Google Analytics prohibited in Italy: here are the best alternatives

After Austria and France, the use of Google Analytics is also declared illegal in Italy . This is declared by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, denouncing that the information collected on visitors is then transferred to a country without an adequate level of protection, namely the United States.

The sites that use Google Analytics, in fact, collect a lot of information on interactions with visitors such as IP address or browser used, version of the operating system, date and time of access, and then transfer all the information collected to servers located in the USA.

But what exactly happened? With a provision of 9 June 2022, the Guarantor for the protection of personal data warned a company that used Google Analytics on its site, recognizing the processing of users' personal data through Google Analytics as illegal due to the transfer outside the EU and, in particularly in the United States, of the data collected by the instrument in question.

The authority has particularly focused on collecting users' IP addresses . Google Analytics offers an option called IP-Anonymization, which allows you to obscure IP addresses, but according to the guarantor this does not guarantee that Google LLC is not able to re-identify the user , thanks to the information collected from other sources.

The IP address constitutes personal data to the extent that it allows the identification of an electronic communication device, thus making the data subject indirectly identifiable as a user. All this especially where, as in the present case, the IP is associated with other information relating to the browser used, the date and time of navigation. IP-Anonymization (ed) does not prevent Google LLC from re-identifying the user himself, taking into account the overall information held by the same relating to web users

There are many sites in Italy that use Google Analytics , from the smallest to those with millions of page views per month. So what are the best alternatives that are able to collect complete statistics while respecting the Italian and European regulations on privacy?

Plausible Analytics: the first alternative to Google Analytics

google analytics

Plausible Analytics is the first alternative we propose. With a (negligible) cost of about 5 euros per month, it is proposed as a valid alternative to more privacy-friendly Google Analytics . It is open-source, the code is on GitHub, and offers a minimalist interface but with many details.

Simple Analytics

google analytics

Simple Analytics is another statistics service that focuses decisively on respect for privacy, underlining it several times. It offers a simple and clean interface and allows you to access various details to find out more about your site visitors. It offers several plans, and they are quite cheap, and the base starts at less than 10 euros a month.

Parsely: another Google Analytics alternative

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Parsely is part of the services offered by WordPress, to provide a complete analytics of visitors to your site. Its strong point is performance and it can be used freely on WordPress , while for business use it is necessary to request a personalized quote.


Matomo is certainly one of the best solutions for those looking for a service that is a complete alternative to Google Analytics , offering complete and accurate statistics, but which does not reconstruct anonymous data in any way. It offers several plans with prices around 17 euros per month.

Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics is another statistics service with particular regard to privacy , in fact only the most important metrics are collected. Prices start at around 12 euros per month.

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