Hello 5G, old man in the future

When Alexander Bell made the first phone call to the world, he might not have imagined that communication would have such a profound impact on humans in the future.

In the past hundred years, the field of communications has changed rapidly, and human society has also entered the fast lane of development. The last wireless communication revolution that we are most familiar with was the popularization of 4G technology.

Entering the 4G era, smart phones have been integrated into all aspects of our work and life. Without 4G as technical support, smart phones will hardly be able to help us scan videos, take taxis and order takeaways.

Nowadays, in the 5G era, many people have also switched to 5G mobile phones, but apart from the super-fast speed, it is not easy for us to perceive the huge changes brought about by 5G technology for the time being.

However, in some places where ordinary people cannot see, some changes are happening quietly.

5G is reshaping the world

In March 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and other eight ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Intelligent Coal Mines", proposing that intelligent coal mines are the core technical support for the high-quality development of the coal industry. In recent years, major mining groups have also actively promoted the construction of smart mines, and realized as soon as possible the operation process of "less people and unmanned" underground coal mines.

However, a mine is like a miniature underground city, with intricate roadways. The mining, transportation, washing and other operations require manual operations. There are hidden crises. If you want to realize the "intelligent and unmanned" coal mine, you must let The control signal is transmitted without obstacles in the winding mine.

WiFi network can solve the problem of difficult wiring, but it also has the disadvantages of weak penetration and weak anti-interference; 4G also faces the dilemma of high latency and cannot cope with the demand for comprehensive wireless and efficient unmanned management.

The emergence of 5G technology has become the key to unmanned mines. It has the advantages of simple deployment, wide connectivity, large bandwidth, and ultra-low latency, and it is widely used in mines.

An enterprise in Inner Mongolia wants to realize remote remote management of all coal mine sites it belongs to at its headquarters, and conduct unified and comprehensive management of various monitoring data systems and platforms to realize coal mine big data visualization and rapid push on-screen display.

They found Four-Faith Communication, the latter’s "5G Smart Mine System Monitoring Solution", which can help them realize remote real-time monitoring, low-latency information return, underground real-time calls, remote control of mine robots and other functions, reducing manual underground operations The frequency and risk of the mines have propped up an umbrella for the miners.

The natural technical advantages of 5G can also shine in the car.

First of all, 5G has a large bandwidth, which can help build real-time updated high-definition 3D maps, thereby helping vehicles achieve sub-meter precise positioning and navigation. On this basis, the ultra-low latency and high reliability of 5G have paved the way for autonomous driving.

If the vehicle has powerful AI computing power, but cannot achieve efficient communication between vehicles and vehicles, such unmanned vehicles can only be regarded as semi-finished products. 5G connection allows driverless cars to share driving intentions, trajectory and location information with other vehicles on the road, traffic lights and other infrastructure, pedestrians, etc. in real time, so that vehicles can make more efficient, accurate and safe driving decisions. Realize true intelligent driving.

When the vehicle is truly driverless, the hands, feet, and brain of the person are liberated on the wheels, the car becomes a pure means of transportation, and the driver becomes a passenger. How to kill the boring time on the road more ideally Become the first question for passengers to think about.

However, people don’t need to worry at all. Today’s car entertainment has undergone earth-shaking changes. Many new cars have realized the use of the car’s large screen to watch movies, listen to songs, and even higher-end game entertainment, all based on 5G large bandwidth characteristic.

For example, the cockpit has 3 large-size screens of HiPhi X, the instrument panel displays various information of the vehicle, the center console becomes the control center of the vehicle, and the co-pilot has a 19.9-inch touch screen that is the entertainment center. The carrier allows passengers to experience the immersive entertainment experience after unmanned driving is popularized in advance.

5G makes car life more convenient, and it also plays a huge role in promoting the medical field where every second counts.

At the beginning of last year, the new crown epidemic was raging. Chinese people responded quickly when they were in danger and resisted the spread of the epidemic at an unimaginable speed. This is the result of the joint efforts of countless medical staff and the concerted efforts of the people. Each health code marks everyone. The trajectory of the action, once a suspicious case appears, there are traces to follow.

Maybe you haven't noticed it, but this is also inseparable from the support of 5G-related equipment.

When we lined up for the new crown test, the medical staff held a code scanning machine in their hands. They scanned the "information code" we registered in advance for efficient registration. Take a closer look, they are likely to use Dongda The integrated industrial-grade medical smartphone, Cruise2 5G-HC.

With the blessing of 5G, the speed of information confirmation is faster, which in turn improves the efficiency of sample collection. In addition, 5G base stations with a higher coverage density in hospitals can improve patients' experience of seeking medical care during consultation, treatment, and medicine collection, and also make remote robotic arm surgery possible.

The above depicts the actual application scenarios of 5G technology in certain industries. The aforementioned Four-Faith Communication, Gaohe, and Dongda Integration are all Qualcomm’s 5G partners. Qualcomm has joined forces with them to jointly provide industrial production, Logistics, medical, smart home, car networking and other fields provide comprehensive 5G solutions, and are subtly improving the operating efficiency of various industries, promoting the flow and popularization of more emerging technologies, and making many new technologies that were previously impossible to achieve. Application becomes possible.

As Qualcomm President and CEO An Meng said at the just-concluded MWC:

These powerful 5G capabilities have opened up infinite possibilities for innovation in the next decade and in the future.

Qualcomm is also intensively laying out future product lines.

Qualcomm 5G, non-stop

At this year's MWC World Mobile Communications Conference, Qualcomm released the new Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G mobile platform, which will provide more powerful computing power for the 5G mobile phones that will be launched in the second half of the year.

In addition, Qualcomm and about 40 partners around the world jointly announced their support for the development of 5G millimeter wave. Operators include China Unicom, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Telstra Australia, Vodafone, 4 Japanese operators, etc.; terminal manufacturers include OPPO, vivo , Xiaomi, Honor, Samsung, etc.; communication equipment manufacturers include Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE, etc.; module manufacturers include Quectel, Guanghetong, MG Intelligent, etc. Currently, 180 operators in 45 countries and regions are investing in 5G millimeter waves.

In February of this year, Qualcomm and China Unicom teamed up with Xing Communications, GSMA and dozens of leading companies during MWC Shanghai to jointly demonstrate the ultimate performance and rich applications of 5G millimeter wave empowerment. In May of this year, ZTE, China Unicom, Qualcomm and TVU even announced the successful completion of the world's first 5G millimeter wave 8K video backhaul service demonstration based on a large uplink frame structure in a laboratory environment, in which the millimeter wave uplink peak rate reached 930Mbps.

This means that 5G millimeter wave can carry 8K live video services in the future. Different from the traditional downstream large-bandwidth service requirements of the consumer terminal market, some vertical industry applications have proposed a requirement to greatly increase the upstream transmission bandwidth. The advantage of 5G millimeter wave in enhancing the uplink network capacity is to promote the promotion of live broadcast of large-scale events and events, stadiums and concerts, and other public network scenarios that require greater uplink bandwidth, such as telemedicine, smart factories, and smart ports. Multi-point concurrent upload of ultra-high-definition video surveillance and precise remote guidance control in other scenes can play an important role. With such network performance, what kind of 5G killer application will be born?

Perhaps the next Internet giant is still in the making, and is actively looking for the next piece of soil, almost sprouting.

During MWC, Qualcomm also announced the launch of its second-generation Qualcomm 5G RAN platform for small cells, which supports global millimeter wave and Sub-6GHz commercial frequency bands, including n259 (41GHz), n258 (26GHz) and FDD frequency bands.

The platform can provide seamless network connections for complex occasions such as airports, stadiums, hospitals, offices and manufacturing plants. Together with Qualcomm 5G mobile terminals, it can provide consumers with a high-quality communication experience and provide high-speed and reliable industry 4.0 plans. Communication solutions.

Qualcomm has also launched a newly upgraded OTA R&D test platform and system simulation solutions, covering a wide range of industries such as the Industrial Internet of Things and automobiles, allowing more fields to use more advanced 5G technology faster.

Moisturizing things silently, one day in the future, you will take a self-driving car to go to work, walk through the smart city, use cloud games to kill time in your free time or watch the 8K live video of the European Cup, and give an order to the smart home at home , Enjoying the new products provided by industry reforms such as telemedicine, smart agriculture, smart factories, and smart mining, all of which require feasibility support from 5G.

By then, you might still say that 5G technology is not strong, but it is inseparable from 5G.

The future world is slowly taking shape

When I saw Qualcomm and many partners at the Qualcomm Technology and Cooperation Summit held in May to show the media and friends generously with the 5G results achieved so far, I realized that these might be small pieces of the shadow of the future world.

The 5G products exhibited at the summit, including 5G mobile phones, 5G CPE, and 5G PC, have entered our lives; and some of the 5G technologies exhibited at the summit will not appear in our daily lives in the short term, but they are constantly evolving , And is changing the pattern of related industries, the ripples that arise will radiate to our lives in various ways, and ultimately drive the world to move forward.

Before 4G, people used mobile phones to spread information farther and wider; after 4G, we can see every corner of the world on mobile phones, and the connection between people has become closer.

In the future, 5G will quietly bring a new world to us. The carrier of 5G technology applications is no longer single, but covers all aspects of our lives (mobile phones, VR/AR, cars, robots, etc.). Qualcomm's 5G technology is helping us to slowly spell out a world closer to science fiction movies.

The 5G technology at this time, just like the telephone invented by Bell at that time, quietly changed the lives of every one of us.

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