Guangzhou Auto Show|The interesting pavilions are here! This car made people queue up even more, and was surrounded by groups during lunch time

The annual Guangzhou Auto Show is here!

What is the most popular model on the media day of the Guangzhou Auto Show? Check out the photo below, taken at lunchtime.

You should be able to recognize that this is a Civic, right? The Civic is the center of attention for one reason—its Honda logo is red.

I guess the male media friends in the whole venue lined up to step on the clutch, shifted the gear, and then opened the hood to have a look. Of course including me.

A brief summary: 5th gear is a bit difficult to shift, you have to get familiar with it, don't shift to 3rd gear.

Leaving aside the price and the shift feel alone (is this condition a bit rogue), Dong Chejun feels that the Civic TYPE R is far inferior to the Lotus EMIRA at the booth next door.

Dong Chejun’s favorite in the game——Lotus

Just fiddle with it a few times, and you will find that the gears of EMIRA are much clearer than those of Civic TYPE R, and the gears are very simple and powerful.

The pedals are the same as on the Exige and Elise before them, small and compactly placed.

As soon as your ass falls into the driver's seat of EMIRA, you will inevitably close your eyes, use your hands and feet, and operate it.

▲The show car is a bit dirty, please forgive it

It's a pity that we can't stay inside for too long, as there are still many people queuing up behind us.

I have to say that the colors of the Lotus show cars are very pleasing, whether it is EMIRA or the ELETRE below.

Different from EMIRA with a touch of roughness, the cockpit of ELETRE reveals a touch of refinement, especially the small screen in front of the co-pilot.

Although it is definitely not as practical as those large-size co-driver screens with built-in iQiyi, it is small and exquisite, and the embellishment is just right.

I don’t know if you have noticed that Lotus, like Ferrari, likes to dig various holes in the body. ELETRE already has a lot of them, but the EVIJA next to it is even more exaggerated than it.

Of course, what is more terrifying than EVIJA's aerodynamic components is its built-in 2000 horsepower and 1700 Nm of peak torque, but unfortunately we can't experience it on the platform.

The Lotus booth can be said to be the best booth at this year's Guangzhou Auto Show in my mind. Whether it is fuel or pure electric, it has achieved the ultimate.

The most "unfriendly" booth – NIO

The reason why I like the Weilai booth this time is very simple. There is no salesperson hinting that he wants to add me on WeChat and chat with customers as friends. At many car booths, you will encounter salespeople who want to add WeChat to reserve funds. Many people say that NIO's service is good. I think it is a good service if it doesn't bother customers too much.

On the booth, NIO displayed a variety of models, including the new ES8 and EC7 just released on NIO Day. What surprised me was the EC7. The actual effect of the electric rear spoiler is more beautiful than the pictures on the press conference.

This electric rear spoiler has two modes: manual and automatic, and is divided into two gears: drag reduction and extreme speed. Among them, the drag reduction gear can reduce the resistance by 4%, and the extreme speed gear can increase the downforce by 650N. Is it a gimmick? No, I think it is necessary. Li Bin said at the scene of NIO Day that it is the fastest SUV of NIO.

Go to the NIO booth and make friends with fellows, and you won't be under pressure to buy a car.

The most sci-fi booth – Jidu

When you come to Jidu's booth, the first thing you can see is a huge robot hand, which is also in line with Jidu's definition of their product – a car robot.

At this Guangzhou Auto Show, Jidu CEO Xia Yiping brought their first product, the mass-produced version of ROBO-01.

Generally speaking, the design of the mass-produced model is the same as the previously released limited version of the lunar exploration. It still adopts the design of no door handle, and retains the U-shaped steering wheel, integrated large screen, interactive headlights, active tail and other designs.

Immediately afterwards, Jidu brought their second product ROBO-02. Then the car was immediately surrounded by three floors inside and three floors outside.

Jidu did not disclose too much information. In appearance, it is probably that the ROBO-01 is stretched into a coupe shape, and the lines should be lower.

The booth with the most golden sentences – Aian

Model 3 has been released for many years. Recently, few car companies have named Model 3 by name, but Aian is one of them, and his speaking style is quite bold in this Guangzhou Auto Show. What impressed me the most was this sentence:

Model 3 ushered in a real opponent.

In September 2022, Aian announced the Hyper high-end brand strategy, and its Hyper GT was officially unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The body adopts the rare rotor door + three-stage electric rear spoiler, and the streamlined body provides a drag coefficient of 0.19Cd.

With the support of the AEP 3.0 platform, this single-motor Hyper GT achieves a 0-100 acceleration in 4 seconds, and the large-sized brake disc achieves a braking distance of less than 35 meters from 100 kilometers.

What Dong Chejun is most interested in is the assisted driving ability of Hyper GT. It is equipped with infrared remote sensing technology + 3 second-generation zoom lidars. The official said that it can accurately predict road conditions and obstacles, and further cover rain, fog, sand and dust weather. Traveling through the dark and other extreme scenes, to detect the distance and size of life forms, etc.

At present, Wei Lipeng's assisted driving performance is in the stage of perfection. How is the actual landing effect of Hyper GT? I look forward to future tests.

The most tasteless booth – BMW

The protagonists of the BMW booth this year have changed from last year's iX and i4 to this year's i7 and M2. The two new favorites were surrounded by water, while the iX and i4 next to them were rarely taken care of.

This is natural, and of course take this opportunity to make some new friends.

It's just that the static experience in the showroom is not what the i7 and M2 are good at, especially this M2.

It needs to be turned on.

Some people may say, isn't the interior of the i7 not good-looking? Good-looking, of course good-looking. But these bright-looking light strips feel a bit plastic to the touch.

As for the big screen in the back row… If you want to watch a drama, try to use 16:9 as much as possible, otherwise there will be cropping.

The cutest new energy vehicle booth – Jikrypton

On the roads in Guangzhou, Dong Chejun often sees a lot of strange self-driving test vehicles, but at the Jikrypton booth, I saw a self-driving car that I think is the cutest at present-M-Vision concept car, this is his world debut, and it is a custom-developed model for the Waymo One unmanned fleet.

Jikrypton M-Vision is based on the Haohan-M architecture, and takes the occupant as the core to create a cockpit that integrates features such as large space and multi-functional seat layout. The body adopts the design of no B-pillar and electric side-by-side doors. The limit opening of the door reaches 1.4m, making travel more convenient.

It is understood that Jikrypton M-Vision will be ready for mass production in 2024, and maybe two years later I can see more cute self-driving test vehicles on the road.

On the other hand, the official announced that Jikrypton 001 will deliver a total of 70,000 units in 2022, exceeding the target ahead of schedule. At the same time, Jikr launched its official second-hand car business sub-brand – Jikr Certification.

The wildest booth among new energy sources – tanks

New energy vehicles have gradually become the protagonists of the Guangzhou Auto Show, and some off-road brands are not far behind. The long-endurance version of the Tank 500 PHEV was unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show. This is Tank's first new energy off-road SUV.

In terms of appearance, unlike most new energy vehicles at this stage, the Tank 500 PHEV still retains the off-road style of family models, but supports 3.3kW discharge power to unlock more outdoor usage scenarios.

It is equipped with a 2.0T hybrid engine, a 120kW power motor, and a 9HAT hybrid gearbox with a maximum comprehensive power of 300kW and a maximum comprehensive torque of 750Nm. It also has an intelligent four-wheel drive with Mlock mechanical lock. In terms of cruising range, the pure electric cruising range exceeds 100 kilometers, and the comprehensive cruising range is 790km.

Although the long-endurance version of the Tank 500 PHEV is not yet a pure electric model, it is still an off-road vehicle to expand more usage scenarios.

The most reluctant to leave the booth – Buick

Although the process is very happy, your legs will tell you that walking around the entire Canton Fair complex with a computer camera on your back is not an easy task.

After about 4 hours of running since I entered the venue at 9 am, I felt that I needed to put down my camera and take a break. So I came to the Buick booth.

For nothing else, I'm all for the second row of seats in the Buick Century.

Expand the leg rests and recline the seat. Through the screen at hand, you can conveniently control the intensity of the massage and the position of the seat (including the passenger seat). On the top, I really can't bear to come down.

On the other hand, at noon, there are fewer people at the Buick booth, so that you can lie on it for a while without being kicked off.

▲On the GL8 next to it, you can even sit in the chair first, and then turn yourself in. (Anti-bar: I don’t mean to say that Odyssey or other models are not allowed)

The booth with the most parents – ideal

If I'm not wrong, the ideal booth for the open day should be the one with the most dads and children, and the whole family will be there to watch the car. But it's a pity that the actual car of Ideal L7 was not displayed at this booth.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, Ideal officially released new OTA versions for all models, including OTA 4.2 for Ideal L9 and L8, and OTA 3.2 for Ideal ONE, and announced the official release of Ideal L7 on February 8.

The OTA 4.2 upgrade of Ideal L9 and L8 covers 59 new functions and 33 experience optimizations. Ideal AD has upgraded the algorithm architecture for the AEB function. After integrating visual perception with the lidar point cloud algorithm, the emergency braking performance has been improved.

After the optimization of the lidar point cloud algorithm, the lidar can work normally in the environment of moderate rainfall and snowfall. In addition, the voice assistant, sound effects, and HUD functions have all been upgraded. The OTA 3.2 upgrade of Ideal ONE includes 17 new additions and 13 optimizations, mainly focusing on ideal voice assistant, audio algorithm, key sharing and other functions.

At present, the delivery data for December has not yet been announced, but the ideal official revealed that the total delivery volume of ideal cars in December will exceed 20,000 units. If the goal is achieved, ideally become the brand among Weilipeng whose delivery volume exceeds 20,000 in the first month.

The hottest booth at this year's Auto Show – Alter

Yes, that's the Alt whose show car caught fire the day before the auto show. Today I went to clock in.

Jokes aside, their family still released a smart digital car platform and a concept pickup.

In fact, as a supplier, Alter's business is mainly based on the exterior design of cars. In the first half of 2022, the company's new energy vehicle design business accounted for 84% of its revenue.

The author is a bit busy, so I will write an introduction later.

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