High-speed rail milk tea is online, but isn’t it as fragrant?

Recently, China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. launched the "High-speed Rail Milk Tea", which is made on the train and named "The Girl". The image of the female high-speed rail catering crew is printed on the package.

▲ Picture from: China Railway

"That Girl" has four teas, namely Qingxue Jasmine Fruit Tea, Golden Lanka (Hong Kong Style) Original Milk Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, and Red Bean Milk Tea. This series of milk tea was launched in mid-October this year and is currently being produced and sold on all high-speed rail trains in Hunan and Guangdong under the charge of Guangzhou Bureau Group Company, with an average of 3,000 cups sold every day.

▲ Picture from: China Railway

The high-speed rail milk tea was inspired by the Hong Kong-style milk tea made in the carriages last year. On October 1, 2020, CCTV "Sit on the high-speed rail to see China" broadcast CCTV reporters tasting milk tea on the high-speed rail; before the high-speed rail milk tea went online, Guangzhou The EMU catering company specializes in training courses to teach flight attendants how to make milk tea.

▲ Picture from: China Railway

In order to reach as many people as possible, high-iron milk tea reduces the concentration and sugar content of tea. The person in charge of Guangzhou EMU Catering Company said:

We hope to give some cultural tourism symbols to the high-speed rail to make its image more three-dimensional. When passengers think of the high-speed rail, they think, wow! The high-speed rail milk tea is very good.

It is good to have milk tea on the high-speed rail, but this milk tea has a lot of negative feedback.

Passengers who have experienced high-speed rail milk tea feel that the price of 26 yuan for a cup is low, "it’s not as good as a packet of tea bags"; some netizens even pointed out that the ingredient list of high-speed rail milk tea is divided into black tea concentrate, milk powder packet and liquid sugar packet. , Is a brewed beverage.

Some netizens think that the use of female flight attendants in packaging is incomprehensible, and it is better to print cultural and tourism symbols such as scenic spots and city landmarks, or anti-fraud knowledge, missing children and other information that needs to be disseminated.

Some netizens also found the name weird. "It doesn't seem to be a problem to call that girl, but it is inexplicably awkward." "To be honest, the four characters of India-China high-speed rail are better than this."

▲Picture from: China Railway

However, the high-speed rail selling milk tea is indeed a good decision. In recent years, tea shops such as Xiaodian, Michelle Ice City, Tea Yanyue Se, Hey Tea, Naixue's tea, large and small milk tea shops have opened all over the country. The high-speed rail itself is like a link, involving vast land and mountains and rivers, and vomiting thousands of passengers.

It can be said that the high-speed rail milk tea occupies a golden position in the flow, and unlike the milk tea shops on the ground, which need to pay high rent and marketing costs.

It seems difficult for people on the road to refuse a cup of freshly made milk tea at a speed of about 300 kilometers per hour, if it can be more cost-effective.

▲ Picture from: China Railway

According to Qixinbao, Guangzhou EMU Catering Co., Ltd. is 50% owned by Yishi Zongheng Co., Ltd., while Yishi Zongheng Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caesars Yishi Holding Co., Ltd., and the parent company of Caesars Yishi is A-share. Caesars Travel, a listed company.

According to the Daily Economic News, Caesars Tourism's catering business revenue in 2020 was 469 million, a year-on-year decrease of 56.65%. Caesars Tourism stated at the end of August that based on the current epidemic situation, it is expected that the performance in 2021 will not be able to return to the pre-epidemic level, but there will be a greater degree of improvement compared to 2020.

Therefore, the launch of high-speed rail milk tea may also be a self-help for the railway catering business in the post-epidemic era.

▲ Picture from: China Railway

Although the high-speed rail milk tea needs improvement, it can be regarded as enriching the high-speed rail menu. In the past, the aroma of instant noodles was often floating in the aisles of the carriages, and the staff pushing the small dining trolleys were selling boxed lunches, some of which were not cheap and not tasty. But now there are more options for eating and drinking on the high-speed rail.

▲ Singing songs while eating hot pot.

In July 2011, the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway sold freshly brewed coffee for the first time for a cup of 10 yuan. But because of the lack of time, freshly ground coffee is not ground in the car. Instead, the coffee beans are ground into coffee powder and brought to the car through vacuum packaging. The trained caterers add pure water to make the coffee according to strict scales. , One pot can be boiled in 10 minutes, and one pot can hold 10 cups. Passengers can choose whether to add sugar and creamer according to their preferences.

On July 11, 2017, the China Railway Corporation announced that, starting from July 17, passengers travelling on EMU trains with prefixes G and D can make reservations for trains supplied by the 12306 website and mobile apps. For meals, you can also order social brand meals that meet the food business license conditions along the way, but you need to order the meals together when you buy the ticket.

▲ High-speed rail takeaway. Picture from: China Railway

On August 29, 2019, the handheld high-speed rail app officially launched the "High-speed rail ordering" service, covering EMU trains with prefixes G and D across the country. Passengers can not only choose self-service meals and takeaways in the dining car, but also reserve special meals at stops along the way. You only need to place an order 1 hour in advance to order a takeaway.

According to China Railways, the Zhangjihuai high-speed rail and the Ganshen high-speed rail will be opened soon. By then, passengers will enjoy the "gift version of high-speed rail milk tea" on the train. It is hoped that the railway side can appropriately refer to the opinions of netizens, so that passengers can enjoy the "tip of the tongue" on more trains and more stations.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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