Great Wall Motors has changed a lot in terms of intelligence

For a long time, Great Wall Motors has given people a perceptual impression of being "hard": the tank series with hard bridges and hard horses, the domineering Great Wall cannon, and the Haval brand, which has long occupied the top spot in SUV sales. Because its SUV and off-road characteristics are outstanding enough, people don’t actually pay much attention to Great Wall Motor’s “soft power”. The previous Great Wall was not known for its “intelligence”.

However, many of the recent actions of the Great Wall are clearly releasing a message to the outside world: the tough guy Great Wall also has tenderness.

Of course, this tenderness does not refer to the Euler brand, but to the two levels of smart cockpit and smart driving. Great Wall Motors was impressive in the past June.

Great Wall Smart Driving Challenges 8D City Chongqing

The first one is that on June 30, Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motors, drove the Wei brand Blue Mountain Intelligent Driving Edition to truly demonstrate Great Wall Motors' full-scenario NOA intelligent driving on a busy and complex road section in Chongqing in the form of a full live video broadcast. system.

This is not the first time that Wei Jianjun has driven his own car to demonstrate Great Wall's full-scenario NOA intelligent driving system, but because the road conditions in China are extremely complex and changeable, the 8D city of Chongqing is difficult to navigate, so of course the greater the difficulty, the higher the ability. The stronger.

More specifically, Chongqing’s road conditions are complicated because it has intricate terrain and diverse roads composed of numerous overpasses, steep slopes and sharp turns, so it is naturally a touchstone for intelligent driving systems.

The test trip of Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motors, and Weipai Blue Mountain Intelligent Driving Edition was about 35 kilometers long, spanning the three administrative districts of Jiangbei, Nan'an, and Yuzhong, and passed through crowded tourist and business districts, complex overpasses, and the crowded city center. There are underground loops with poor signal.

We can take a look at the 4 major challenges in this test and the performance of Great Wall’s full-scenario NOA intelligent driving system:

Panlong Interchange

As the largest and most complex overpass in the main city of Chongqing, Panlong Overpass includes 5 floors, 8 directions and 20 ramps. As can be seen in the live broadcast, the Great Wall NOA system successfully identified ramp intersections in advance and accurately planned the driving route. When the vehicle changes lanes to the right from the main road to the auxiliary road, the Great Wall NOA system monitors the oncoming vehicles on the right in real time, effectively controls the safe distance, and selects a reasonable lane change opportunity.

Chongqing River Bridge

When vehicles enter the bridge over the river, facing the peak traffic congestion on the bridge, the Great Wall NOA system demonstrates smart lane changing strategies and gaming capabilities. It can not only analyze traffic flow and vehicle positions in real time, but also quickly and accurately calculate Finally completed the difficult merging operation. In addition, the Great Wall NOA system can update road condition information in real time and dynamically adjust driving strategies to maintain smooth driving as much as possible.

Mixed traffic of people and vehicles in Yuzhong District

After entering Yuzhong District, the challenge faced by the Great Wall NOA system became "safety first". Yuzhong District has a large number of narrow streets and complex mixed traffic conditions. During this journey, the Great Wall NOA system can not only flexibly maintain a distance from the vehicle in front, but can also flexibly maintain distance when facing the sudden appearance of non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians. Avoid emergency situations.

Liberation Monument Underground Ring Road

The complexity of the Jiefangbei underground ring road is that not only is the road here narrow and dark, but the lane markings are also blurry, and the communication signal is also poor. Even so, Great Wall's NOA system can still accurately identify road signs and traffic lights, and "brain-brain" generate lane lines to allow vehicles to pass through the road section smoothly.

The last live broadcast of Great Wall's NOA intelligent driving was in Baoding on April 15, also led by Wei Jianjun. However, compared with the road conditions in Chongqing, the road conditions in Baoding were still a little easier. Two and a half months later, No. 1 took the lead again, which shows that The importance of intelligent driving has been mentioned at a very high level internally.

Judging from the final effect, Great Wall's full-scenario NOA intelligent driving system is very advanced among traditional car companies. Although the intelligent driving version does not account for a high proportion of Great Wall Motor's total sales, the current competition is The dimension and intensity are not comparable to those in the previous market. A strong link does not mean it is really strong, but a weak link means it is really weak.

At present, Great Wall Motors has the ability to do NOA for all scenarios, that is, without leaving any weaknesses. If users want it, it will give it to them; instead of what users want, Great Wall Motors will say, wait a minute, we will have it.

How many car companies just make users wait and make themselves wait no longer.

Cockpit system Coffee OS 3 is released, removing old problems and adding new materials

If smart driving is more like "future competitiveness" due to penetration rate and cost price, then the cockpit system and cockpit configuration have directly affected the "current competitiveness" of car sales. But before Coffee OS 3, Great Wall Motor's cockpit system does not have a strong sense of presence.

Coffee OS 3, released on June 12, was that turning point.

To sum it up in one sentence, Coffee OS 3 has kept up with the times and has been updated to the point:

  • Customized Chinese font-Great Wall Blackbody
  • 1821 icons have been redrawn, and more than 50 icons with micro-motion effects have been redesigned.
  • Supports high customization of desktop cards, DOCK bar, etc.
  • App ecosystem covers mainstream applications
  • Coffee Link covers most domestic mobile phone brands and is close to automatic connection
  • Coffee Air Touch supports air-to-air operations with gestures such as pinching, dragging, and grabbing.
  • Supports multi-screen sharing and multi-screen transmission in the car
  • Support stereo dynamic to panoramic sound technology
  • Introducing AI large model Coffee GPT

According to Great Wall Motors' summary, this Coffee OS 3 update is a "five good" update that is "good-looking, easy-to-use, fun, good-sounding, and very smart". It removes old problems, adds new materials, and keeps pace with aesthetics and ease of use. It has kept up with the pace of the industry, and putting large models on the car, turning stereo sound into panoramic sound, and operating gestures in the air are relatively new technologies in the automotive industry.

But what impressed me most was that Wei Jianjun came to the front of the stage at these events, demonstrating Great Wall Motors' attitude towards transformation and competition.

Whether it is appearing at the Xiaomi Automobile SU7 launch conference, exchanging cars with Lei Jun, or constantly updating social networks and participating in live broadcasts, Wei Jianjun is a traditional car company leader who comes to the stage and is very popular with passers-by.

Many traditional car companies that have been declining in terms of public opinion and sales have long been aware of the transformation of consumers in brand promotion tastes and intelligent requirements, but they have lacked a real wake-up call until Xiaomi Automobile SU7 came out with huge traffic and order volume. Later, many car companies really realized that times have changed.

However, due to traffic anxiety, many car companies have changed their actions. They have either received warnings from lawyers or invited controversial figures to cooperate in overturning the car. In contrast, Great Wall has been making constant moves, but fortunately it behaves and does not leave. It's off-beat, doesn't seek shortcuts, and doesn't sound like a father.

In a word, the recent perception of Great Wall Motors is no longer simply "hard". The changes in smart driving and smart cockpits, including communication, have made people realize that this northern car company has changed a lot, and there is no reason why. The history of established car companies is bleak.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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