turbo X technology.

The design concept of "light" makes the body recognizable

The biggest feature of the appearance of the Honor digital series is not the "four-curved" body design, but the "light" design concept.

The light design concept, in fact, is well understood, that is to use light from different angles to present a back cover of different colors and stripes. The design concept of this Honor digital series has continued from the Honor 50 series to the current Honor 70 series.

▲ Honor 60 Pro.

Correspondingly, the complexity of its process and the way of presentation are increasing with the change of products. The Honor 50 series may just be a change between the same colors, while the Honor 60 series combines gradients with crystal diamond color craftsmanship.

The Honor 70 series also uses the superposition of the two processes, but compared with the Honor 60, the changes of the back are somewhat regular, adding diamond texture and starry sky embellishment.

In terms of feel, the Honor 70 Pro+ is more delicate, and it is not easy to leave fingerprints. Visually, the rhombus texture intertwined with light and dark has different presentation methods at different angles, and the entire back cover will also show seven colors under the change of light. light.

The whole is complex and orderly. Relatively speaking, while the individuality is stronger, it also becomes calm and restrained.

In addition to the back cover process, the camera module of the Honor 70 Pro+ also has a new design style. It is no longer a "double ring", but adds a bit of complexity on this basis, introducing a "fan-shaped" symmetry, three lenses Among them is the flash.

However, the Honor 70 Pro+ weakens the ring element again, and the presentation of the camera module has also become "simple".

If the appearance of the Honor 60 series is a little "feminine", the Honor 70 series has returned to a neutral style, and the design language has become refined and sophisticated.

Combined with Honor's classic "four-curved" body design, the Honor 70 Pro+ is more refined. It is derived from the classic style, and some innovations have been added to introduce a fully symmetrical four-curved design. It can be said that the design has undergone a self-upgrade and innovation.

Except for the back cover, the front of the Honor 70 Pro+ is not much different from the previous one. It is still a punch-hole screen in the middle. The screen size is maintained at 6.78 inches "drill row" OLED screen with a resolution of 2652×1200, ppi to 429, font and UI. Delicate enough in appearance.

At the same time, this screen also supports 100% P3 color gamut and 1.07 billion color display, and has been certified by HDR10+. With dual speakers, the audio and video experience has maintained a consistent level.

The middle frame of the fuselage is still balanced, and the front and back of the fuselage have a symmetrical 58° arc, with the same visual and tactile look and feel.

In the generation of the Honor 70 series, Honor has not stopped thinking and innovating on design style, craftsmanship and "beauty", and is still exploring unique trendy designs.

In less than two years, the design style of the Honor digital series has been continuously improved, and the expression of beauty has also been upgraded from a simple gradient to a "light" design concept, and on this basis, it has been constantly changing and self-refreshing. And the design style it presents is gradually becoming an aesthetic "business card" of the Honor digital series.

The beginning of a new journey of the Honor Digital Series

When describing the Honor 60 Pro, I think it is more perceptual, focusing on aesthetic design and Vlog experience.

It was also the two "specializations" of the Honor digital series at that time. Indeed, focusing on aesthetics and trends, the needs of the new generation such as Vlog can quickly make it meet the needs of young groups.

The market is diverse, and so is the demand. With precise positioning, the first two generations of Honor digital series quickly won the favor of the corresponding user groups.

But in addition to these two major needs, it is the market that the Honor digital series has not yet touched, and it is also the main focus of the so-called "new journey".

While adhering to the beautiful design and expanding the Vlog function, the Honor 70 series has the same hardware specifications as the flagship, which makes its competitiveness tend to be rational.

The flagship chip and the launch of the new IMX800 sensor make the positioning of the super-sized Honor 70 Pro+ more "compound".

It can be aimed at young people who pursue aesthetic design and need good Vlog function, and can also provide product performance with high performance and comprehensive imaging power.

To this end, while introducing higher specification hardware, it also introduced the HONOR Image Engine computing imaging platform and Turbo X technology, which highlights the comprehensive experience.

Insight into the needs of young people is the consistent pursuit of the Honor digital series. The Honor 50 and 60 series have grasped the trend of Vlog creation, while the new generation of Honor 70 series has begun to move towards "comprehensive".

While the Honor 70 series continues to move forward with the goal of building an industry benchmark for aesthetics, it also begins to move towards new demands, bringing better performance experience and still image performance.

It is not only a revolution in the Honor digital series, but also the beginning of a new journey.

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