Google, Instagram….. Why are the new logos of big brands always being complained about?

Google is in trouble again, but this time it was not fined, but mocked by the user group.

Recently, Google released a number of new logos for products including Gmail, but users did not buy it. There were a large number of stalks on Twitter and other social media, mocking the new logo for being too ugly, and the original Gmail red and white pseudo-materialized envelope recognition The degree is extremely high, and people will know it is mail at a glance.

After the revised logo, there is only one M shape composed of four colors of red, blue, yellow, and green. If you are not a user who uses Gmail frequently, it will take some time to get familiar.

The logo changes more and more "ugly"? There are so many things like this

The logo revision that was mocked by the group this time is actually a brand upgrade plan that Google has been preparing for a long time. In addition to Gmail, the upgraded products also include a series of Google suites such as Google Maps, Calendar, and Google Drive.

The most notable feature of the revision is that the four colors of the Google brand, namely red, blue, yellow, and green, are integrated into the major products. Similar to the four-color G word in the previous Google search, the mail has been changed to the four-color M symbol , The document has been changed to a four-color rectangle symbol, and the calendar uses a four-color rectangle to frame the date number. Other modifications are similar to the above.

▲The old logo is on the top, the new logo is on the bottom

There is no harm if there is no contrast. Compared with the previous logo, although the design of the new logo is guaranteed to have a very strong correlation with the Google brand, it looks too confusing, and because the colors are the same, it is easy to misunderstand.

Although most people now have mobile phones and computers, the screen size has been greatly improved, but the extra screens often contribute to more content, so similar logos stay on the same screen, if the background color If they are consistent, people are hard to identify.

For example, the most common scene of Gmail-in the browser, imagine that if more than 30 web pages are opened at the same time, Chrome can only display the symbol of each tab, the all-color Google icon on the tab, let alone find a symbol The page is very difficult, just watching a large amount of the same color content appear, you will feel dizzy.

▲ It is not easy to find a new logo on the browser tab. Image from: Twitter user @Tomas Pueyo

This is also the content that users mock Google the most on Twitter. A large number of similar colors appear on the same screen and in the same background color. It is difficult to distinguish which is Gmail and which is a map icon. The differences between the icons are only marked by symbols of different shapes. not enough.

Covering most of its product logos with brand-related colors, only modifying the shape of the product, and highlighting the difference through the shape is not the only operation of Google. Instagram has gone earlier on this road of being complained of "ugliness".

In 2016, when Instagram changed its classic "Polaroid" camera logo to a flat camera logo, it caused a lot of complaints. Everyone claimed that the new logo was really ugly, and even petitioned Instagram to replace the logo.

There has also been a wave of complaints about the logo in such communities as Twitter, Reddit, and Weibo. Some time ago, the return of the classic icon of the 10th anniversary of Instagram as an easter egg also caused a lot of discussion.

▲ The old Instagram logo is on the top, the new one is on the bottom

In addition to the Polaroid logo, Instagram, like Google this time, has changed its Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse icons. It also uses the same brand color as Instagram, only the shape is different.

When they stay together, if they are squeezed in the same background color area, it is not easy to identify.

▲After Instagram modified the logo, "God Tucao" on Reddit

Coincidentally, in addition to Instagram, the fashion brand Burberry was also complained for modifying the logo. The new logo removed the classic equestrian knight logo, leaving only the text, and the font was changed to a thicker and more obvious sans serif font.

From the classic image, handwriting to the standard sans serif logo, Burberry's logo suddenly became a lot of monotonous. It is no wonder that a large number of users said that the new logo made a fashion brand lose its unique tone and become more like other brands. Just as boring.

▲The old logo on the left and the new logo on the right

The modification of logos by brands and institutions is an interesting branch in the history of technology development. It not only shows people's aesthetic changes of the times, but also shows the impact of technology on people's lives.

The logo you like has become ugly, maybe just because the environment has changed

What is it that makes brands replace their logos at the risk of being complained by consumers, or even reducing their brand influence?

Behind this is the impact caused by the changes in the living environment.

In 2013, with the release of iOS 7, flat design was on the big stage of the times. This design style also attracted a large number of brands to follow up and became the mainstream of the design world for a while. As for why it should be changed from pseudo-materialized design Flat design, Apple's answer is:

Reduce visual complexity and allow users to focus on the content.

▲ The left is a pseudo-material design, the right is a flat design

The reasons why brands such as Instagram and Burberry modify their logos are similar to this. You must know that nowadays is not the world where paper content such as newspapers and books are used as mainstream media. The screen has become the largest channel for everyone to obtain information.

The screens are large and small, and the flat design can be better adapted than the quasi-materialization. The thicker sans-serif fonts can be seen more clearly on various screens and the communication cost is lower.

Modern logos are also more advanced in the use of colors than before. Some time ago, the modification of the color of the Alipay icon caused a lot of discussion. The color can actually affect our perception. Alipay officials also responded to the icon color event, indicating the blue of the old version of Alipay. Feel more calm and have a sense of trust.

In color psychology, colors of different color depths give people different feelings. Blue generally gives people a feeling of firmness and reliability. In addition to Alipay, Internet companies such as Facebook have also deepened the icon color, which can give people With a firm and reliable feeling, it can deepen the recognition.

In addition, the advancement of the Internet and various modes of transportation has not only greatly improved the speed of information dissemination, but what is happening in the United States today can be displayed simultaneously through social media. The convenient transportation also allows people to go to the world at a lower cost. Everywhere.

Globalization is the main theme of this era. The speed and breadth of information dissemination have been greatly improved. Information overload is the norm. As a kind of information, logos also need to grab the attention of the audience. Logos must also learn to improve communication. Efficiency and content display sales, reduce their own communication costs, flat adjustment is the choice to adapt to the environment.

▲ The classic YSL brand logo has also been replaced, and then changed back to the original version

Many of the original classic images are gradually becoming blurred in today’s environment. The image of the knight in Burberry’s classic logo is unfamiliar to many non-UK consumers, but for the generation after 00 and even younger. It is said that the Polaroid on the iconic Instagram icon is already an old-age product that has entered the cemetery, and little is known about it.

What's more, which of the current brands don't want to attract young consumers? Strong spending power and willing to try new things are one of the most worthy consumers for most companies.

The Internet, globalization, and other environmental changes have directly or indirectly contributed to the modification of logos by brands. Communication efficiency has become more and more important. Those beautiful and unique pseudo-materialized designs and handwritten logo designs have gradually become clearer and more efficient in communication. High flat design, instead of sans serif font.

Of course, this does not mean that all brands and organization logos will be adjusted accordingly, and some organizations still stick to it.

Logos carry more and more content

The NASA logo "meatball" we see most often is not its only logo. In 1975, NASA also went on the same path with the trend and tried to launch a more modern logo, which was called a "worm."

▲ NASA worm logo image from: hypebeast

The worm logo is a logo composed of four letters from NASA. It is very concise and highly recognizable. It was once favored by fashion brands. VANS, Coach, street fashion brand Heron Preston, etc. have all used worms on their products. logo, and got a very good reputation.

▲ Products launched by Coach after being authorized by NASA

Of course, there are also reasons why NASA is more open to cooperative review. Generally speaking, if brands need to put the NASA logo on their own products, they only need to send emails according to the requirements of NASA's official website. NASA has someone responsible for approving related matters. Cooperation.

Moreover, this cooperation is not limited to large brands. In principle, NASA is open to all brands. As long as they follow NASA’s logo usage specifications, such as NASA logos cannot be split and used, the colors that can be used for worm logos are red and warm gray. , White and black, etc.

▲ NASA logo "Meatballs"

The NASA worm logo has been recognized whether it is public praise or the aesthetics and recognizability of the design. However, NASA still disabled the worm logo in 1992 and did not restore it until this year. It also emphasizes that NASA’s “meatball” is NASA’s main focus. logo.

Logically speaking, a more concise worm logo is more suitable for modern environments. Why did NASA choose meatballs? The answer is on NASA's official website:

In 1992, the then director Dan Goldin brought back NASA's meatballs from retirement to evoke memories of the glorious years of Apollo's huge leap and to show that "the magic is back to NASA" .

When Apollo landed on the moon, the meatball was the main logo of NASA at that time. In addition to the image output in classic movies such as "A Space Odyssey 2001", the meatball logo was almost tied to the moon landing and NASA. It is The cultural symbol of NASA's moon landing.

▲ NASA once launched a logo graphic design manual

In this era, NASA logo meatballs are not outdated.

Similarly, there is the logo of the Bulls in the NBA. This red Bull logo has never changed since the establishment of the Bulls, and its design origin is also very simple, because Chicago, the league city where the Bulls is located, was the meat of the world at that time. As a processing factory, beef was the main meat at the time, and finally adopted the current bull logo smoothly.

The reason why it has not been affected by modern design trends is that the cultural image of the Bulls logo is no longer just the city of Chicago. As a member of the Bulls, Jordan has made achievements in the history of the NBA. He has won six championships in eight years and his huge popularity has been inherited by the Bulls logo. This red bull symbolizes Chicago, Jordan, and victory.

Just like the luminous logo that people miss the Mac, the logo has been used and spread for many years, and it has formed an emotional connection with the audience. The logo has become a cultural symbol. It is a condensed symbol of the brand and represents the coolness of Apple products. New, represents the mystery and exploration spirit of NASA, and represents the Bulls’ pursuit of victory.

The environment of the times is constantly changing, but this condensed emotional reference will not change clearly.

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