Geely Boyue COOL released, 100,000 yuan SUV gear has a new choice

100,000 yuan is the most common gear in the car purchase budget. Nissan Sylphy sedan, Haval H6 SUV, and recently BYD Qin series have been born here. There are bound to be many players participating in the battle.

Tonight, a new player is here: Geely Boyue COOL, which starts at 102,800 yuan (the price starts at 99,800 yuan for a limited time).

To some extent, Boyue COOL is a bit like the younger Geely Boyue L, with similar design style, similar power configuration, and lower price. These two models are fighting together in the most mainstream compact SUV market of 100,000 to 150,000 yuan. The goal is of course to rely on the Boyue family to hit the first camp in the market segment.

In terms of design and configuration, Boyue COOL focuses on the strategy of youthful design, stable basic market, and highlighting smart highlights.

The Boyue COOL front angular diffuser grille adopts a radial three-dimensional design, with front and rear double-penetrating LED lights and waistlines, forming the digital angular aesthetics that Geely calls. In addition, there are digital welcome lights and digital interactive light shows. , highlighting the young and playful style.

Like the Boyue L, the Boyue COOL also adopts the GEEA 2.0 evolvable electrical and electronic architecture, which supports the upgrade of the entire vehicle in the infotainment domain + body electronics domain + dynamic driving domain + powertrain domain. In terms of power, it has a power combination of 1.5TD+7DCT, the fastest acceleration per 100 kilometers is 7.9s, and the lowest fuel consumption per 100 kilometers (WLTC) is 6.29L.

Although it is positioned in the compact SUV market and sticks to the 100,000 yuan range, Boyue COOL is still equipped with a 13.2-inch 1920×1440 resolution central control screen and the current flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 smart cockpit chip. The system is Galaxy OS Air.

It can be said that in the price range of 100,000 yuan, compared with rivals such as Changan CS55 Plus and Haval H6, Boyue COOL has indeed provided a good match in chip and screen.

In addition, at the level of intelligent driving that is often overlooked in this price segment, Geely Boyue COOL has reached the level of L2 intelligent driving assistance: 5 high-definition cameras + 4 radars. It can realize ICC intelligent pilot system, ACC adaptive cruise control system, AEB urban pre-collision system, AEB-P pedestrian recognition protection, TJA traffic jam assist system, SLIF speed limit reminder, TSI traffic sign recognition reminder, IHBC adaptive high and low beams , LDW lane departure warning system, LDP lane departure assist, ELKA emergency lane keeping assist, FCW forward collision warning, high-definition panoramic image, a total of 13 driving assistance functions.

As a product aimed at the youth market, it has naturally added a lot:

  • The whole car has 10 large light and shadow modules, 72-color breathing atmosphere lights, and has functions such as call reminder, air conditioning linkage, welcome and farewell, etc.
  • 15W wireless charging charging
  • Electric adjustable heated seats with seat memory
  • Face recognition, intelligent fatigue monitoring
  • electric tailgate
  • Air purification, equipped with CN95 high-efficiency air conditioning filter

The auto market in 2023 highlights a feature. Any operation that wants to be opportunistic, point premium or information asymmetry is likely to be taught by the market, especially in the 100,000 yuan market. It seems that Boyue COOL does not belong to I want to be a fringe player, but I really want to strive for more market share.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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