Google Gemini AI: The demo video wasn’t entirely authentic

Google, the tech giant that has not wanted to be left behind in the field of artificial intelligence, recently sparked excitement and controversy with the launch of its Gemini AI platform. Gemini's initial presentation impressed many, but the truth soon emerged: the demonstration video wasn't entirely authentic . Rather than a real-time demonstration, the video was a representation of what Gemini might be capable of, rather than an actual test of its capabilities.

The capabilities of Google Gemini AI: fact and fiction

Gemini, described as capable of understanding and interacting with multimodal prompts (text and image simultaneously), was depicted in the video as responding to these challenges in real time. However, this did not correspond to reality. The video exaggerated Gemini's capabilities, showing an idealized and inauthentic version of its capabilities.

Behind the scenes of the video

It turned out that the video had been optimized for presentation: latency had been reduced and Gemini's responses had been shortened for brevity. In essence, the demonstration was not done in real time or in a natural voice, but was rather a set of incremental prompts carefully calibrated to achieve the desired result.

Google later clarified that the video's intention was to inspire, rather than deceive. The prompts and responses shown in the video were real but condensed for brevity, illustrating what could be possible with multimodal user experiences developed with Gemini. The goal was to stimulate the creativity of developers.

The competitive context: Google Gemini AI versus ChatGPT

In an industry dominated by OpenAI and ChatGPT, Google finds itself in an unusual position, not used to being second. Despite this, Gemini possesses significant potential. Future comparisons between ChatGPT and Gemini, as well as Gemini and Bard (another Google generative AI model), are bound to attract attention in the AI ​​world. Gemini could still turn out to be a great product, although it doesn't currently live up to Google's initial expectations. Gemini's story highlights the importance of transparency in AI technology and the crucial role of trust and honesty in the presentation of technology products.

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