Google DeepMind presents Gemini artificial intelligence: it operates on texts, codes, audio, images and videos

Google DeepMind has introduced Gemini, its most advanced and versatile AI model to date. This development marks an important advance in AI research, with significant implications for the technology field and beyond.

Gemini's multimodal capabilities

This artificial intelligence stands out for its multimodal nature. It was designed to understand and operate on various types of information, including text, code, audio, images, and video . This ability to process and synthesize multimodal information in a seamless and integrated manner sets Gemini above previous models.

Optimized versions of gemini

Gemini 1.0 is available in three optimized versions : Gemini Ultra, for highly complex tasks; Gemini Pro, for a wide range of activities; and Gemini Nano, efficient for use on mobile devices. This flexibility allows Gemini to be used in a variety of contexts and platforms.

Performance and applications


Gemini Ultra's performance exceeded existing benchmark results on a variety of tasks, including understanding images, audio, video and mathematical reasoning. He has also achieved outstanding results in the field of programming, understanding and generating high-quality code in several programming languages.

Efficiency and safety

Google AI has been trained on Google AI-optimized infrastructure, making it, according to Google, one of the most reliable, scalable and efficient models to train and use. Additionally, safety and accountability were a priority in its design, with comprehensive safety assessments including considerations to prevent bias and toxicity.

Accessibility and future developments

Google AI is already being implemented in various Google products and services, including Pixel and Bard. Additionally, AI is expected to be made available to a wider audience, through platforms such as Google AI Studio and Google Cloud Vertex AI, giving developers and enterprise customers access to advanced AI tools.

A new chapter in AI

The introduction of Google AI marks a significant turning point in the development of AI, paving the way for new possibilities for innovation and application. As AI continues to improve its capabilities, including advances in planning and memory, it is poised to transform the way we live and work, enhancing human creativity and accelerating progress in a variety of fields.

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