Google’s first foldable phone is coming? Pixel Fold is expected to be released by the end of the year

If you miss the vent of a smart watch, will you miss the vent of a folding screen phone?

Since Samsung stumbled and released the Galaxy Fold, news of domestic and foreign manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei, Motorola, and OPPO have been applying for patents for folding screens. Google, which has always followed the "stick to oneself" route in its mobile phone business, is also rumored to seize the fold of the folding screen.

In August 2020, foreign media 9to5Google broke the news: An internal document indicated that Google plans to release the foldable phone Pixel Fold in the fourth quarter of 2021, and the codename of this device is named "Passport" in the document.

▲Image from: Google

Recently, South Korean media TheElec reported that Samsung will start producing foldable OLED screens for Google, Vivo and Xiaomi in October this year. Among them, Google will use a 7.6-inch internal folding screen, vivo will use an 8-inch main screen and a 6.5-inch second screen, and Xiaomi will also have a new folding screen mobile phone with an 8.01-inch main screen and a 6.52-inch second screen.

For Google's mobile phone business this year, the focus of the outside world has always been on the "pro son" Pixel 6 series. We also wrote in the article "Renewing from the inside to the outside. Will Pixel go from being popular to being popular?" "It is mentioned that this time the Pixel 6 series will have the possibility of self-developed chips, large plastic appearance and other changes, and whether these will allow Google to combine hardware and software to bring the Pixel to a new level, it needs to be verified by the market.

Returning to the launch of the folding screen Pixel, this seems to be a signal that Google’s mobile phone business is "seeking new markets." Samsung is a leading manufacturer of folding screen technology. Although the Galaxy Fold released in 2019 has undergone repeated rescues and the final sales performance has been poor, the Galaxy Z Flip released in 2020, the Huawei MATE X2 released in 2021, and the Xiaomi MIX FOLD released in 2021. The market response has been good, and "folding screen mobile phones" are also bringing new topics to the heat.

▲Samsung Z Fold 2, picture from: The Verge

From the user's point of view, it seems that the current folding screen mobile phones are still fresher than practical. Technical reliability, price acceptance, and supporting ecology are all the main factors that users have repeatedly thought about. However, the "fuzzy positioning" of fine products is the biggest obstacle to the delay of making folding screens into the mainstream. After all, the manufacturing technology can be refined, the high prices of mobile phones are always affordable, and it seems that it takes time to explore what substantive changes the product can bring to users.

From the perspective of manufacturers, the topic of folding screen mobile phones is hot. The birth of a folding screen mobile phone will undoubtedly bring users' attention to the brand, and there will be business where there are people. The high-end pricing group, and the research and development of cutting-edge folding screens can also play a role in enhancing the image of the brand's high-end flagship.

Even if there are not too many revelations about Google's folding screen phones, it can't hide Google's motives after missing the smart watch's outlet, and want to use folding screen phones to make up for regret.

As early as 2019, Google revealed its plan to develop a folding screen mobile phone. After applying for a folding screen patent at the beginning of the year, Mario Queiroz, an executive responsible for mobile phone development, said in an interview: Google has designed a prototype of a folding phone.

In the past two years, if Google Pixel Fold can be launched, I would like to give Google another try in the mobile phone market, and try to see if Pixel can turn a bicycle into a motorcycle.

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