Hacker attack on the Lazio region: a 5 million euro ransom?

The latest updates on the cyber attack on the Lazio region concern the amount requested by the hackers. Analysts would have spoken of a ransom of 5 million euros . The amount is not confirmed to date: we are only talking about hypotheses, but the figure is perfectly in line with other major cyber attacks that have occurred in history.

Hacker attack on the Lazio region: probable ransom revealed
Hacker attack on the Lazio region: probable ransom revealed

Hacker attack on the Lazio region: updates

At midnight on August 1, 2021, a cyber attack cracked the entire computer system of the Lazio region, blocking a service of vital importance for our country: the portal for booking anticovid vaccines. Making the situation even more dramatic is the monstrous amount of data breached. The sensitive information and payments of approximately 5.8 million users are at risk.

The first rumors spoke of a cryptlocker Trojan that hacked the PC of a smartworking employee in Frosinone in the Lazio region, specifically Lazio Crea. The hackers have penetrated the Engineering SPA system and from here subsequently entered the region's servers Lazio leaving now the famous and cynical message published on Bleepingcomputer: “Hello Lazio! Your files were encrypted " . In this specific case we are therefore talking about a ransomware , or a malware that blocks systems and requires a real ransom in order to unlock them. Until the ransom is paid, the systems remain inoperable. In more serious cases, sensitive data contained in the attacked system is made public.

The computer system in check by a ransomware : virus with ransom

Ransom: probable € 5 million requested by hackers

The investigators on the hacker attack wanted to maintain maximum confidentiality, revealing only a few details and information. There are still few and unconfirmed news on the event. To date, the disclosures speak of a huge redemption. The cybercriminals would have asked the Lazio region for 5 million euros in bitcoins through a link, containing the instructions to be performed for the payment.

The message sent by the hackers has not yet been opened, so for now they are only hypotheses. Furthermore, for the moment, there is still no news on the intention to pay the ransom or not. Further details concern the origin of the hacker attack: experts speak of Russian origin and a subsequent passage in the German and Austrian networks.

Hacker attack on the Lazio region considered for terrorist purposes

Certain news instead comes from the prosecutor of Rome, Michele Prestipino. The prosecutor has in fact opened a file for abusive access to the computer system and attempted extortion , adding the aggravating circumstance of the terrorist purpose. Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio region, also emphasized the seriousness of the criminal attack received.

We are currently defending our community from these terrorist attacks. Lazio is the victim of a criminal offensive, the most serious ever to take place on our national territory.

Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio region

Fear of further cyber attacks is growing

It was not only the computer system of the Lazio region that was put in check. In January, the municipality of Milan was hacked and hacker attacks increased exponentially during the year. Today the fear that is spreading is precisely that of not being sufficiently protected against cyber pirates and that other important sectors and companies are damaged.

According to T rend Micro Research, department for data security and cybersecurity solutions, malware has literally invaded Italy in recent months. Our country is the third most affected by cyber attacks in the world , surpassed only by the United States and Japan. The main cause is to be found in the poor digital and computer literacy of our country.

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