Google Career Certificate, the Google-branded degree course

In recent days, Google announced the launch of the new project called Google Career Certificate . This new Big G adventure enters a path of change that the world of education has undertaken, sometimes even for causes imposed from above as the pandemic underway on the planet can be considered.

The idea behind it comes from a practice that the company already implements with its employees, namely that of allowing those who do not have a degree and who work in IT support to specialize . The novelty lies in the fact that they will be made available to anyone at a very attractive price. These will be courses that do not require any particular previous experience and that will allow easier entry into the world of work. The intent of this training course will be to prepare students to learn the skills most requested by those who work in the web world.

Google launches its degree program called Google Career Certificate
The initiative carried out by Google will serve to guarantee access to the world of work in an easier way. In fact, students will be trained to ensure the learning of the most requested skills

The reasons for the project

Among the driving reasons of this particular project there is certainly the need to provide the world of work, and in particular to Google and its partners, professionals in some strategic areas . It could be argued that this should be the task of traditional universities but unfortunately this is not always the case. The impediments are usually due to the cost that each student should bear and the need to provide in a short time as many professionals as possible with the specific skills required and to continuous innovation.

“The university is out of reach for many Americans. We need new and accessible solutions, such as new enhanced professional programs or online education to help America recover and rebuild itself. "

These are the words of Kent Walker, Google's senior vice president of global affairs. The courses prepared by Google will have a total cost of $ 300 and a maximum duration of six months . The way to use these courses has not been explained but most likely they will be carried out on online platforms in order to make them very easy to use.

Doubts and perplexities of users

The project was not only received positively, in fact some perplexities and doubts were immediately expressed. How much can a multi-year degree program be condensed into a few months of study? The concern is also stressed by universities who are wondering to what extent such a project can diminish the work being done in universities all over the world. The company takes shelter by stating that Google Career Certificate provides specialized training courses at the end of which students will be subjected to a final exam to evaluate the skills acquired. Not a simple e-learning course but a tool that can be used to improve the country's economy and to ensure fair education for all.

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