GTA VI: all the news about Rockstar’s new video game

A wait that lasted 12 years on the part of the fans, who were finally able to relate to the first trailer of GTA VI, with clear results: despite a schedule that, unfortunately, was ruined by the leaks that led to the release of the trailer being anticipated official, in just a few hours the 1.30 minute trailer of Rockstar's new video game has accumulated more than 100 million views on Youtube , an extraordinary result that underlines how powerful a machine is for which more than two billion dollars have been spent on its creation.

GTA VI is a video game that will have a lot to tell and which, above all, by virtue of the expansions and the online version that will make its debut in the next few years, could reach records never reached by a video game. But what will be the new features of the title and, above all, what can we expect from a release of this kind, especially for the characterization of territories, characters and other elements?

The two new protagonists of GTA VI


The presentation of the two new protagonists of GTA VI made the historical fans of the saga frown quite a bit, or at least a rather large percentage of them, by virtue of the choice by the video game to present two new characters compared to the three of GTA V, which could be interchanged. It is practically certain that there will be two characters, one female and one male, and that both will act as a couple, almost in a revisitation of the historical criminal couple of Bonnie and Clyde. Obviously, there has been a lot of talk about how wrong such action could be, about Woke propaganda and other controversial elements: the introduction of a female character in GTA not only represents something necessary at a certain point in the history of the video game, but also something extremely realistic, since the underlying idea is the representation of the criminal world with its positive and negative elements . For this reason, it is certainly an interesting choice and an expected novelty.

GTA VI graphical improvements

Although the trailer should not be considered a source of truth from this point of view, it is already possible to notice something new regarding all the graphic improvements of GTA VI, which appears to be much more refined from an aesthetic point of view. It is obvious that a trailer tends to amplify the elements present within the video game, but considering the budget of the title and the extreme care given to it, it is very simple to expect an extreme graphic sector in the characterization of faces, buildings, streets, setting and much more, despite GTA V already being extremely detailed for numerous elements.

The new setting of GTA VI

With the release of GTA VI we will return to the splendid setting of Vice City, a parodied vision of the city of Miami which had already been used in the video game much appreciated by the public, above all by virtue of a very varied urban context, also dictated by presence of beaches and a very vast territory in terms of open world. Naturally, it is easy to expect that many of the differences will concern the more complete characterization of the place which, although not varying in its setting, will see many areas that can be explored and used during missions. For example, casinos will be better made and used, so as to also create an alternative form of entertainment compared to that which derives from platforms such as the best Italian ADM poker sites ; at the same time, many more places, such as buildings or clubs, will be visitable and the interaction of people (with the inclusion of children) will obviously be better

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