Here are the search trends on Google in 2023 in Italy

The Google search engine has always been a window into collective trends and interests. In 2023, Italian users showed a vivid interest in a diverse spectrum of topics, from sports personalities to major film events, to current affairs and social issues . Here is a journey through Google search trends in 2023 in Italy.

Jannik Sinner and the charm of tennis

Google search trends in 2023 in Italy

Tennis player Jannik Sinner has climbed to the top of research in Italy, testifying not only to his talent on the court but also to the immense curiosity that surrounds his figure. The passion for tennis and its young promises therefore seems to show no decline, highlighting how sport continues to be a cultural point of reference.

Cinema: the year of 'Oppenheimer'

In the cinematographic panorama, the title 'Oppenheimer' stands out, positioning itself as the most searched for film . This interest reveals a propensity towards stories that intertwine science with human affairs, a theme that continues to intrigue and invite reflection.

Search trends on Google in 2023 in Italy: the most searched for disappearances

Maurizio Costanzo, Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Messina Denaro emerge as the figures whose loss has generated a wave of research. Through these names, we can see a collective search for understanding and, perhaps, closing historical chapters that have marked the contemporary era.

From "national mourning" to "transgender": an evolving society in Google search trends in 2023 in Italy

The words 'national mourning' and 'transgender' lead the ranking of the most searched terms in the "what does it mean?" category. These terms reflect moments of national union and the need for a deeper recognition and understanding of gender identities, marking a path towards a more inclusive and aware Italy.

TV series, music and lifestyle: a cultural package

TV series such as 'Mare Fuori' and 'Good morning, mum!' show a tendency towards narratives close to everyday life and family, while artists like Rosa Chemical and Fedez continue to leave their mark on the Italian musical panorama. Lifestyle research, ranging from dress code to culinary topics, also reveals a constant interest in fashion and gastronomy.

Italians' searches on Google in 2023 are a mirror of their passions, concerns and curiosities. From public figures who have left an indelible mark, to terms that reflect social changes, each research is a piece that makes up the mosaic of an ever-evolving cultural identity.

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