Hi Tea and Nai Xue co-branded “Meng Hua Lu”, but the modern tea brewed by “Zhao Pan’er” is a bit pitted

Grandpa's tea has a taste called home.

The tea that Lu Yu brewed, I heard that neither fame nor fortune would be taken.

Many years ago, I heard Jay Chou's "The Tea Made by Grandpa", and some people shared their professional knowledge of music rhythm and analyzed the emotions and philosophy contained in music. But now, when they hear this song again, most people will have a question – what does the tea that Pan'er brews taste like?

Zhao Paner, a well-known performer of Tea Hundred Operas, has become a real top-notch in the tea circle with an ancient costume idol drama "Meng Hualu".

▲ Dream Hualu

You don't necessarily know Grandpa and Lu Yu, but you must know Zhao Paner, who makes tea and falls in love on TV every day. As you look at it, you are thinking, what does the half-covered perilla drink, green phoenix marrow, and dragon and phoenix tea taste like.

Hey Tea said that since you can't drink 100% of the Song Dynasty tea, it is better to drink some new tea inspired by the play.

We also bought it for the first time to experience "Pan'er's Tea".

Zhao Paner "invests" in HEYTEA and gives you 7 patterns for ordering tea

If you tell your mother that you have started drinking basil, your mother will definitely think that when you grow up, she will find a healthy tea that she thinks is not good to drink.

In Volume 9 of "Medical Inventions", Zisu Yinzi has the effect of treating deficiency of the spleen and lung and coughing with excessive phlegm, but it is made from perilla leaves, mulberry white skin, green skin, schisandra, almond, ephedra, licorice, and dried tangerine peel. Yinzi, you might call it Chinese medicine.

▲ The perilla drink in the play

In HEYTEA, "Zi Su Yinzi" is more of a drink recommended by Zhao Paner.

The perilla leaves are boiled to make perilla water, and then match with the season's peaches, and make smoothies with luyan. This is "Perilla Powder Peach Drink".

The tea drink inspired by "order tea" in the play, milk + matcha, classic cheese topping, matcha powder can make 7 patterns, and even can write Zhao Paner's "Pan" word, this is "Menghua Tea Xi· order tea".

▲ Two HEYTEA co-branded tea drinks

In terms of appearance, they have reached the average level of HEYTEA tea, and they are not ugly, and some people even think that the color matching looks good.

The tea order has a classic white and green color scheme, and the pink peach drink is richer in color. Although some people think that the bottom is like tomato egg drop soup, the overall pink tone still reminds people of the phrase "pink beauty" in the play.

There are also careful thoughts in the details. The tea room opened by the characters Zhao Paner and her sisters in the play is called a half-covered face, so HEYTEA also made a "half-covered face" on the sticker.

The original Menghualu stickers can be torn apart, and you can see the interactive stickers of the original IP and HEYTEA when you tear them apart, which is a bit more interesting.

In terms of price, these two teas are priced at 15 yuan and 19 yuan, which are not too expensive compared to other HEYTEA drinks.

Just ordering a cup of tea, you can only choose the classic dusting option. Compared with the purchase in the store, you can choose the word "hope" for dusting, and the theme store can even choose two limited dusting patterns, which is a bit regrettable.

If you are a big fan of the series, then go to the theme store > order in store > takeaway.

However, most people may be similar to the Office of Playthings, and click it just to join in the fun.

▲ Order tea in the play

"Hope's Tea", is it delicious?

As for the question of whether it is good to drink or not, the basic answer given by everyone is that it is ok.

But at the same time, everyone also feels that this drink is not highly related to the IP itself except for the packaging.

0g: Very ordinary peach-flavored tea, without any perilla flavor (only a perilla leaf floats on it), I ordered sugar-free, and the taste is even more bland.

Pikachu: Why is there root coriander?

0g: That's perilla leaves!

Pikachu: The leaf of this perilla promotional image is outside the cup, but because the takeaway was suppressed and pressed inside the cup, the sense of atmosphere is gone, the sense of existence is lower, and the soul is gone.

▲ Perilla leaves

Zhiqi: I can't finish this cup of matcha, it's so greasy, only matcha lovers will like it. The matcha milk tea has a thick milk cover on top, and there is a layer of powder on the milk cover. It is really half-covered with a pipa, and there is still another side when you open it… Song Dynasty tea?

sage: This matcha lover ordered a little sweet and thought it was delicious, but it was not of the type that was extremely delicious. There is no "hope" word for dusting, and I feel a little less.

Pan'er's Tea Hundred Operas can't climb high, Sanniang's fruit makes people sigh

But don't be too sorry, we can comfort ourselves that what we are drinking now is the half-covered version of the 21st century's new tea drink, which is similar to the half-covered face that people in the Song Dynasty drank.

After all, the starvation marketing strategy of half-masked at the beginning made people feel very familiar.

▲ The tea shop of the heroine Menghualu was also a new consumption at that time

It also reminds us that the selection of raw materials and the innovation of tea drinks by the new tea brand is also a dimensionality reduction blow for other milk tea shops.

As the beneficiaries of the mouthfeel and the victims of the wallet in this wave of dimensionality reduction, everyone feels the same way.

What's more, if you really go back to the Song Dynasty and want to taste 100% authentic tea fruit, not to mention whether the taste is acceptable, your wallet may be a little too high.

Why is Pan'er's Tea Hundred Opera so amazing? Because it is not so easy to see, and it is not so easy to taste.

Tea hundred operas are popular because of the respect of Song Huizong, court ministers, and literati. These people are not bad for money, they want style.

▲ The drama was also promoted with Chabaixi. Picture from: @茶白秀传人

Because of this, this kind of skill of Qingshui painting Danqing is not available everywhere, and it is even rarer to be able to paint beautifully. If Pan'er's Tea Hundred Opera is really commendable, then once the price comes out, it is estimated that everyone can only watch it.

We are customers who drink tea directly. Ordering tea or something is too high-end and time-consuming (money) for us.

Although Pan'er's Tea Baixi is very expensive, we can still afford Sanniang's fruit.

▲ The fruit in Sanniang's drama is very popular

After all, the fruit is not only for a certain group of people to eat, but a real delicacy for the public. For example, Bijian Bean Cake, Xiaochunfeng, Wan Genghong, Taoyao, Chun Shuisheng that appeared in the play… Just hearing the name makes me feel elegant and beautiful, and the taste is also good.

In fact, the fruits of the Song Dynasty were rich and varied, not only sweet, but also salty, and even a mixture of sweet and salty. If it has been passed down to today, it must be the same as Douhua, which can set off a controversy over whether to eat sweet or salty.

It's a pity that there is nothing, because very few of the fruits of the Song Dynasty have been passed down to today, so the fruits in the play are even more like wagashi that traveled across the ocean to Japan and integrated local aesthetic customs.

▲ The flower shape of many fruits in the play is more like wagashi

The fruits of the Song Dynasty are more in line with the old-fashioned aesthetics. The food seal patterns are mostly auspicious paintings, while the fruits are mostly flowers, fruits, plants and other shapes, and the taste is more plain.

In an interview with the media, the dim sum consultant of the crew also shared some production ideas and demonstrated how to make them in person. At that time, some people discovered that her production tool was the production tool of wagashi, and Chinese pasta prefers to use scissors and chopsticks. Tools are useless.

Thinking of this, it still makes me feel a little sad.

The food of the past is no longer coming, and now the Menghualu is crazy

It's a pity, but is "Menghualu" a bit too much of a joint name?

The front foot just ordered HEYTEA, and the back foot HEYTEA's "dead enemy" Nai Xue also announced a joint name with "Menghualu".

This is the first time I have seen such a direct fight between the two!

It is not a similar fruit, but an IP joint name. It is rare for this kind of IP to authorize two "friends" of the same category at the same time, and customers will naturally come up with it for comparison.

Customers here say that the HEYTEA joint name is like the ace single product, Zhizhi Peach Peach and Perilla Leaf, and the color of Nai Xue's tea Xuantu drink is also reminiscent of its well-received Yangmei series. Although Nai Xue has not announced what it is, it is already very exciting. After all, no matter how you think about it, you know that the brand does not want to be compared.

Not only Hey Tea and Nai Xue, "Meng Hua Lu" also linked more than 13 well-known Hanfu brands to help "bring goods" on the promotional pages around the launch. Taking advantage of the popularity of ancient costume idol dramas, Hanfu, which costs 1,000 yuan, has attracted another wave of attention, but in the past, you could only wrap your body in a quilt as an ancient costume, and now there are mature brands that are well designed.

There are also common peripheral forms such as bookmarks, badges, fans, parasols, necklaces, keychains, and aromatherapy, which took advantage of the finale.

The official even went on the stage to sell peripheral lucky bags, with a friendly price of 19.8 a piece, and sold more than 2,000 in the blink of an eye.

Speaking of this, I can actually understand the intention of "Meng Hualu" with one IP and two licenses. When the drama is on fire, everything can be sold. If everyone has a new favorite TV series, they will become "old people" and can only go on the road of discount sales. Therefore, if a brand comes to seek cooperation, it is naturally the most important thing to make money first. After all, long-term operation is still empty.

Don't look at the excitement of Hey Tea and Nai Xueqi joining the battle now. When the finale of "Meng Hua Lu" is over, the heat is estimated to be gone.

It's just that it's more regrettable that the precious humanities in history have slowly faded over the years.

And the current fast consumption will disappear in a blink of an eye.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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