Getting started with the new iPad mini: small to small, it is the “big player” in terms of performance

Can Apple's smallest iPad become the "biggest iPhone"?

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The sixth-generation iPad mini (hereinafter referred to as iPad mini 6) has a larger screen than the iPhone, but it cannot be used to make calls, unlike the iPhone, which is like the iPod touch Max.

In terms of its charm, it is more like an iPad Air 4, with the same single camera, the same TouchID power button, the same right-angled sides, and the same carrier-grade frame.

The difference is that the iPad mini has only an 8.3-inch screen, which can be easily put in your pocket and has the potential to become a portable device. Of course, the premise is to add money to buy a 5G cellular network version.

Of course, the small body also has big troubles.

The biggest difference between it and the iPad Air 4 is the position of the volume button. In order to free up the magnetic charging position for the second-generation Apple Pencil, the volume button has been moved to the top of the fuselage on the iPad mini 6.

This gave birth to two problems, "mistouch" and "habit."

When we hold it horizontally, it is indeed easy to accidentally touch, but it is not the accidental touch of the volume button, but the power button, especially for multi-finger players. The index finger is placed on the upper left and the operation is as fierce as a tiger. The result is unfortunate. The screen is locked.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to enter Touch ID with the index finger of the left hand, so that you can quickly unlock the screen and see yourself "in a box" faster.

In other respects, iPad Air 4 is almost the same as iPad mini 6. From this point of view, it is a reduced version of iPad Air.

Wait a minute, the difference between it and the iPad Air 4 is the screen ratio and resolution. On the iPad mini 6, most apps don’t fit. The top is a little shorter and the bottom is a little smaller. The original slender 8.3-inch screen is currently only used 8 inches.

The screen area, which was not enough, is now even more stretched.

Fortunately, the iPad mini 6 is a "brother and younger brother" in terms of size, but its performance is at the level of the "king of kings".

It uses a shrunken version of the A15 chip. In the GeekBench 5 running score, the CPU score is not as good as the full-blooded version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max A15, but in terms of GPU, the score is not much different.

Whether it’s "Glory of the King", "Peace Elite" or "Original God", players can rest assured that the picture quality is full, the frame rate is basically maintained at the top level of 60 fps, and there is no obvious frequency reduction during long-term play, and the GPU is average The occupancy rate is within 70%, which is far from reaching the limit of the iPad mini 6.

▲ The frame rate troughs that appeared 15 minutes ago are caused by cutscenes

Even after a 30-minute test of the original God, and then tried it with a thermal imaging thermometer, the hottest part was actually in the lower left corner of the back, and the temperature was displayed at about 35°C. It seems that the iPad mini 6 is still doing a good job of temperature control. of.

In addition, a 20W charging head is included in the package.

The Lightning interface of the previous generation iPad mini has now been replaced with a USB 3.1 Gen1 Tpye-C interface, which greatly enriches the scalability. We can connect it to cameras, hard drives, and even 4K displays.

But after all, it only has 4GB of storage. It is hard to avoid being "cleared backstage" when opening more games or applications.

Everything is clear. Apple is reminding you to be dedicated and not to learn while playing. It also implies that the iPad mini 6 is not a device for productivity.

The second-generation stylus attracts iPad mini 6, which is a perfect match, and the size is just not cumbersome. The smart double-sided folder is too single, there are no more accessories, and it seems to be less productive.

Of course, most people also use it to take notes, play games, and look at iQiyi. It can be seen that the iPad mini 6 should be aimed at "players" rather than Pro-level "users."

The iPad mini 6 embedded with the A15 chip has a lot of potential. It can cope with the basic needs of note-taking and drawing, and occasionally boost productivity, but when it needs to be a professional-grade device, it is a bit reluctant.

So if you are a young person who loves to play games, a student who often watches online classes, an amateur painting enthusiast, or a young man with an electronic pocketbook, then iPad mini 6 is like a product tailored for you.

▲ The device in the picture is iPad Pro

In my opinion, the iPad mini 6 is more like a Pro device without ProMotion technology. It has a stable output A15, is portable enough to use the second-generation Apple Pencil, and has the expansion power of USB-C. Big, big achievement in lowercase.

However, the iPad mini 6 does not support the phone and Apple Watch pairing function, which makes it more inclined to a powerful "small" tablet with distinctive personality, and it is difficult to become the main "big" mobile phone alone.

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