He and Musk worked overtime until the early hours of the morning and were laid off. Twitter employees ridiculed wildly. The world’s richest man is “softened”

The love-hate relationship between Musk and Twitter employees is today's traffic password.

So some people want to pretend that Twitter is laying off employees; some people want to cut their seats with Twitter 2.0 led by Musk;

A Xiaohongshu user named @湾区研究工 took a picture of Musk staying up all night with his employees and told a story about staying up all night with his idol. This story also has the most popular reversal plot of the current viewers. The migrant workers learned that they were laid off the next day, and the fight with Musk became the final highlight of life, and then they had to worry about how to find a job.

▲ The reversal on Xiaohongshu. Picture from: @Madyke

It’s just that the account of @湾区研究工 deleted the content later, and the content contained netizens’ favorite reversal memes. Many people thought that someone was playing memes with Musk and Twitter employees. But aside from playing tricks, the ideological conflict between Musk and Twitter employees is real.


If you put yourself into the Twitter employees, then you will also feel that their lives this month are somewhat "chaotic".

In the past month, Twitter employees as a group have become the protagonists of the news.

▲ Pretend to be laid off by Twitter

Musk, the number one internet celebrity you know, enters the company headquarters where you work with a sink in his arms. He promised you that the 75% layoff reported by the media is impossible, he will not lay off so many people. But you are still not at ease. If you don’t lay off 75% of the staff, is it possible to lay off 50% of the staff? This still means that a large number of colleagues will lose their jobs.

Unfortunately, your hunch came true, and he really wants to lay off 50% of his staff.

You and your colleagues know the news. If you know about the layoffs through the company email, it proves that your job has been saved. If you know this news from your personal mailbox, it means that you have been laid off, and your company mailbox and personal permissions have been revoked.

You didn't get laid off, but you don't seem to be happy either. Because you're too busy keeping the job to be happy or sad, and your new boss has 100 new ideas waiting to be realized. You follow the new boss’s Twitter every day, for fear that he will directly announce a new feature and you will have to work overtime to go online-this kind of thing has happened.

▲ Twitter Blue is such a product that has been launched in a hurry

It used to take half a month of discussions between multiple teams to launch a function on your product, but now, the boss's thinking is more important than everything else. You also have to finish work faster with fewer colleagues. You and your colleagues also put sleeping bags next to your workstations to shorten commuting time and ensure deadlines.

There have been some problems with such rapid iterations and changes, and some users have misused the newly launched functions. This caused the stock market of listed companies to plummet, your platform received more criticism and doubts, and more advertisers announced their withdrawal.

▲ The little blue bird picture generated by Dell-E

At work, you thought you'd be fine after this period. But the new boss’s email tells you that spending more time together is the norm: “Looking forward, we need to be very determined to build a breakthrough Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world. Time-intensive work, only excellent performance can be considered a pass.”

Work will be harder, you're pretty sure. The original perfect benefits are gone, the executives who were willing to communicate with employees have been laid off, and the work process you were familiar with before has become completely different due to the arrival of the new boss. You really hesitate, do I really need this job?

▲ Musk’s full email

When your new boss asks you to put your name on the online form attached to the email, that means you're ready to fight for Twitter 2.0. That means more overtime, fewer benefits, and more stressful work. If you don't fill out the form, you end up leaving Twitter with a three-month severance package. That means a brutal job market and the reality of shrinking hiring.

Last Thursday was the deadline to fill out the form, and you and your colleagues have been discussing this for a long time.

Should we continue, or withdraw in time? There is no answer.

Twitter employees & Elon Musk, relationship at stake

The Verge reported that many Twitter employees chose to walk away.

Members of key Twitter teams are close to leaving. Twitter originally had nearly 7,600 employees, but only 2,700 employees remained after Musk asked them to perform high-intensity work for the company, and hundreds of employees chose to resign.

After a major layoff of about 50%, more employees rejected Musk's approximately 996 general struggle requirements. Pragmatic Engineer reported that internal polls show that only 25% of the company's software engineers intend to stay, and many sales teams have no one left. Employee dissatisfaction reached new heights, and some even wondered whether Musk would actually pay the three-month severance package.

It is not an exaggeration to describe the relationship between the new boss and the old employees as tense. The two parties even had open "friendly exchanges" on social platforms.

Last week, Musk and software engineer Eric Frohnhoefer publicly "discussed" a problem with Twitter products on their own platform. It's normal to have different ideas, but in the end the discussion between the two ended with Musk's "You're fired", which is unusual. Frohnhoefer also proved that he could no longer log in to Twitter's internal system and was indeed fired. .

And on the company's internal Slack, employees who publicly criticized Musk had the same ending. Some employees have received dismissal emails claiming they violated company policy, and some speculate that this is a response to their public criticism of Musk in an internal Slack.

It wouldn't be surprising if true, since Musk has done this sort of thing at SpaceX, too .

Musk was buying Twitter at the time, so it made headlines a lot. Some SpaceX employees chose to write an open letter criticizing Musk's high-profile "often distracting and embarrassing" and asking the company to impose certain constraints on Musk. In the end, everyone who wrote the letter and helped spread it was fired, and SpaceX's COO said "we don't need this kind of excessive activism."

The work pressure is high, and the new boss has a different style. Not only can't accept criticism and suggestions, but he is also very assertive. In this case, many Twitter employees chose to leave with severance pay. When Maas convened a video conference for all employees to introduce his ideas, many employees even chose to go offline directly, completely unwilling to accompany them.

As much as employees reacted, Twitter did more. Perhaps out of fear of impulsive actions by employees who chose to leave, Twitter closed all office buildings and reopened on the 21st, and reiterated to employees : "Please continue to abide by company policies and avoid discussing the company on social media, the media or elsewhere. Confidential Information."

Twitter is unstable, and overtime is hard to save

So far, Twitter employees have been greatly reduced, and only about 35% of employees are still working.

Musk said on the one hand, “The best people have stayed, so I am not particularly worried.” On the other hand, he announced that layoffs have been completed, and he is actively recruiting engineers and sales employees, and encourages employees to make recommendations. While the job site hasn't yet listed any jobs Twitter is hiring, Musk said in an internal meeting that "people who are good at coding are a top priority."

It's just that recruiting people is something later. Nearly 65% ​​of employees were lost at once, which brought a new test to Twitter, a platform with hundreds of millions of users.

There are a lot of problems with Twitter right now. Twitter’s SMS service cannot be used normally. When users want to verify their identity, they will always receive an error message and cannot log in. There is also a problem with the Twitter Blue subscription service, and they cannot view the most popular links on the entire platform. It's like being canceled; the saved tweet draft will also be inexplicably deleted, and the save fails.

A Twitter employee revealed that since there are not enough round-the-clock shift employees to maintain critical services, these employees have begun to go out to "borrow people" in an attempt to help reduce the workload by training colleagues in other departments of the company.

The house leak coincided with the continuous night rain, and the lack of manpower also hit the World Cup.

Twitter has experience with World Cup traffic spikes. Twitter was often down and unavailable at the 2010 World Cup, when every shot, penalty and yellow or red card resulted in a spike in tweets. But after the World Cup four years later, Twitter has completed its self-upgrade, and the World Cup has become the best introduction for the platform to attract new users.

Now that the World Cup is here again, traffic is about to skyrocket again, but Twitter doesn't have enough staff. A former employee with knowledge of the operation of Twitter's command center predicted that during the World Cup, Twitter had a 50% chance of experiencing major failures such as disconnection.

▲ Most Twitter users are fans

In fact, Twitter's fatigue is already here.

A study found that Twitter failed to deal with 100 racist tweets reported by users in the week before the World Cup, and only one of the 100 tweets was deleted-this tweet was also reported 16 times. 99 still exist.

For comparison, Twitter removed 1,000+ tweets that targeted three black players after England's football loss to Italy last year. It's just that this year's high-efficiency and fast-processing scene may be difficult to reproduce. Even if every employee works tirelessly to catch up with the progress, it will not be able to fill the huge gap of personnel loss.

For Musk's Twitter 2.0, this could be the throes of a new era, or a microcosm of a long period of chaos ahead.

Not too funny, not too upbeat.

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