Google down in different countries

Incredible but true, even the older ones can fall. So Google also suffered a general downturn in its services. Gmail, YouTube, Drive as well as all the big G services have suffered a setback a few minutes ago. Obviously, the damage did not go unnoticed given the amount of users who use Google services every day and at all times. So on social networks there are memes and teased about what happened.

Monday full of deadlines Google down: Bonjour
One of the many memes on the web to describe the Google down

A month ago YouTube suffered a similar problem, panicking thousands of users in the middle of the night. In this case, the number of users has significantly increased also due to the numerous activities also linked to distance learning. In fact, even the latter have been significantly affected by the malfunctioning of the platforms.

Localization of down Google

As always, let's analyze in which areas of the planet the problem has occurred. In our help, as always, the Downdetector platform that helps us understand the extent of this malfunction of the Google servers and in which areas the malfunction is located.

Google down peak

The peak of the down phase occurred at 1pm today, when the number of reports exceeded 25,000. As for the geographical area that involved this problem of down to all Google platforms, we know for sure that it was not particularly limited.

In fact, from the images it can be seen how the areas concerning the down of the Google platforms concerned the new and the old continent at the same time. As usual, the hashtags #googledown #youtubedown #gmaildown immediately became a trend on social media, exceeding 5000 tweets.

Causes of down Google

At the moment the causes related to this down are not known. What is known for sure is that the error presented on the platforms is due to the difficulty of reaching the servers of big G. From the 500 error present during a Google search to the 502 error present on Youtube.

Something went wrong ... YouTube, This error came up during the Google and Youtube down
On YouTube, the server down error is presented to us like this.

Whether it was a hacker attack is still unknown, and no statement has yet been released on the company's social accounts. We will therefore have to wait for further updates to understand what exactly happened. Obviously as soon as we will have certain news and verified we will keep you updated.

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