Google, dark mode arrives: here’s how to activate it

The announcement comes directly from a Google Product Support Manager : the dark mode so dear to developers is finally available also for the search engine page . The mode has already been in testing since the beginning of the year and will be available to everyone over the next few weeks. Someone has already managed to activate it and has already posted some screenshots of Google's new look.

Google dark mode: how to activate it

Switching to Google's dark mode is very simple: just click on Settings (top right of the browser), then on Appearance and select the mode between light and dark . Dark mode will be applied to the Google homepage, search results and settings, but more additions are planned in the future. If you don't find the switch between the two modes, you'll have to be patient for a while: Google's dark mode should become active for everyone by mid-October.

I'm thrilled to announce that starting today, and for everyone in the coming weeks, the Dark theme is now available for Google Search pages on the desktop. Thank you for all your comments on this forum letting us know this was a feature you wanted to see!

Hung F., Google Search Product Support Manager

The ability to choose dark mode for the Google homepage will arrive for everyone by mid-October.
The ability to choose dark mode for the Google homepage will arrive for everyone by mid-October.

The new background is not actually black, but dark gray, the same tone as in incognito mode. The logo and all elements of the homepage, on the other hand, turn white, as well as the titles and previews of the search results. The dark setting will also affect the other sections (news, purchases, books, images). Users were immediately enthusiastic about the news, so much so that at the moment nothing else is talked about. On the other hand, the community had been asking Google for years to switch to dark mode, and not only for search, but also for Gmail, Maps, Drive and all other applications.

Dark Mode: Why is it so popular?

Dark mode has been in fashion for many years now . Initially used by a niche of developers, over time it has managed to win over the majority of users. Among those who prefer it because they consider it elegant and those who instead derive a real benefit from it, now the dark mode is among the most used on applications that support it.

Beyond the aesthetic preference, this mode offers two significant advantages. In the case of poorly lit environments, a dark background greatly reduces visual fatigue , making it easier to read the screen. The mode is very convenient if used at night or in any case in workstations where the light is low, while in the case of strongly illuminated spaces, the light mode is to be preferred. The other advantage lies in extending the battery life for smartphones and tablets that use dark mode. This is true for OLED and AMOLED displays, but not for LCD screens, for which the background color makes no difference to energy savings.

Dark mode has been very successful in recent years.
Dark mode has been very successful in recent years.

The " race to dark mode " makes you smile if we think that the first computers were all in dark mode , the only one, in truth, that could be used due to the limitations of the old cathode ray tubes. The light mode was introduced later to make the display similar to paper, so that it was easier for users to get closer to using the computer.

Now the choice between the two modes depends mainly on personal taste and habit . The use of dark mode also affects marketing choices and depends on the service that wants to apply it. Let's think, for example, of streaming platforms such as Netflix , PrimeVideo or Disney +: all three have dark tones, and this aspect helps to entice users to subscribe. Almost all viewers access the content in the evening or at night, and the choice of colors is appropriate for that particular time of day. Furthermore, a black or dark background stands out the colors more than a light one , influencing the user's choice and being able to keep it longer on the platform.

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