Glory released its first gaming notebook and also brought two new watches

On the afternoon of September 16, Honor held a new product launch conference at the Beijing Brown Sugar Box Center, launching a brand new game brand-Honor Hunter, and released the first game, Honor Hunter V700.

In addition, Honor also brought two new watch products, including the Honor Watch GS Pro, which focuses on outdoor sports, and the Honor Watch ES, which focuses on young trends.

Let's talk about the gaming notebook first. Honor Hunter V700 is the first gaming product of Honor, but in fact, Honor has set foot in the game field with routers as the entrance before. Now the launch of gaming notebooks is also a smooth task.

The Honor Hunter V700 is equipped with a 16.1-inch gaming screen, 144Hz high refresh rate and 100% sRGB color gamut. The main feature is sharp thin design, and the thickness of the body is controlled at 19.9mm, which is relatively thin in the game book.

Although the design is relatively slim, the core capacity of the game laptop has been better and the heat dissipation performance is still better. For example, the lifting wind valley design, when the game laptop is opened, the lower part of the fuselage will have a raised design. In this way, the air intake can be increased by 40% to achieve better heat dissipation.

The keyboard part provides 1.8mm keystroke, retains the numeric keypad, the fingerprint recognition module is integrated in the power button, and also supports the "injecting soul" RGB lighting effect.

The interface part provides two Type-A USB 3.2 Gen1 interfaces, one Type-A USB 2.0 interface, one USB-C USB 3.2 Gne1 interface (supporting DP1.2), HDMI 2.0 interface, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port and 3.5mm two-in-one interface. There is also a separate power port.

Thanks to the multi-screen collaboration function, the Honor Hunter V700, in addition to the commonly used multi-screen collaboration operation, also supports mobile phone touch to record highlight moments, and mobile game live mode.

Honor Hunter V700 provides three configuration versions, all of which use tenth-generation Core processors. The low configuration uses i5-10300H/GTX 1660 Ti/16GB/512GB, priced at 7499 yuan, and the middle configuration is i7-10750H/RTX 2060/16GB /512GB, the price is 8499 yuan, the top version upgrades the SSD to 1TB on this basis, and the price is 9999 yuan.

If you think the memory and hard disk are not enough, Honor Hunter V700 also leaves room for self-upgrading, you can replace the memory bar and SSD hard disk.

This product has been pre-sale today and will be sold on September 27th.

In addition to notebooks, Honor’s two watch products are also remarkable. The Honor Watch GS Pro focuses on outdoor sports, using a round bezel design with two buttons on the side. Available in four colors: Carbonite Black, Tidal Blue, Polar White and Desert Grey.

As a product for outdoor use, the Honor Watch GS Pro has a built-in 790mAh large battery, with a typical use time of 25 days.

In terms of sports health, it supports all-weather heart rate and sleep monitoring, blood oxygen detection, and 103 sports mode recording. The highlight is the support for multiple ski modes and GPS trajectory return. You are not afraid of finding the way to come.

In addition, Glory also cooperated with 301 Hospital to provide early warning of heart diseases such as premature beats and atrial fibrillation through heart data.

The Honor GS Pro is priced at 1599 yuan. Pre-orders have been opened and will be sold on September 23.

Another product, Honor Watch ES, which focuses on young trends, focuses on more mainstream features. The 1.64-inch AMOLED screen has a PPI of 326 and has more than 200 personalized dial options.

In terms of battery life, it can provide 10 days of battery life at a time, and 30 minutes of "flash charge" can provide a week of battery life. Support common functions such as access card, bus and subway card, Alipay, message call, etc.

The sports health section supports 95 exercise modes, while providing blood oxygen, pressure, heart rate, sleep monitoring and women's menstrual period management functions, and also supports heart health research. The highlight is the built-in 12 animated fitness courses.

The price of Honor Band ES is cheaper at 599 yuan, and it will also be officially launched on September 23.

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