Heavy! Microsoft released the ChatGPT version of the search engine, using more powerful technology than ChatGPT

Is ChatGPT powerful? More than 100 million users in 2 months think it is very strong, so they will continue to talk to it.

But OpenAI feels that similar large-scale language models can be even stronger. So they and Microsoft put this stronger language model into the search engine Bing, allowing him to use dialogue to answer users' search questions.

After this model is added to the search, the answers provided will be more relevant, consider timeliness, and focus on user experience. It can be said that Microsoft's search engine Bing is now standing on the shoulders of ChatGPT.

Bing + ChatGPT: This time a thorough iterative search

Search is the main battleground where the two giants go head-to-head.

As the world's most famous search engine, Google's huge number of users and years of experience in search services give them the confidence not to be afraid of any new search engines. Microsoft's Bing has been "living" in the shadow of Google for many years, and after working hard, it has only achieved 3.03% of the global market share , which is already the second place.

But now, the second place ushered in a new turning point – ChatGPT, the fastest growing consumer application in history, took the Bing car and said that it would usher in a new era of search together.

Microsoft has officially released its own "New Bing", a new version of the search engine that integrates ChatGPT. Everyone can try it out, but trying Personalized Search for themselves is a waitlist and a long wait. Microsoft said that it will slowly roll out the new Bing interface, and from yesterday's ChatGPT stuck again, it can be speculated that this speed may be slower than expected.

▲ Even experiencing the service has become a means of promoting life

Some users have tried "New Bing" inadvertently before, and the search engine displayed by Microsoft on site is no different from the products that users have tried before.

The search box is "bigger", you don't need to enter 1-2 keywords, and the extended search box that supports 1000 characters allows you to search more precisely. At the same time, on the search result page, next to the "All" result column is no longer pictures, news and other items, but the "Chat" option. Click it to see a brief introduction of "Welcome to New Bing".

In Microsoft's introduction, the most noteworthy technological breakthrough of "New Bing" is that it runs OpenAI's next-generation large-scale language model customized for search services, which is more powerful than ChatGPT. The model, called "Prometheus," can improve the relevance of answers, further annotate answers, update search results, and more.

In other words, the things found are more useful.

▲ Picture from: the verge

But to talk about iterative search experience, we have to start with some cases.

Searching for events during the Super Bowl on the new Bing has a traditional display of links on the left and a list of direct answers in the chat box on the right.

▲ Picture from: the verge

When you search whether IKEA's double seat fits a minivan, "New Bing" can find the size of the double seat and the car, and answer whether it is suitable, and make a judgment for you.

▲ Picture from: the verge

When searching for 3 vacuum cleaners, "New Bing" will compare the pros and cons of these 3 vacuum cleaners in a more readable format, and provide suggestions for the best product model, which will make many people engaged in SEO optimization feel desperate.

▲ Picture from: the verge

When searching for a menu for 8 people, you can restrict the question in various ways, such as dairy-free, nut-free, fish-free, and the new search engine will still be able to give satisfactory answers.

▲ Picture from: the verge

When searching for a 5-day travel itinerary, it searches for the best spots for you and aggregates them into a basic itinerary for you. It also accommodates quickly if you want to change from a planned 5 day trip to 3 days.

Giving answers, not links, is at the heart of the new Bing.

Giants including Google, Baidu, and WeChat have used different names to show the outside world this more efficient search experience, such as direct service and direct search, but the "new Bing" under the blessing of AI will be closer to this Target.

Not even limited to search, but a functional experience.

Open "New Bing" on Edge, it can help you summarize a long PDF, like an earnings report, but also like a complete and organized meeting minutes; it can also translate computer code into another language , making it a useful programming tool; it can also compose emails or social media content directly for you, as long as you confirm the content, it can send it directly for you.

▲ New Bing writes emails for users through prompts. Image from: PCMag

Providing a service, not finding an entry, is the onslaught of the "new Bing."

Search for big companies and rush to meet the "co-pilot"

The new technology is menacing, and the high efficiency is awe-inspiring. Google employees have also questioned whether the company has fallen behind in the artificial intelligence competition after experiencing ChatGPT. The CEO's response is to launch an artificial intelligence-based language model in the next few weeks or months.

In "Google presents: Live from Paris" on February 8, Google stated that it will use the power of artificial intelligence to reimagine the way people search, explore and interact with information, making it easier for people around the world to search, map, and more. access information. At that time, people felt that this was the "big move" that Google had been holding back, and it would only appear that day.

Who knows, before the event started, Google launched the language model Bard early.

A few minutes after Google released the Bard information, Microsoft said it would hold a surprise event at its headquarters to share some exciting project progress with the media. This is the "New Bing" just released by Microsoft.

On the same day, Baidu also released Wenxin Yiyan, saying that the initial version would be embedded in its search service.

All of a sudden, the search engines quickly "rolled up", for fear that they would be knocked down. It's not that the original platform doesn't work hard, but that the new one is too powerful.

Microsoft CEO Nadella compared ChatGPT to the first popular browser, Mosaic, and believed that it was the result of revolutionizing the Internet experience. He has previously said that artificial intelligence will be the next major computing platform, which will be integrated into operating systems and browsers, and now more and more large companies are working hard to make it happen.

The emergence of ChatGPT has made all the search giants feel pressure, on the one hand, because the product model of search has not changed much internally for many years, and on the other hand, because the dialogue ability demonstrated by ChatGPT is shocking.

On the one hand, there is no innovative search method in the past 20 years, and on the other hand, it is the form of dialogue to obtain information that humans have long been accustomed to. It is not normal for search engines to panic.

Not to mention the efficiency of search has always been an issue, 40% of users will return to the search page after searching for a link – this is a direct signal that the user did not get what they wanted. All the search engines say they are improving search efficiency, and they are, but these are still too light compared to a large language model.

ChatGPT has only been released for 2 months, but its ability to focus on answering and chatting is already amazing. If it is trained more focused, it will only do better.

This way of giving answers instead of links is a dimensionality reduction blow to the previous generation of search methods.

It's like having a dedicated personal assistant at your service, only this assistant is more efficient than a human. This assistant is also "naturally curious", accepting new information much faster than humans, and can quickly use it as part of the material library when new information is discovered, always "the latest and fastest".

Microsoft compares the role of AI in the search engine to a "copilot". It can monitor the road and provide suggestions, but in the end it is the driver's decision to step on the accelerator or brake.

In Microsoft's view, the existence of the "copilot" will make the driver's technology better. Because search and language models can complement each other, using search as the answer to the language model for fact checking, checks and balances between the two.

This seems to be a search method with a lower threshold, but in fact it has higher requirements for searchers. Whether you will passively accept the content given by AI, or will you extend, review, and create content, the user's judgment and independent search ability become more important. Users still need to get used to new search engines, which is a new topic in the era of artificial intelligence.

It's just that for Microsoft, this adaptation is simpler than imagined. Because the cost of supporting this kind of search-scale infrastructure is not much, and among capable companies, Bing’s monetization ability is far inferior to Google’s, and it has become a smaller resistance when turning. He does not need to face the original The huge revenue pressure of the business can be easily turned around.

The strength of the basic capabilities and the previous failure can make Bing and OpenAI's product owner Dena Saunders say this sentence:

No other company does it like Microsoft and Bing.

Not too funny, not too upbeat.

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