“Google” is the most searched word on Bing: defense against the European court

The most searched word on Bing is 'Google' : so the company, through the words of the lawyer Alfonso Lamadrid, defended itself before the European court. The legal battle between the European Union and Google began on September 27, after the US company requested the withdrawal of the 43.4 billion euro fine issued in 2019. An abuse of "power" by Google according to the court of justice , to which the company replies that " people use Google because they want to, not because they are forced ".

The European Commission has accused Google of abusing its dominant position
The European Commission has accused Google of abusing its dominant position

The judicial struggle has just begun, and Google has no intention of paying the fine that it claims is unfair. The prosecution believes that the service company is abusing its dominant position to impose itself on manufacturers and force them to install applications such as Chrome and Search in order to provide access to Google Play in return.

“Google” is the most searched word on Bing

Google is so successful that it is the most searched term on Bing. The battle between Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company, and Europe is also continuing with “jokes”, albeit true. However, this will not be enough to change the mind of the European court, which accuses the company of having exploited its privileged position to force several mobile device manufacturers to install their applications and enter Chrome as the default search engine.

We presented evidence that the most common search term on Bing is 'Google'. People use Google because they choose to, not because they have to. The company's market share in general search is consistent with consumer surveys, which show that 95% of users prefer Google to other search engines.

Alfonso Lamadrid, lawyer of Alphabet Inc.

Google thus clashes with the European Commission, arguing the injustice of the sentence. The evidence brought by the company clearly shows consumer preference. Not that there were any doubts about this, but one wonders if these demonstrations are enough to relieve Google of the indictment . If on the one hand, in fact, there is no doubt that the company's tools are among the most used and preferred in the world, on the other hand, attention is being paid to a very different point.

Google is the most searched word on Bing: this is how the company defends itself from the accusations of the European court
Google is the most searched word on Bing: this is how the company defends itself from the accusations of the European court

According to the European Court of Justice, Google's incorrect practice lies in having forced Android smartphone and tablet manufacturers to pre-install Search and Chrome on their devices. In return, the company would grant him access to Google Play . Google also would have prevented suppliers from using derivative Android versions (Fork) , based on the open source AOSP project. According to the evidence gathered by the court, this mode of action would go on since 2011 and would have effectively led to the monopoly of smartphones by Google. The company, for its part, denies any accusation, stating that Android has always provided the same possibilities for everyone.

The research of AHREFS

The legal battle is going to be very long and it is difficult to predict how it will end. The fine requested is not the first for Google: in 2017 Europe had sanctioned the company for an amount of 2.42 billion for Google shopping. Also in this case the accusation is of having granted a legal advantage to the purchasing service, promoting it to the detriment of those of competitors.

Google has behaved illegally under EU antitrust rules because it prevented other companies from competing on their own merits and from innovating. Above all, it has denied European consumers the possibility of freely choosing services and reaping the full benefits of innovation.

Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner responsible for Competition. From the press release of the European Commission of 27 June 2017

Google for its part defends itself by declaring itself the preferred service provider of users and relies on the search of AHREFS , a company providing SEO services. According to the report, 'Google' is the most searched word on Bing globally, and third in the United States. Following YouTube and Facebook, and in fourth position Gmail. There is talk of a monthly search volume of 40.6 million searches with the term 'Google', corresponding to 13.2% of total searches. User preference is indisputable, but it remains to be seen whether the company has used unfair practices to achieve such a level of "dominance" .

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