Home security: the most modern technological solutions

Domestic thefts continue to be a very real threat in our country, and although the trend is improving, there is absolutely no need to feel safe. This is what emerges by viewing the statistics presented by Istat, the national statistical institute, relating to crimes committed in Italy in the last 5 years. Let's see home security and the most modern technological solutions.

The data on domestic thefts in Italy presented by Istat

home security technology solutions

By carrying out a specific research regarding domestic thefts, whose data can be viewed in detail a this link of the official website of the institution, you immediately notice how the total number of these crimes is decreasing .

It is certainly positive that the figure relating to these data has steadily decreased over the last 5 years: as can be seen from the Istat website, in fact, domestic thefts were 234,726 in 2015, 214,053 in 2016, 195,824 in 2017 and 191,374 in 2018.

In 2019, which is the most recent year for which the data is known, there was a further and rather important decline , with 165,329 domestic thefts.

Although, as mentioned, the trend has been channeled towards a positive direction, it is clear that the figures still cause concern , also in consideration of the fact that domestic thefts are massively present in all regions, from North to South, including the islands.

It is also necessary to underline that Istat refers, in its official statistics, only to the episodes for which a complaint was lodged, which is why it is to be expected that the figures presented should be seen upwards, also including any thefts that have not been reported.

Technology can be of great help in protecting the home

In light of this, it is clear that home security must be a priority, and from this point of view the technological world can represent more than just a help.

Today you can refer to many different proposals to be able to secure your home, and it must also be emphasized that the average price of "tech" security systems has decreased in recent years, although performance has definitely improved.

Among so many solutions you are spoiled for choice and before identifying the most suitable option for your home it may be useful to inquire about web portals that provide technological solutions and authoritative guides , such as ChimeraRevo .

Home security and technological solutions: some modern and effective ideas for home security

home security technology solutions

If we talk about the latest generation of home security systems, we can only immediately think of the world of home automation .

Many of the most modern systems, in fact, can be managed and controlled directly online, therefore using a smartphone or other mobile device, and this is really a great prerogative.

This obviously cancels any geographical distance, which means that you can have your home perfectly under control even while you are on the other side of the world.

Other very interesting solutions are those that involve technological systems that have now become part of the everyday life of many people, namely Alexa or Amazon Echo : by configuring these devices and associating them with the same sensors and other technological products, they can become anti-theft systems of undisputed effectiveness.

Another interesting "gem" to make your home safer also corresponds to smoke alarms , devices that, in the event of an alarm being activated, fill the interior with a thick blanket of smoke that eliminates visibility and therefore makes it impossible. the continuation of the criminal act by the criminals.

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