Geely Galaxy’s first anniversary, this is the epitome of the speed of China’s new energy transformation

At the end of 2023, Geely's questions that have been asked many times have answers: Geely Automobile's cumulative sales this year were 1.6865 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of about 18%, and sales reached a record high for Geely Automobile.

Among these 1.6885 million vehicles, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 487,500, a year-on-year increase of approximately 48%. Judging from the monthly data, Geely Automobile's new energy vehicle sales are increasing month by month and currently maintain a rapid growth trend. In 2023, new energy vehicles will account for 28.9% of Geely Automobile's total sales.

The question is, how does Geely transform into new energy? In 2021, Geely's sales of new energy models will not account for a high proportion, only 6.2%. This is not to say that fuel vehicles are not good, but that new energy is the growth point.

In terms of results, Geely's new energy transformation is progressing at a rapid pace, but in terms of process, it is not easy.

In January last year, Geely's new energy vehicle sales were only a little over 10,000 units. Although this was greatly affected by the Spring Festival holiday, in the following months, Geely's new energy vehicle sales also all started with the prefix 2. In this field, Geely New Energy's potential is not much different from that of some fledgling new power brands.

February 16 last year was the birth day of Galaxy. On February 23, the Galaxy series was officially released, and its first car, the L7, was also unveiled at any time. This month, it happens to be the first anniversary of Galaxy. As the mid-to-high-end model responsible for Geely Automobile’s new energy transformation, A breakthrough series, the one year from Galaxy's birth to its growth happens to be a microcosm of the speed of China's new energy transformation.

▲"Galaxy Light" concept car

The Milky Way is dawning, and Chinese automobile stars are shining brightly

As far as last year was concerned, China's domestically produced cars had two warm and harmonious scenes of harmonious coexistence and prosperity. First, on the day of the launch of Geely Galaxy, many independent brands, such as BYD Yangwang, Changan Deep Blue, Xingtu Yaoguang, Wuling Xingchen, etc., issued congratulatory messages. The poster, together with Geely Galaxy, presents the shining scene of Chinese automobile stars.

February 2023 is also a relatively cold month for the Chinese automobile market. The cold weather surrounds it, and it is a rare relaxation to ease the tense competitive atmosphere.

Also unveiled at the same time as the Galaxy are the "Galaxy Light" concept car and the L7 hybrid SUV. The former allows us to understand the design heritage and height of the Galaxy, and the latter lets us know Galaxy's thinking and determination at the product implementation level.

▲"Galaxy Light" concept car

But frankly speaking, the appearance of "Galaxy Light" was high-profile and stunning, and the release of L7 was pragmatic. The comparison between the two in a short period of time would inevitably create a gap.

As a concept car, "Galaxy Light" is a high-concept product. The ripple aesthetics inherited by Geely are based on the charm of West Lake in Hangzhou, as well as concepts such as the flying wings and double eaves of traditional Chinese architecture, which became "Galaxy Light" Symbols of exterior and interior aesthetics.

▲Galaxy L7

As for the L7, it is actually a product with the greatest common denominator: a compact SUV that can be powered by gasoline or electric power. It costs about 150,000 yuan (official guide price is 138,700 – 173,700 yuan). It is the best-selling and most accepted model in the Chinese market. .

At the product level, the Galaxy L7 also strives for balance. The engine is switched to a 1.5T four-cylinder, reaching a thermal efficiency of 44.26%. The two-wheel drive comprehensive power is 287kW, finding a balance between performance and power consumption. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 5.23L, and the CLTC comprehensive endurance is Mileage 1370 km. In addition, the Aegis battery and Galaxy N OS system are also the most experienced items in the same class of products.

If you extend the time dimension, you will find that the gap between "Galaxy Light" and L7 is just a small wave in its long history. Sooner or later, there will be products to echo "Galaxy Light", and sooner or later there will be When the product was launched, it was more stunning and conceptual than "Galaxy Light".

On May 31, 2023, Geely Galaxy L7 was officially launched, which was also a turning point in Geely's new energy sales.

In May of this year, Geely New Energy's sales volume was still prefixed with "2". By June, it was close to 40,000 units. Then it jumped all the way, gradually climbing to 40,000 units, 50,000 units, and finally stabilized at monthly sales of more than 60,000 units.

In the first month of its launch, Galaxy L7 sales reached 9,673 units, and exceeded 10,000 units the following month, becoming the fastest electric hybrid SUV to exceed 10,000 monthly sales. By September, its sales had exceeded 13,000 units, and the sales volume of a single model has stably exceeded 10,000 units. , is undoubtedly a great help for Geely's new energy transformation, and also confirms the correctness of L7's pragmatic appearance.

▲ Galaxy L6

Since then, many blockbuster new energy vehicles under the Geely Automobile family have been released one after another, such as the Lynk & Co 08. Since its release in September last year, monthly sales have also stabilized at the level of 10,000 units. In addition, the Jikrypton brand has made great efforts, and the follow-up Galaxy L6 The listing of Geely New Energy has enabled Geely's new energy sales to reach and maintain the 60,000 mark.

In addition to sales speed, Geely Galaxy also gave a typical answer in terms of channel speed and charging pile layout speed: Geely Galaxy has more than 650 independent stores and will expand to 800 by the end of this year.

In terms of charging pile layout, Geely Galaxy Sharing Group's "thousands of stations and thousands of piles" energy replenishment system has been connected to more than 880 charging stations of Jikrypton Energy, covering 137 cities across the country. Among them, there are 2,409 ultra-fast charging piles, and the number of self-built ultra-fast charging piles owned by car companies ranks first.

Geely Galaxy has also planned an exclusive "energy replenishment park" for users, which will be 300 in size by 2024.

Products, channels, infrastructure, and the process of new energy transformation are not just about more and more green-branded cars on the road, but the upgrading and changes of the entire industry, the coordinated development of the entire industry, and then the formation of the so-called "megatrend."

From this perspective, the appearance of the Galaxy and the congratulations of domestic brands are also the stars reflected in this vast trend.

The Milky Way is reaching its peak, and pure electricity is getting stronger and more user-friendly.

The Galaxy E8 is Galaxy's first pure electric model. It can also be seen as a practical version of the "Galaxy Light" concept car. It can also be seen as the most accurate representation of Geely's positioning of the Galaxy: mid-to-high-end new energy. It is also the highest-end product within Geely Galaxy's overall tone for 2024. At the beginning of the new year, Geely Galaxy has gained a more accurate positioning: it will not fight price wars or make low-quality cars. It will always adhere to the true nature of a car maker and firmly build 10- 200,000 high-value new energy smart premium cars.

As the most expensive product in the Galaxy, with the highest technological content and the most avant-garde design, the Galaxy E8 assumes the responsibility of reaching the top.

▲Galaxy E8

Although many people believe that the Galaxy E8 and Jikrypton 007, two pure electric sedans released successively, assume the responsibility of flanking the Xiaomi SU7, surrounding the strongest newcomer in the automotive field in 2024 from below and above respectively, the Galaxy E8 is actually more like It is an established product and a key product at a critical time point.

December 2023 and January 2024 are the most exciting periods in China's automotive history in recent years. New energy brands such as Wenjie, Xiaomi, Jikrypton, Xpeng, Galaxy, etc. have spared no effort to release their own models. New.

It is not only a product war, but also a cognitive war.

"Domestic new energy brands have more product strength, domestic new energy brands are more cost-effective, domestic new energy brands are leading the way in smart cockpits and smart driving, and domestic new energy brands understand domestic consumers better." These perceptions are derived from time and time again. Built on product launches.

Although the Galaxy E8 is currently the highest-priced Galaxy product, it is also the lowest-priced among the products unveiled at the end of last year and the beginning of this year (the price of Xiaomi SU7 has not been announced, but it is almost impossible to be cheaper than the E8).

▲Galaxy E8

But no one dares to underestimate the E8: 5 meters in length, 2.92 meters in wheelbase, 0.199 drag coefficient, 45-inch 8K integrated screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 flagship cockpit chip, 800V fast charging, high-performance SiC silicon carbide electric drive, Galaxy N OS-Unbounded version of the car-machine system, Meizu Flyme Link mobile phone domain, Xing Rui AI large model, 0 to 100 acceleration in 3.49 seconds, 82km/h elk performance, 5.62m minimum turning radius in the same class, coupled with a starting price of 175,800 yuan , which means a category of deterrence.

This deterrent is that in the field of medium and large pure electric cars, the Galaxy E8 has basically achieved the ultimate balance between product strength and price. Each company can no longer have any illusions about leaving any room for similar products.

Galaxy E8 not only helps Galaxy touch the 200,000 line, but also makes pure electric products more accessible to the people, so that electric cars under 200,000 have no obvious shortcomings and even have many experience advantages.

After the Galaxy E8 was launched on January 5, sales reached 3,058 units in three weeks, surpassing Seal, Xpeng P7 and other models, and quickly entered the top five of medium and large pure electric models in January.

In January 2024, Galaxy's sales exceeded 19,000 units with 3 models, a month-on-month increase of more than 59%. Cumulative sales reached 100,000 units in 8 months after the first model was launched, becoming the fastest new energy vehicle to achieve sales exceeding 100,000 units. series.

If you look at Geely Galaxy in 2024 and 2023, you will understand why Galaxy's strategic positioning is so important and Galaxy's speed is so important. L7 and E8 are both key products at key nodes for Galaxy.

The main force is in place, Geely's new energy transformation begins in the second half

Last year, Geely Galaxy established the pattern of "SUV+sedan" and "hybrid+pure electric" through 3 models. Sales volume in January was nearly 2W, which also allowed it to grow from small to large. The progress of channels and infrastructure, as well as the stamina of subsequent models , which largely determines the further progress of Geely's new energy transformation.

What is indisputable is that the emergence of Galaxy happened to be the beginning of Geely's qualitative change in new energy transformation last year.

Currently, Geely Automobile's new energy brands include Galaxy, Geometry, Jikrypton, Lynk & Co, Rui Lan, etc. Among them, Geometry is Geely's early attempt at new energy transformation, Rui Blue is mainly for the B-end, and the real responsibilities are Galaxy and Ji Krypton. and Lynk & Co.

The already released Ji Krypton 007 and the soon-to-be-released Lynk & Co 07 will greatly assist Geely in its new energy transformation in 2024.

As for Galaxy, Geely also announced its general strategy for 2024: Geely Galaxy will continue to focus on the mainstream market of "hybrid + pure electric" and successively launch 3 new new energy products, all based on new architecture and innovative design language development and application. With self-developed new energy smart technology, we are determined to build high-value new energy smart premium cars worth RMB 100,000-200,000, and comprehensively deploy the new energy mainstream market.

Many new technologies will also be installed on Geely Galaxy’s new cars. These technologies include:

"Space-Ground Integration" Satellite Communication Technology: With Geely's 11-star low-orbit satellite being successfully launched into orbit on February 3, Geely Galaxy was successfully launched, and "Space-Ground Integration" satellite communication technology was first installed on the Galaxy E8 model.

Xingrui AI large model: In January, Geely Galaxy released the first full-stack self-developed Xingrui AI large model of a car company, and it will be installed on the Galaxy E8 for the first time. In the future, Geely Galaxy will integrate AR display equipment, holographic images, laser Projection and other technologies are integrated into innovative designs to achieve seamless connections between mobile phones, satellites, drones and smart homes.

New generation CTB platform: Based on the "body battery integration" technology and platform, a complete set of three electric technologies such as "11-in-1 intelligent electric drive, self-developed new formula battery, and wireless BMS" will be implemented on Geely Galaxy's mainstream products First application in the industry.

Distributed wheel-side electric drive: Based on Geely's self-developed distributed wheel-side electric drive and a new generation of 11-in-1 intelligent electric drive, Geely Galaxy will be the first to allow mainstream products to achieve "tank U-turn".

Galaxy Smart Driving 2.0: This high-end smart driving solution will focus on "urban commuting NOA" and make urban NOA safer through repeated memory and training of "point-to-point" high-frequency routes. This smart driving solution will be launched on the Galaxy E8 Starship Smart Driving Edition for the first time, and various functions will be gradually activated this year.

Although many brands regard new energy, electrification, and intelligence as opportunities for high-end brands, and the general trend of residents' income growth and consumption upgrading is also here, what cannot be ignored is that the basic base of automobile consumption is still 200,000 In the following markets, Galaxy's positioning is also here, 100,000-200,000 yuan, new energy, SUV or sedan, cutting-edge technology, avant-garde design, a little more price, and a much better experience.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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