Goodbye, everyone film and television, goodbye, youth

Thanks to any subtitle group, no matter how big or small, because of you, watching whales and dolphins at sea and watching the moon from the top of the mountain is no longer an extravagant hope even if they are thousands of miles apart. ​​​​—— Shining Love (Weibo)

Remember it?

Next, never see it again.

At 11:57 on February 3, 2021, a piece of news completely overturned the film and television circle: Renren Film and Television was checked. Different from the previous few times, this time it really moved.

▲ Editorials published by the media specifically for Renren Film and Television being investigated and punished. Picture from: The Paper

With the final word, the resolution was swift and decisive. Everyone's film and television should never have a chance to "resurrect." Many film and television fans expressed regret and reluctance. Goodbye, everyone film, goodbye, youth.


Many people know that Renren's subtitle group is because of American dramas such as "Prison Break" and "The Big Bang Theory". With the popularity of Mi Shuai and Xie Eryi, the subtitle group has also moved from the niche circle to the general public.

This little-known subtitle group was founded in 2003 by the Canadian Chinese student Xiaoguishen. It is a non-profit network translation enthusiast organization that specializes in translating and translating overseas film and television subtitles and publishing foreign film and television resources for free through the Internet.

Remember the PC network era when film and television resources were extremely scarce?

Users who are hungry for high-quality film and television resources encounter Renren’s subtitles group, it is like dry wood meets a raging fire. The spread of a single spark quickly sets a prairie fire. Everyone’s film and television subtitle groups are popular on the Internet. Many people search for resources and bring "Everyone The four words "movie", because it is a guarantee of high quality .

After several years of development, there are more and more film and television enthusiasts. On June 1, 2006, Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group opened the forum. A year later, the subtitling team was changed to celebrity film and television, announcing the purpose of "sharing, learning, and progress", attracting many film fans and subtitle workers.

▲ The story of a member of the subtitles group in the documentary "Other". Picture from: Xianzi and her friends (Weibo). Documentary from: BIE Other (Weibo)

At that time, the Renren Film and Television Subtitling Team revealed in an interview that there were about 300 to 400 members in the subtitle team. "Our staff is mobile. For example, someone may have to take a postgraduate entrance examination or look for a job in the past six months, and he will stop working. He will come back after this time, so there are about dozens to hundreds of people who are active in each time period. If the proportion is the most, it is English translation, followed by Japanese, Korean and various minor languages, French, German, and Italian. There are dozens of people on the timeline in Russian and Spanish.”

▲ The story of a member of the subtitles group in the documentary "Other". Picture from: Xianzi and her friends (Weibo). Documentary from: BIE Other (Weibo)

Golden age

In the following three years, Renren Film and Television further broke the circle and became the "God in the Heart" of many film and television fans.

How hot is it? Even Wang Sicong said that he had been a member of the subtitle team for Renren Film and Television.

In those years, we could gossiping and thanking our friends unscrupulously, ridiculing him with a dull and lovely scientist tone.

▲ "The Big Bang Theory"

Every Friday night, we can give the CP to the roll blessing and the peanut group, and infer from the clues of the plot that peanuts are the proper true love for roll blessing.

▲ "Detective Sherlock", Volume Fu has now become Doctor Strange

On weekends, you can calm down and see how the independent female lawyer in "The Good Wife" has a beautiful turnaround in life and career.

"The Proud Wife"

During those sleepless nights, we fought zombies and licked with Alice in "Resident Evil", fought against unfair fate with William Wallace in "Brave Heart", and fought against Megatron with Transformers to save the earth .


Just translating the subtitles, you can’t achieve "Fengshen". Everyone’s film and television subtitles team is godly. When translating almost free of charge, they can contribute incomparably more easy-to-understand plot stalks, and they can also supplement film and television resources intimately. Relevant knowledge helps everyone understand the plot .

▲ These jobs are basically unpaid, and truly achieve "power generation with love"

It is no exaggeration to say that Renren Film and Television not only eases the contradiction of extreme lack of film and television resources to a certain extent, but also promotes the development of domestic film and television objectively. Many domestic film and television works can see the shadow of foreign film and television works.


Piracy is always piracy, and gratuitous is not a reason to wander in the gray area for a long time.

The three years from 2006 to 2009 were not only the three years when piracy flourished, but also the three years when genuine film and television platforms were gradually taking shape. Youku, Tudou, Baofengyingyin, etc. were established one after another. Although they also provided some pirated resources at that time, they generally went to genuine platforms. Direction to go.

The dispute over the interests of genuine and piracy has gradually formed.

In 2009, in order to create a good copyright protection environment, many film and television resource providers including Renren Film and Television were investigated and punished by relevant departments, including the top BT providers in China such as "Eden", "BT China Alliance" and "Yoyou Bird". 111 audio-visual program service websites including the website were shut down for rectification. In order to survive, Renren Film and Television announced the transformation of the website, abandoning video downloads and only providing subtitle services.

▲ In 2011, Renren Video sold hard drives for survival and triggered panic buying. Picture from: Yin Kouyang (Douban)

By 2010 and 2011, and Tencent video iQIYI have been established, the official formation of genuine concept, various film and television resources gradually began to pay big bucks to buy the copyright, the fight against piracy resources have gradually strengthened, everyone can set Subtitle Switch to compliant foreign course video resource translation.

▲"People's Daily Overseas Edition" once praised Renren's video subtitle group, calling it "the knowledge evangelist in the Internet age". Picture from: People's Daily Online

The good times are not long, and everyone's film and television will basically be shut down.


At present, Renren Film and Television is no longer available, and many previous users have expressed their views on the matter online.

Some applauded, thinking that piracy should be punished, some regretted and missed everyone's film and television, and some complained and puzzled, worried that they would never find such high-quality and cheap film and television resources.

You know the user has calculated an account:

According to the information disclosed by the police, it involved more than 20,000 film and television resources (sets) and hired translators for about 400 yuan/set (set). The amount involved was more than 16 million, the profit was more than 8 million, and the number of registered members was more than 8 million. As a rough estimate, the average profit earned on each registered member is 1 yuan.

This is the reason why some netizens sighed after the investigation and punishment of Renren Film and Television. Compared with some genuine film resources that are of low quality and low price, some netizens felt that "Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group is called the film and television industry, I am not the god of medicine."

But piracy is always piracy, and illegality is illegal.

Attorney Zhang Yaojun, a partner of Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm, told Leda Finance that, according to Article 217 of my country's Criminal Law, relevant personnel of the "Renren Film and Television Subtitling Group" may be suspected of infringing copyright. His behavior has reached the level of huge amounts of illegal gains or other particularly serious circumstances, so he may be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 3 years but not more than 7 years, and may also be fined at the same time.

According to people familiar with the matter, Renren Film and Television and the subtitle group are two independent existences. The subtitle group is a non-profit group that loves to translate film and television resources without compensation out of interest, and Renren Film and Television takes the translated film and television resources of the subtitle group. The operator who is going to make a profit, the Renren Film and Television operator who is currently being investigated is not a member of the subtitle team, but the news has not been confirmed. Hearing this news, many people breathed a sigh of relief. In the future, they may still see the translation results of the original film and television of the members of the subtitle team.


Knowing that Renren Film and Television was investigated and punished, many people questioned: When piracy is banned, when can I watch genuine foreign dramas?

The answer is no.

In March 2014, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the "Supplementary Notice on Further Improving the Management of Online Audiovisual Programs such as Online Dramas and Micro-movies", requiring Internet audiovisual program service units to implement a "review before broadcasting" management system for content control. U.S. dramas such as "The Big Bang Theory" and "House of Cards", which are currently on the air, are off the shelves.

In September 2014, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the "Notice on Further Implementing the Regulations on the Management of Online Overseas Film and TV Dramas", reiterating the introduction of overseas dramas and the content review process, and proposed four rules: quantity limit (the number of imported film and television dramas is the previous year 30% of the number of domestic film and television dramas online), content requirements, review before broadcasting, unified registration .

Under the corresponding regulations, all imported dramas from abroad must pass the review of all films before they can be played, and the quantity is also subject to relatively strict control.

▲ The Sohu video American drama zone that was in the fire that year is also “cool''.

This is exactly what many people worry about. On the one hand, everyone agrees that the country’s corresponding regulations can "take the essence and remove the dross" of imported dramas. On the other hand, the quality of resources in domestic film and television is still uneven. There are not many works that can resonate with the whole people. The market is filled with a lot of shoddy traffic dramas and capital movies, "even to the point of insulting the audience’s IQ." If the number and quality of imported dramas cannot be guaranteed, it will be difficult to meet the needs of the public for film and television. .

Someone issued a rather sharp question:

The prerequisite for copyright protection is that you have a place to spend money to see the original, right?

Otherwise, whose copyright is being maintained now?

Farewell, everyone film and television

Wei Zeng, a lawyer at Beijing Gaopeng (Nanjing) Law Firm, said in an interview with the media: "The protection of intellectual property rights is a global trend and irreversible. Various trade agreements reached in the course of economic and trade activities between my country and other economies It also requires us to better protect intellectual property rights."

He said that China has become a major country that supports property rights, and the number of intellectual property applications is among the highest in the world. Protecting all intellectual property rights is also protecting ourselves .

As a staunch defender of intellectual property rights, Aifaner believes that everyone's film and television is suspected of illegally being an indisputable fact and believes that the law will make a fair ruling.

But as witnesses to the development of China’s mobile Internet, we have also seen the contradiction between the growing demand for high-quality film and television and the lack of domestic high-quality film and television resources. This contradiction exists objectively , such as Renren Film and Television, BT Paradise, The emergence of platforms or products such as Kuaibo has also eased this contradiction to some extent.

Everyone Film and Television is like a shooting star in the development of China's film and television industry. It gleams across the sky and illuminates the way for many people. It is also like a mirror, recording the bits and pieces in the development process, and illuminating problems. Illuminated the way out.

The end of the film and television era for everyone means that pirated film and television resources will completely lose their foothold in the country. The house has been cleaned up, the unfavorable factors have been eliminated, and the rights and interests have been protected. Next, it is up to the "regular army" to prove themselves.

Goodbye, everyone film, goodbye, youth.

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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