Glory 60 Pro first launch experience: You can operate it from the air when you take a video. By the way, it also launched 778G+

In less than 6 months, the Honor Digital series was updated again, and the Honor 60 series went on the market one after another.

Similar to the "previous" Honor 50 series , the Honor 60 series also includes two models, the Honor 60 and the Honor 60 Pro.

Note that I put quotation marks on the previous game. From the perspective of the specification of the whole machine, the Honor 60 is more like an enhanced version, rather than an iterative version in the strict sense.

I remember that when I experienced the Honor 50 Pro, I think its positioning is more "clear and clear" in this generation of digital series. After Glory started again, it took a short time to clarify the positioning of several product lines.

The digital series follows the trend and fashion route, and no longer has a big deal. The Magic series, which is positioned as a high-end flagship, is sufficient to cover and expand the target audience.

With the clear positioning of the market, the update frequency of the digital series will also accelerate, two generations a year. The transformation of the Honor Digital series is quite rapid. The digital series is geared towards the mid-to-high-end market with design, texture and Vlog camera function.

The Honor 60 series is also a product launched based on this background. It has a short iteration time. It may not be so "innovative" in hardware specifications and software with the 50 series, but it has a lot of "enhancement" when it comes to the details of the product.

First launch of Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G Plus

The Honor 60 Pro once again launched the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Series SoC, but similar to the positioning of the Honor 60 series, Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G Plus is also an "enhanced" version.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G Plus is a mid-to-high-end processor that Qualcomm updated at the end of October. It is an upgraded product of 778G. The upgrade point is mainly the main frequency of the super core A78, which has been increased from 2.4GHz to 2.8GHz. The GPU is still Adreno 642L. , The rest has not changed much.

▲ Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G Plus mainly improves CPU frequency. Picture from: Qualcomm

When it comes to Honor 60 Pro, the Snapdragon 778G Plus it is equipped with has adjusted the eight core frequencies of the CPU. The super-large core A78 has been increased to 2.8GHz, the frequency of the large core (3) A78 has been increased to 2.4GHz, and the frequency of the small core (4) ) A55 is adjusted to 1.8GHz.

In this way, Honor 60 Pro will have a more obvious advantage over 77G products in terms of performance release. From the previous test, the Snapdragon 778G may be close to the level of the Snapdragon 865, while the 778G Plus is closer to the 865 Plus.

Therefore, in terms of SoC performance, the Honor 60 Pro is sufficient for most of the current national-level mobile games, and this time it also supports the 120fps high frame rate mode of "Honor of Kings". The experience in "Honor of Kings" does not lose to some flagship phones.

In the actual experience, the Honor 60 Pro is very stable at 120fps, whether it is clearing the line, heads-up, or pushing the crystal.

Similarly, in "Ace Warrior" with full special effects, the performance is still stable. Even if the picture quality is full and the special effects are fully opened, the temperature control performance of the Honor 60 Pro also maintains a very good standard, which can be described as warm and moist.

In addition to the upgrade of the internal hardware specifications, the body design has also brought some detail improvements. The addition of dual speakers increases the experience of video and audio games, and the application of the “curved surface” of the body also allows the Honor 60 Pro to be held horizontally. It is more comfortable to hold, so the experience of horizontal screen has also been upgraded.

In fact, the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform chips with the Plus suffix are mainly for overclocking the super core, but the A78 is overclocked uniformly on the Honor 60 Pro, which satisfies the continuous output of the performance under the high load of the mobile game, plus the official mobile game high With the support of the frame rate, the experience of Honor 60 Pro in the national mobile game has improved to a level.

Four-curved body, double "rings" and two-color craftsmanship

Relatively speaking, the overall lines of the Honor 60 Pro are a bit less angular and more rounded.

In the game experience, you can clearly feel the addition of the more rounded body of the Honor 60 Pro. In order to show "roundness", Honor 60 Pro uses the "four-curved" design from the original Magic.

And in order to better set off and meet the needs of the full-screen era, Honor has invested a lot of resources to solve some of the technical difficulties and design difficulties of the four-curved fuselage.

To put it simply, the "four-curved" screen of the Honor 60 Pro mainly solves the beauty of the four corners that the upper and lower surfaces intersect with the left and right surfaces.

In response to the fuselage, the presence of the four corners of the Honor 60 Pro is very low, and the entire screen has a look and feel of floating on the middle frame. Whether you swipe left or right to return, or pull down the status bar from the top of the screen, there is a smooth feel inside.

▲ The front and back sides are almost symmetrical.

Moreover, the front and back of the fuselage have a symmetrical 58° arc, and the visual and tactile senses have the same look and feel.

The screen size on the front of the Honor 60 Pro is maintained at a 6.78-inch "drilled row" OLED screen with a resolution of 2652×1200 and a ppi to 429. The font and UI are more delicate in look and feel.

In addition, this screen also supports 100% P3 color gamut and 1.07 billion color displays, and is HDR10+ certified. With dual speakers, the audio-visual experience has also improved to a level.

The screens of the Honor 60 series all support 120Hz dynamic refresh rate, which are mainly divided into three gears: 30Hz AOD scene, 60Hz static and 120Hz daily. The purpose of such adjustment is for better power consumption performance.

If the lines of the Honor 60 Pro body and the arrangement of the screens are considered to be changes in details, then the dual "rings" of the back camera and the "aesthetic" style presented by the new technology should be regarded as changes in the general direction.

If it is said that the Honor 50 series is based on the trendy color to create a gradual process, supplemented by the shiny "first snow crystal", then the Honor 60 series combines the two to make the design of the fuselage more outgoing and bold, and corresponding Glory believes that the new generation of young people likes.

This time the Honor 60 series brings two color combinations that combine "Diamond Color" craftsmanship and color gradients, one is called "Juliet" and the other is called "Illusory Starry Sky".

The color of the former is taken from Juliet Rose, while the latter presents a starry sky, warm and cold.

This time, I experienced the "Juliet" color scheme. In the absence of light, the upper part of the fuselage is white and the lower part is orange-red. With the golden lens module, it is somewhat elegant. When there is light, there will be a light blue beam of light and golden glitter on the back, with the diamond color, the whole machine changes from elegant to gorgeous.

In my hands, the complex back cover technology gives me the most intuitive feeling that it is "high-profile" and somewhat "unforgettable". Even if it is placed in a group of phones with dual coating processes, it can be distinguished by the Honor 60 series at a glance. , Full of outgoing.

In addition to the use of special crafts and special colors on the back, the design of the camera module is also more personalized. The three cameras are located in the golden double ring, and the symmetrical design is also pleasing to the eye. The 2-megapixel depth-of-field camera is hidden in the central axis, which is almost non-obtrusive.

In general, the overall design of the Honor 60 series is high-profile, but the details are complicated. Among the mobile phones currently on the market, it has a strong degree of recognition. And this "recognition" should be the judgment of the Honor 60 series for young people's preferences.

AI has also been added to the shooting of Vlog

Similar to the overall design orientation, the Honor 60 Pro continues to focus on the needs of young people for Vlog recording anytime and anywhere in the image function, and continues to expand the Vlog function, this time incorporating AI functions.

In terms of hardware specifications, the number of cameras in the Honor 60 Pro is actually reduced to 4, with a 50-megapixel, 1/2.86-inch main camera on the front, which can provide a 100° viewing angle.

The rear is a combination of three cameras, a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, a 100-megapixel main camera, and a 2-megapixel depth-of-field camera.

The specifications of the main camera are similar to the Honor 50 series. It has a 1/1.52 inch size and a full-pixel output of 100 million pixels. In the daily state, the nine-in-one mode will be used, so the single pixel size will be increased to 2.1μm, which can bring more Good physical blur and picture purity.

The ultra-wide angle of 50 million pixels adds a 2.5cm macro function, which is equivalent to a focal length of 13mm and can provide a 122° field of view.

From the configuration point of view, the front and ultra-wide-angle are the upgrade points of the Honor 60 Pro. The purpose is very clear, which is to improve the Vlog performance of the three cameras.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G Plus supports three ISPs to work at the same time. Based on this feature, plus Honor's own design of multi-channel video architecture, Honor 60 Pro supports three cameras at the same time. In practice, dual-view cameras are recorded at the same time, but the other cameras are in standby mode. When switching, they can be switched without stopping. For novices or pure recording video, multi-shot and multi-angle shooting is indeed convenient.

But there is also a pain point, that is, when shooting and shooting, you still need to click manually, which is not "smooth" enough. Honor 60 Pro introduces machine recognition gestures on the basis of multi-camera and simultaneous recording. With the support of chip AI computing power and front and rear lens algorithms, it can recognize 5 kinds of "space gestures" to control operations such as opening and stopping, and changing lenses.

▲ Make a fist to activate the “Picture in Picture'' function.

Specifically, the palm facing the phone can start recording, flip the palm to switch the dual-mirror mode, make a fist to activate the "Picture-in-Picture" function, slide the palm to switch between single and dual lenses, and OK to end.

In the experience, the three most commonly used are opening, closing, and flipping the palm. One is that these operations are very common in the Vlog theme, and the other is easy to remember.

In this way, when using a selfie stick or a fixed camera for Vlog recording, you don't need to tap the screen, just make a gesture to do the corresponding operation, a bit of a one-stop taste.

At the same time, Honor 60 Pro has added 20 video shooting templates, and you can create according to the prompts by starting "one-click shooting". With the functions of multi-lens recording and gesture control, the threshold of Vlog recording is actually lowered.

▲ The main camera and ultra-wide angle are recorded at the same time, and the gif has compression for the image quality.

With three cameras at the same time, it can record up to 1080p 60p or 4k 30p video, which is enough for daily use, but it may be a little difficult if you want to crop later. However, this is also in line with the positioning of the Honor 60 Pro, and the new features are designed to lower the threshold of Vlog recording.

Returning to the static image, the Honor 60 Pro has not changed much from the previous one. After all, the main camera is also an outsole sensor that supports nine-in-one. In daily shooting, as long as the control is in place, the physical blur is more obvious. In the AI ​​recognition scene, the color palette style of different scenery is also more pleasing to the eye.

▲ Main photo.

▲ With proper technique, you can still take photos with obvious blur.

Even if there is no telephoto, through high-pixel cropping, after 2x digital zoom, the picture still retains a certain amount of detail, which is enough to be used as a 2x telephoto lens.

▲ The main camera is cropped at 2 times.

▲ The main camera is cropped at 2 times.

▲ The main camera is 4 times cropped (close to the limit).

In the low-light environment where Honor has always had an advantage, the Honor 60 Pro is also very stable, whether it is super wide, main camera, or 2x crop, it shows enough purity and detail.

▲ In the night scene mode, there are still enough details in the large light ratio.

However, in low light, although the Honor 60 Pro can recognize night scenes, it cannot automatically call the "Night Scenery" function for the time being, and still retains a sufficient shutter speed. When manually adjusted to "Night Scene", it will be extended to 4s, and the resulting picture will have richer details and better results. This setting is different from other models, and it may take some time to adapt.

In general, the image power of the Honor 60 Pro this time is like standing on the shoulders of the previous generation, with a 100 million-level main camera and a 50-megapixel front camera specification that makes it stable. However, more upgrade points still fall on lowering the threshold of Vlog theme creation. The newly added video air operation, more one-click recording templates and other functions are all based on this upgrade idea.

The Honor 60 series makes Honor more “specialized''

A hundred flowers bloom, arguably the most accurate description of the current mobile phone market.

In order to meet more levels of consumer groups, smart phones naturally have more levels and positioning. Not all consumers choose products based on parameters and specifications.

The parameter specifications are cold, and not all of the product can be reflected. For the Honor 60 Pro or the current Honor Digital series, its advantages may not be reflected in the hardware specifications, but more on the perceptual level, such as a more fashionable design and a better Vlog experience.

Although the recent two generations of Honor digital series are more biased towards young people, the gene of "trend" has always existed in Honor products. From the initial Logo Design, the colorful gradual AG process, the application of multi-layer coating to the appearance of diamond color, Honor is also constantly adjusting the expression of aesthetic design according to the market and technological upgrading.

The Honor 60 Pro is a combination of multiple technologies, supplemented by a new generation of four-curved surface design, it can be described as the "integrated master" of the current complex technologies. Continuing to focus on "coolness" and "aesthetics" is a "speciality" of the Honor 60 series.

And the other is Vlog's insistence. Maybe the new features on Honor 60 Pro are not as special as the "three-camera recording" function, but the blessing of AI has actually improved the Vlog creation experience.

From the market level, the configuration design orientation of the Honor 60 Pro allows it to continuously focus on young people and sink its positioning. After a generation, Honor naturally has feedback from the main user group, so the positioning of Honor 60 Pro is very clear.

After two generations of changes, the Honor Digital series has also continued to move towards the goal of creating a benchmark for industry aesthetics. On the other hand, insight into the needs of young people will also be the Honor Digital series always adhere to. The Honor 50 and 60 series have grasped the general trend of Vlog creation, and after the new needs of the groups targeted in the follow-up, Honor will surely be quickly presented on the digital series through technical accumulation.

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