Here is Samsung’s transparent MicroLED screen

At the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ), Samsung presented what will most likely be the future technology of TVs, screens and monitors : a transparent MicroLED screen already announced in recent months. This is a new technology based on miniLEDs, which allows them to be inserted into an extremely thin panel, ensuring total transparency of the panel.

Difference between OLED and MicroLED

Samsung transparent screen

Unlike OLED, microLED offers a significantly higher pixel density and, of course, a much higher image quality , also considering the 'chemical' composition of the panel. OLED requires a backlight system to achieve absolute black in the case of completely black images, contributing to lower power consumption of the panel. The term 'OLED' stands for 'Organic Light-Emitting Diode' and refers to its organic components. However, it has three main flaws:

  1. It has a limited viewing angle.
  2. It can produce 'ghosting', commonly known as 'burn-in', especially when images change very quickly.
  3. Organic substances are subject to degradation.

MicroLED does not suffer from these problems, since it is not composed of organic substances. Furthermore, it has an even lower energy consumption than OLED, which allows its use on large portions of the screen, with the possibility of deactivating specific sections of the screen.

Samsung's microLED technology, in development for 6 years, uses transparent LEDs to create a display that appears to almost disappear into its surroundings. This creates an increasingly thin boundary between content and reality. The holographic effect, which gives the impression of an image 'floating' in reality, makes the contents even more immersive.

Samsung transparent screen: arrival on the market

The company has not provided specific details regarding the introduction of this panel on the market , both for the consumer and business sectors. However, both markets have shown strong interest, in view of upcoming technologies, such as Apple's new 'Vision Pro', an augmented reality viewer, which differs from Meta's one, based on virtual reality, two similar concepts but distinct.”

Edited by Giulio Montanaro

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