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Everything about women seems to have always been a hazy topic. At least, that was the case during adolescence. Sex education did not dare to be too thorough, and even the names of necessary feminine products were imagery.

The tampon will be called "that" or "little biscuit", and the underwear bra worn by the developing girls will also be called "little cute" or "little vest". Even the girls' underwear they wear is a blurred line. The store either turns vests into girls' underwear for sale, or the products they make are miniature versions of adult underwear, and there are almost no underwear specially made for girls in the developmental period.

If there are gaps in the market, the increasingly segmented commercial consumer brands will not miss these unoccupied markets.

Victoria's Secret launched the youth brand Happy Nation, which sells underwear without gender restrictions, which has been subdivided into sports underwear and menstrual bras for teenagers; ubras launched the developmental underwear brand likeuu, covering the whole growth cycle of children with size-free technology ; The traditional underwear brand Aimu has also launched developmental underwear, and there are also brands that specialize in girls' underwear like Kissy and Chuyu.

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There is no doubt that this is a market that has been overlooked before. In today's children's clothing has already subdivided large-size children's clothing, it will not be missed by the brand.

So, what is the difference between teenage underwear and adult underwear? How is this market situation?

likeuu Chief Growth Officer Silan

I think girl underwear can start from why you should wear underwear. The chest is different from other organs in the human body. It only has fat and glandular tissue, but no muscles and bones. It needs external force to provide certain support. So whether it is an adult or a child, once the breasts begin to develop, it involves the topic of wearing underwear.

The adult underwear market is relatively mature. On the whole, everyone has experienced a lot of market education on the concerns of no rims and comfort. But when it comes to children, there are two major pain points that need attention.

One is development. Development will cause great changes in the body, so parents will worry about whether underwear will affect the child's development or restrict the child's development when choosing. Because of this, the underwear during the developmental period needs to choose fabrics with excellent elasticity, which need to cover the developing breasts well, while leaving room for the growth and development of the breasts.

The second pain point also has to go back to the particularity of the chest. The chest needs external force to provide a certain amount of support, so this product must satisfy the needs of allowing the chest to have room to grow and provide appropriate support for children in daily life, gym class, running. The chest is protected and supported in these scenarios.

We chose to make high-elastic cotton soft and size-free underwear. This is not simply to provide convenience for parents to choose. In fact, the changes in the breasts during development are different because of individual differences. It is difficult to match the underwear that fits tightly. Development, if you buy a big one, you may not be able to support and protect it. It is important to have an undergarment that provides room and support for the growth of the breasts, as well as covers the breasts well. Our innovative high-stretch cotton fabric, sizing-free design, is well-suited to these needs. Most of the developmental underwear on the market is staged, and likeuu proves with products that underwear without stages and sizes is also a choice for the developmental period, and it may be a better choice.

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Pu, co-founder of Toffee Pie

We say that "girly underwear" can actually be defined as a developmental underwear – a bra that needs to be worn during the rapid growth and development of the breasts before adulthood. During the growth and development stage, the chest is also constantly changing, so we routinely divide the developmental stage into three stages, the budding stage, the middle stage, and the tail stage. The three stages of underwear are definitely not the same.

In the process of growth, not only the chest is growing, but the whole body is also in the stage of rapid growth, so the first consideration is the elasticity of the underwear. Therefore, girls' underwear cannot have too many fixed structures like adult underwear, such as setting yarns and steel rings. These fixed structures cannot be used very intensively, and fewer fixed structures can better adapt to the rapidly growing and changing body.

Secondly, the skin-friendly fabric must be more skin-friendly, because the newly developed skin is more sensitive.

In addition to the materials used in the product, more attention should be paid to the user's psychology and experience. A young girl is also more sensitive mentally. She doesn't want the underwear she wears to look too much like adult underwear. Based on this, it is best to avoid designs such as buttons on the back and thin shoulder straps. For example, in class, the little friend sitting in the back can see the traces of the little girl's underwear in front, which is more embarrassing. Therefore, it is best to avoid such traces, which is why many girls' bras are made to look like small vests, and the acceptance is also higher.

The first stage of development is about 9-11 years old; the second stage is probably in junior high school, which is a time period when the chest develops relatively quickly; the third stage is close to high school to before university, this period is basically In the mature stage, fat begins to accumulate, and the chest will become more and more round; in the third stage, the child's mentality is more mature, and the acceptable styles will be more diverse.

The needs of the three stages are also not the same. In the first stage, the body is not used to underwear, it will be hot, and it is easy to develop prickly heat. At this time, special attention should be paid to choosing fabrics that are more breathable and comfortable. In the middle and late stages, because we have gradually become accustomed to the fabric, the foothold of our design is whether the underwear can provide enough support. After all, girls in the developing period also have the need for sports such as physical education classes. If they are not careful, it is easy to have the problem of sagging breasts. In general, this stage requires a certain degree of functionality, and moisture absorption and perspiration are better, otherwise it will easily lead to the problem of low self-esteem in girls.

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Mo Li, the mother of a 14-year-old girl:

Around the age of 10, will consider not showing a little but not too adult, to be cute and closer to the vest, because the little girl will be shy. The one I bought for her is Adorable Children's, and the fabric is really good.

Now that she is over 14 years old, she is still reluctant to wear adult clothes. I tried to buy it for her because she is too developed. I was afraid that the shape would not be good, so I wanted to buy her some functional clothes, but I failed. Now I wear sports bras, and I love them. I wear them at ordinary times, and I also wear them in physical education classes. Recently, I plan to buy CK ones.

Alta, mom of 2 daughters:

In the second and third grades (8-9 years old), I started to buy. I bought three guns at the beginning, and I chose a half vest. There are no good choices in fourth-tier cities. Mainly because it has begun to develop, and it starts to hurt a little, but it doesn't feel like it is touched.

Will consider the material, comfort. And my big treasure is "comparatively" fat, so I also need to consider the bearing capacity. There are fewer and fewer brick-and-mortar stores, and online sizes are becoming more and more erratic, making it difficult to define. But online shopping has many choices of styles, colors and prices, and I always feel that I have to try it on. Children's bodies are constantly changing, and some mothers will find it troublesome. But the material still has to be felt in person. I sometimes buy it online, but the size marked is different from the actual one. The store said that there is a gap of 2-3cm. The gap is really big.

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likeuu Chief Growth Officer Silan

We did a "Ask the World" section. Focus on topics that can inspire children to think for themselves, and invite those "powerful people" to answer the children's questions. At present, Liu Wenli, a sex education expert, Lin Xinhao, a best-selling author of philosophy books, and Cast, the founder of the "Interesting Manufacturing" official account, have answered some very interesting questions for children.

Children of this age and their parents will have many concerns, such as breast development, the time of menarche, and other aspects of the body. A little further out is the development of the mind, sexual enlightenment or the emotional changes of adolescence, which are also of great concern to parents. Expanding further, topics such as humanities, philosophy, and interest circles. These topics are covered in our "Ask the World" section.

▲ likeuu posts to the world column

Although it is a brand of clothing, the establishment of a column such as "Ask the World" is also to better share and communicate with parents and children about topics of concern during adolescence. Part of this market is a conscious mother. She knows that children should choose underwear for her development, but she doesn't know how to choose, what to wear at what age, and what to pay attention to… This may become an obstacle for her to choose underwear . Some mothers may randomly choose underwear halfway through and put them on for their children first. This is the group of people we are going to help answer the confusion.

We also have many kinds of grass on Xiaohongshu. For example, our favorite bloggers, Dora&Doris, have wonderful notes on wearing likuu products. There are a lot of children who will tell us something like "I think I should wear underwear, my mother thinks I don't need to wear it" through Xiaohongshu. Maybe in the eyes of many mothers, they feel that the child is still young and should not wear underwear at this stage. They may also be worried about causing children to pay attention to these topics related to sexual enlightenment too early, which is also related to our traditional culture.

Therefore, there are still a group of mothers who need to be reminded. We actually have some resources in this area – such as Professor Liu Wenli, a professor at Beijing Normal University and chairman of the Family Sex Education Branch of the Chinese Society of Sexuality, who will contribute to our "Ask the World" column. Share practices for sex education in adolescence. Professionalism is needed in this field. Brands still need guests and partners to work together to clarify this matter and to influence more parents.

Pu, co-founder of Toffee Pie

Product is important, but not the most important. Now the product strength of each company is very good, but we believe that the more important thing is to popularize awareness and popularize science. As far as our generation is concerned, our mothers do not know and do not have the awareness to educate us, so the knowledge of underwear selection and breast care is blank. However, with the development of the economy, the improvement of education level and the diversification of information acquisition channels, parents are now aware of the importance of these issues. At this time, scientific guidance and popularization are particularly important.

In addition, today's children's awareness of self-purchasing is also very strong. They will visit Xiaohongshu, Station B, etc. by themselves, and there are more channels to obtain information. So I think it is also very important to do some educational popularization for children, and these should not only be aimed at girls. Whether it is a boy or a girl, everyone needs to know some knowledge about the developmental period and underwear, and look at them correctly.

Mo Li, the mother of a 14-year-old girl:

Don't know the term developmental underwear, but know there are.

Basically, I rely on the recommendation of the salesperson, but basically I will choose a familiar brand. Of course I still try new things, and I'm easily persuaded to try new things.

Alta, mom of 2 daughters:

Small vests and the like are Li Ying Fang and Jiu Sui companion, and my sister will be likeuu.

It's all about publicity and word of mouth to buy. In fact, I didn't take the time to research it. It was recommended by some mothers. I bought it and tried it myself.

likeuu Chief Growth Officer Silan

Developmental underwear is the golden track in our opinion. If we count the population, there are more than 60 million girls at a time when they need to wear growth underwear. The market has a large capacity, but there are not many brands that focus on developing underwear at present. In terms of business value, it definitely has good opportunities, and I also think it's a very meaningful track.

Breast development and developmental underwear were a closely guarded topic in the past. Now the social environment is becoming more and more inclusive, and the awareness of this type of topic is also increasing. Because there are so many people who really need it, but people don't know how to choose, the brand should give some professional and useful knowledge output and more choices on products. At this stage, we have developed light and thin chest pads, seamless and comfortable basic models, developed plus models for slightly fat girls, and developed "the first piece of enlightenment" for girls who have just developed… Such products based on subdivision needs have already been developed. Start doing it, will do more in the future.

I think it makes a lot of sense, not just providing business value.

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Pu, co-founder of Toffee Pie

In the past, everyone didn't pay much attention to this problem, so there were no large-scale brands. The brand that mothers usually buy may be the mother's choice. They naturally have set ideas – I feel like I have to buy my daughter what kind of underwear, there is a preset. You can understand that this is a girl's underwear from an adult's perspective. The styles are relatively simple and the fabrics are relatively healthy, but it lacks some delicate product thinking.

The homogenization of products in the entire industry is somewhat serious, and there are relatively few mature brands that only do developmental underwear. But in recent years, some brands that I think are very good have also appeared. They will do some popular science for specific groups of people, and genderless development underwear brands have begun to appear in the market. I think this is a good opportunity.

In the future, this market may be more subdivided, and there may be black-tech underwear, interesting underwear… or the proportion of overweight children is relatively high now, and there may also be large-size underwear during the developmental period. The whole market is becoming more and more segment.

In fact, everyone was not ashamed to discuss such private topics as bras and underwear since the mobile Internet, and everyone began to pay attention to underwear. Many emerging underwear brands, including us, actually started to explore and try around 2015, and it has only been a few years since the underwear industry has gained the attention of users.

Underwear during the developmental period will be later. Many brands actually started in 18 or 19 years. When the main market of the brand matures, it will start to look for market breakthroughs. In fact, there is an order to satisfy the main consumer groups first and meet the needs of mainstream users in the 20s and 30s. After users solve their own problems, everyone will pay attention to what kind of underwear the next generation or the previous generation will wear.

Now is a good opportunity. Everyone is more willing to know their own bodies, and more willing to understand and exchange knowledge in this area. This is a good start.

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Mo Li, the mother of a 14-year-old girl:

Yes, now whoever asks me I will tell her to buy love. As the quality of parents is getting higher and higher, the emphasis on the development of little girls will continue to be strengthened, and developmental underwear is still very promising.

Alta, mom of 2 daughters:

It is best to study new materials, which are more comfortable, breathable and protect small breasts. The baby is comfortable to wear, definitely recommend it! I can't recommend it if it's normal. Now parents are paying more and more attention to their children, so I think this market will get better and better. I don't think the current brands are cheap. At least there is competition to make progress. The benefit is ultimately the user.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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