Geely releases “blade battery”, rival’s “long knife battery” was beaten 4 times

As BYD's car sales reach the top, many of BYD's technical terms have become household names, such as "blade battery." As the core of the three-power technology of electric vehicles, it is also the most expensive component, and the part that consumers are most concerned about and can easily perceive. Battery technology is more important than ever.

The same is true. The competition in the automotive industry not only exists in complete vehicles, but also in the battery field. Geely Automobile's "Blade Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery" released on the afternoon of June 27 pointed the tip of the knife at just one word. The difference between "blade batteries".

Of course, Geely did not mention the three words that cannot be mentioned, and Geely used "long knife battery" to refer to "blade battery", which is really bold and cautious.

It should be noted that "blade battery" is a marketing term. This new battery is called "Aegis Dagger Battery" and is developed and produced by Geely.

The reason why it is called the short knife is because its battery length is shorter compared to the battery cell length of the long knife battery next door.

The advantage of making the battery shorter is that it is more flexible when arranged in groups and has wider adaptability. It can be used in different models such as cars, commercial vehicles, SUVs, and MPVs. It can be called the "vast architecture" in the battery field.

Although the battery length is short, Geely still highlights its actual advantages compared to the Changdao battery. Not to mention the battery capacity, it is compared in terms of safety, lifespan, fast charging and low-temperature performance. They all want to beat their friends, but in fact, they are better than the Northeast in terms of low-temperature performance, and can withstand South America.

Safety, more than just a pinprick test

The battery next door used a pinprick test when promoting it, but it was just a needle. The test environment for the Geely Aegis Dagger battery was even more cruel: 8 steel needles with a diameter of 5mm were pierced at the same time and held for 1 hour. In the end, the battery did it No smoke, no fire, no explosion.

In addition, the Geely Galaxy E5, the first model of the Aegis Dagger Battery, is positioned as a global model and will be supplied to overseas markets in the future, so it also needs to consider a more complex environment. So Geely also conducted a 5.8mm real bullet penetration test: after the QBZ95-style 5.8mm automatic rifle bullet penetrated the battery cell at a speed of 920m/s, and caused a wound with a diameter of more than 60mm, the mechanical structure suffered an explosive Destruction, but in the end the battery cells did not catch fire or explode.

The reason is that the Aegis dagger battery uses a high heat-resistant diaphragm, high-safety electrolyte and self-fuse technology.

In addition to the acupuncture test and gunshot test, the Aegis dagger battery pack also underwent continuous tests including seawater surfing immersion for 48 hours, extreme cold on a 4,000-meter plateau, high-frequency bottom scraping (3 bottom scrapes), 26-ton extreme crushing, The six tests of battery pack side pillar collision and flame burning showed no thermal runaway phenomena such as fire, explosion, or smoke.

Lifespan: Charge once a day for 10 years

In addition to the safety that is promoted first, Geely also focuses on durability and fast charging, two points of concern to the people.

In terms of durability, the Aegis Dagger battery can achieve a cycle life of 3,500 cycles (meaning that after the battery is charged and discharged 3,500 times, the battery capacity is still higher than 80% of the initial value, and the national standard is 1,000 times).

Here Geely continues to use the "Long Knife Battery" as the background board. For comparison, after 1,500 cycles of the Aegis Dagger battery, the battery capacity is 92.12%, and after 2,500 cycles, the battery capacity is 87.73%. After the same number of cycles of the Changdao battery, the battery capacity is only 87% and 83%.

From this point of view, this Aegis dagger battery is very suitable for online ride-hailing and taxis that run three to four hundred kilometers a day. The first batch of electric vehicles used for online ride-hailing and taxis have basically reached the end of their battery life, and many have reached the end of their battery life. It takes half a day to recharge.

In addition, battery life also affects the residual value of second-hand electric vehicles. In addition, scrapped lithium batteries are also a huge challenge for environmental protection. Therefore, the significance of improving battery cycle life goes far beyond the scenario where the car can be driven longer.

If we look at the most severe online ride-hailing scenario, the Aegis Dagger battery can last for almost 10 years if charged once a day. The problem is that the car should be scrapped before 10 years.

Fast charging: time is money

Online ride-hailing and taxi drivers' demands for batteries are not only long cycle life, but also fast charging. After all, time is money, and no one wants to charge for 2 hours, even for a sports car.

Geely said that the 10~80% SOC charging time of the Aegis short knife battery is 17 minutes and 4 seconds, compared with 26 minutes for the long knife battery. Geely also explained here that the main reason why short knives charge faster than long knives is "shortness": The physical characteristics of the Aegis short knife battery determines that its internal resistance is smaller, and at the same time, carbon nanotube materials and film-forming resistance are lower Additives comprehensively improve fast charging performance. The average fast charging rate is 2.45C, which is better than the 1.61C rate of Changdao battery.

Low temperature: You can run even in the Northeast winter

After outperforming competing products in terms of battery capacity, lifespan and fast charging, Geely also dared to challenge itself and placed lithium iron phosphate batteries in low-temperature environments.

Generally speaking, in low-temperature environments, the ion conductivity of the electrolyte of lithium iron phosphate batteries will decrease, which will slow down the transmission speed of lithium ions and increase the internal resistance of the battery, resulting in lower battery charge and discharge efficiency.

Geely has slowed down the heat dissipation during low-temperature discharge and reduced the internal resistance of the battery during low-temperature discharge by increasing the thickness of the Aegis dagger battery and adding low-resistance film-forming additives, thereby ensuring to a certain extent the Aegis using lithium iron phosphate materials. Battery capacity of dagger battery in low temperature environment.

Even at a cold temperature of -30°C, the capacity of the Aegis dagger battery is still over 90%, while the capacity of the long knife battery is only 78.96%.

This means that even in the winter in the Northeast, the Aegis Dagger battery can still provide a decent battery life, and there is no fear that the battery life of the electric vehicle will be directly reduced by half.

It can be said that at the publicity level, Geely's targeting this time is quite obvious. Not only is it a close match in terms of naming, but it is also ruthless in comparing technical details and beats the data.

Of course, the above are still paper parameters. The Geely Galaxy E5 that is actually equipped with this battery has not yet been officially launched. Whether it is real or just a temporary hit, you have to try it on the road with a real car.

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